Dreams About Zombies – Interpretation and Meaning

Like ghosts, devils or monsters, zombies are fictional, scary creatures that not only play a role in human culture, but can also act as characters in our dreams.

There are now numerous games, books and above all films, in which the wandering undead go through the world, always in search of fresh human flesh. Accordingly, dreams of zombies can contain scenes from relevant films that the dreaming has seen.

However, if you have not watched the latest episode of The Walking Dead before you go to bed, the zombies have a meaning as a dream symbol, which can be very different depending on the context and both positive and negative.

Interpretation of zombie dreams

If the dream of the zombie appears in the form of a nightmare, or if one feels great fear in this encounter, then the fictitious figure is often symbolic of the fear that the dreamer feels about certain things. What this phobia refers to can only be known by the dreamer himself.

Not only pronounced fears can underlie the zombie dreams, but also certain things or situations that burden us in everyday life and cause grief. If the daily stress and the cares of the dreaming are so intense, then they will not leave him in his sleep. Dreams that are followed by zombies as kind of personified stress can be the result.

If one is pursued or attacked in the dream of an undead, then shows here the employment of the subconscious with the problem from the real world. If you can successfully ward off the zombie in its attack, it shows a healthy will to fight the dreaming. One is ready to tackle the problem and be able to solve it on its own.

Sometimes zombie dreams are an invitation to live his wild side more. In this sense, they function as compensatory dreams, in which the really so closed and shy dreamer in the world of watch in his dream world can let out the animal in itself. In the dream one can go out, be loud and do what one does not dare to do in reality.

The basic question that underlies the dreams of the undead is this: Who or what can not I let go? Zombies are known to be deceased humans who have risen from death. You can not let go of life and thus are an allegory of all that we can not part with in life, though it would be necessary. For example, this may be a specific person, perhaps the ex-partner or a loved one or family member who has died and whose demise we simply can not accept.

Psychological / Social

A zombie is a soulless person who has risen from the dead and raved the world to avenge and harm the living. The origin of zombie beliefs in Africa is thought to be that the deceased return not only as ghosts, but also physically into the world of the living as an undead and are usually evil-minded towards the living. In the Voodoo cult of Haiti, zombies are still important today.

In pop culture, too, there is much to do with the undying undead, who are wandering about with outstretched arms and decaying bodies and lust for human flesh. From Victor Halperin’s 1932 White Zombie, to the 1970s Night of the Living Dead, to modern cult films like Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later or Shaun of the Dead, the list of zombies is almost as long as the zombie cult itself and will probably not be finished in the future.

Ultimately, the zombie as a dream symbol is part of our own personality. He can symbolize his own rebellious and wild side, which is under-lived and oppressed in the watch-world, for certain fears that we feel about special things or situations, or for stressful elements of our lives, such as a severe separation Death or other loss.

The stiff, soulless undead who harasses or persecutes us in the dream stands metaphorically for those thoughts, which occupy the dreaming in his life and which one can not let go, although it is nevertheless necessary to tread his further life way. It can thus be interpreted both as a symbol of fear and loss.

Treatment of zombie dreams

When dreams of zombies occur as recurrent dreams, that usually means that the dreaming is burdened with a certain situation in his or her everyday life. This can relate to the job, personal relationships or your own personality.

The following questions may be helpful in treating zombie dreams:

What am I afraid of?

Is this fear justified or exaggerated?

With whom can I talk about these fears, what burden me in my everyday life, how can I relieve myself, am I too closed-mouthed or modest, what can I not let go of, what losses affect me?

Conceptually, the zombie has its origin in Central Africa, in Creole the word is still used today to designate a spirit of the dead. The superstition of zombies is based on the notion that the dead do not ghost around as apparitions, but open themselves up in their former bodies to do harm to the living. Voodoo wizards play a central role in this world of imagination, for they are the ones who can turn the dead into soulless and will-less beings who obey their orders.

Through Haiti, the black magic of voodoo and the belief in zombies reached the US, where films and comics triggered a veritable boom. Today, the undead are often figures in computer games. However, the idea has now prevailed that a virus is responsible for the emergence of human-starving revenants. Persons who seemingly willingly and without a discernible private life stubbornly pursue their work, are also referred to in the vernacular as zombies. Also notorious is a high-percentage cocktail of this name.

As a half-decayed, disfigured figure from the horror genre, a zombie in a dream probably triggers fear and terror. You may feel persecuted by the undead, be it a zombie child or an adult. Or maybe you can beat him or an entire group in the fight against zombies or kill the zombies, so that you feel relief and triumph. In the dream interpretation, it is the apparent marginal phenomena that decode the dream.

Dream symbol “Zombie” – The general interpretation

The dream symbol “Zombie” can be a symbol of very concrete fears from real life. Everyday worries can burden the dreaming so much that they pursue him as a monster in his dream. The question is then: What exactly causes me grief or fear?

As a being that has already undergone two changes of existence, namely from the living to the dead and then to the revived, the dream symbol “zombie” in the interpretation of dreams clearly stands for change. Maybe the dreaming should try to let go of certain incriminating things. This may refer to the partnership, but also to family or friends.

Another interpretation of the dream symbol “zombie” is to see the dangerous undead as a symbol of great challenges. This can be a professional task whose fulfillment seems impossible. If the zombie is defeated in the dream, that means in the dream interpretation that the dreaming gets the requirements under control. The zombie then embodies the willpower and assertiveness of the dreaming in a dream.

Dream symbol “Zombie” – The psychological interpretation

On the psychological level, the dream symbol “zombie” in the dream interpretation can be a part of the personality of the dreaming, which is usually suppressed in real life. One unconsciously wishes to be able to live out its wild, unadapted side. Maybe the dreaming sometimes suffers from his strong self-control and would like to go more out of himself. Perhaps his needs but also make him afraid, which takes the form of a zombie in the dream.

On the other hand, the dream symbol in the dream interpretation can also be a signal that the fear is unfounded, if the zombie proves to be harmless.

A veritable zombie apocalypse shows as a dream motif that the dreamer feels overwhelmed in the watch world. The fears and worries that plague him or her now are perceived as inhibiting.

As a deceased, who can not calm down and can not let go of life, a zombie as a dream symbol also stands for a loss, with which the dreaming can not resign himself. In dream interpretation, it may mean a relationship that is changing or possibly ending. Unconsciously, the dreaming already perceived the signs and probably interpreted them correctly. His dream of a zombie moves him to accept the facts consciously.

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The dream symbol may also indicate conflicts within the family. Perhaps a close relative leaves and the dreaming has difficulty letting go of the person.

Dream symbol “Zombie” – The spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level, the dream symbol “zombie” in the dream interpretation is a symbol for letting go. In order to evolve spiritually, one has to separate oneself from some that ties one to material existence. The zombie in the dream shows the dreaming how hard it sometimes falls to him.

The term “zombie” refers to a person who has been brought back to life after his death. He is a so-called undead and runs around as a dead and deprived of his soul being.

No matter if zombie child, adolescent or adult – the dreaming is usually shuddering when he is pursued by an undead in the dream. In many horror movies, zombies appear again and again and make people in fear and terror. In a zombie apocalypse, people are running for their lives.

Is that why we only dream of a zombie pursuit because we’ve seen a horror movie, or is there more hiding behind it? Which interpretations does the dream interpretation know?

Dream symbol “Zombie pursuit” – The general interpretation

In general, zombies in dreams want to make the dreaming aware that he does not think independently in the watch world. He is being controlled by another person. If the dreaming is now pursuing a zombie in his dream, he has become aware of his alien controlled behavior and he wants to escape this power person in the watch world. His goal is to become independent again and act according to his own wishes.

The dream symbol “Zombie pursuit” can also give an indication of the existing partnership. Because the zombie in the dream can also illustrate that it is time to let go of something in life and make a change.

The fact that the dreaming in his dream is now being persecuted by the zombie, he is shown by his subconscious that he runs away from this letting go in the watch world. He should now finally admit that he should also let go in his partnership. Maybe it’s all about saying goodbye to old habits, or even separation from the partner, when the relationship issues have become too big.

The zombie pursuit as a dream symbol illustrates in the general dream interpretation also a great professional challenge, which appears to the dreaming as an insurmountable task. Depending on the dream, the dreaming can see if he will successfully master the task in the watch world. Sometimes the pursuit of a zombie in the dream can be a signal of the subconscious that the dreaming runs away from his guilt feelings. These seem to him scary and insurmountable. That’s why he does not want to face them.