Eating Coconut Oil Before Bed – Good or Bad?

Recent years, healthy lifestyle and use of powerful nature gifts in medicine and nutrition, have been becoming more and more popular. Return to Mother Nature and its ways is a growing urban trend, nowadays. Healthy food shops, organically grown fruits and vegetables, organically fed animals, inclusion of numerous ingredients originating from far away forests and grasslands, used since the ancient times, but unknown to our city life kind, are now at the reach of our hands. The number of companies producing and using such elements increases rapidly. Although it sometimes may seem just as a new commercial trick, the truth is more serious and enlightening. Healthy and natural nutrition is far more than just a trend. Affected by all the negative factors of modern urban and speeded up society and culture, people have finally got aware of an urge for change.

Coconut oil is positioned very high on the list of popular healthy products. It provides us with numerous benefits, from skin and hair care to general improvement of our overall body functions. Coconut oil is a precious super food, consisted of a unique fatty acids combination.

It has amazing effects on our organism. Thanks to general awakening of consciousness of the importance of living and eating healthy and naturally, coconut oil has got more available to common people. You could find it in specialized grocery stores that sell organic products, but also in supermarkets and in online shops.

There are plenty of uses of coconut oil. It is a powerful ingredient for many delicious and nutritional recipes that would bring you amazing health benefits. This aromatic product you can use to treat your skin and prevent premature aging issues, but you could also add it to your meals and make a perfect and beneficial lunch, for example.

Coconut oil could also be taken alone, as a healthy supplement. It is even recommended for our pets healthcare. Numerous studies proved it bring amazing results to human and animal immune system, skin and hair appearance and resistance, cardiovascular health, digestion, even weight loss. According to some experiences, it can even help you sleep better, which we’ll discuss a bit later.

Could I benefit from taking coconut oil at bedtime?

Undoubtedly, coconut oil would improve your health, regardless of a time of day you use it. There is no scientific conclusion or unbreakable verdict that would suggest you should or should not eat it at night, before you go to bed.

However, if you do a bit of research on coconut oil properties and composition, you could easily decide for yourself. Some people claim coconut oil before bed disturbs their sleep, due to its energy boosting effects. Some other people, however, practice using coconut oil at bedtime, in order to sleep better and easily fall asleep. As you may guess, the only secret is the amount. It is individual.

Coconut oil is a great energy booster, for sure. It is composed of valuable fatty acids, which play an important role in our body, helping us fight and prevent diseases, regulate our hormones, recover our body tissues, revitalize our skin and hair and so on. The notion coconut oil increases the energy and they often associate that fact with wakefulness and inability to sleep easily misguide people. The only thing that really matters is to have a well balanced diet plan and mind the amounts of certain viands.

Therefore, if you’ve had half a cup of coconut oil, of course you won’t be able to sleep. No matter how some ingredients we use are healthy, their benefits turn to harm if you go overboard.

So, small amount of coconut oil, even taken before bed, could improve your health. Be cautious, because coconut oil is high in calories. If you take it in a right dosage (a teaspoon will be sufficient), it could even help you lose weight, if that is your goal. Let us see what benefits you can get from a teaspoon of coconut oil before bed.

A teaspoon of health

It is ok to eat coconut oil before you go to sleep. You should only take care of the amounts. You can add it to your chamomile tea, for example or take it plain. Regular, but moderate consumption of coconut oil would make you feel better, revitalized and energized.

There is no danger you’d put on weight if you have it in the evening, if you generally take care of your nutrition and mind your calorie intake. Your body needs healthy fats and coconut oil is a great source of it. There is no particular reason to avoid it at bedtime, although some people find it sleep disturbing.

However, it depends on a combination of more different factors.

Eating coconut oil would boost your immune system. Coconut oil contains antimicrobial lipids, capric, lauric and caprylic acid, compounds powerful in antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Our body processes them and use to fight viruses and bacteria. That way our body gets more resistant of diseases such as influenza, herpes and even HIV. Including coconut oil in your diet would make you less likely to get cold or flu and so on.

Coconut oil is extremely beneficial to our cardiovascular health. It contains good fats that regulate cholesterol levels and thus prevent problems such as high blood pressure and high bad cholesterol. Studies have shown regular intake of coconut oil prevents arteries of damage and protects our heart.

It may sound strange that a type of fat could lead to fat loss, but it is true coconut oil actually supports weight loss. It is particularly good for abdominal fat loss. It increases our metabolic rate and it the same time regulates our appetite. Coconut oil works as a long-term energy source, so it is less likely you would experience sudden food cravings. Coconut oil is easy to digest, so it won’t get you intestinal tract problems and such.

Coconut oil for pleasant dreams

Besides numerous health benefits, coconut oil could get you sweet dreams. Despite some people claim they would stay awake if they have it in the evening, according to other experiences, coconut oil is actually very good for sleep. If you really crave for a post dinner snack or drink, coconut oil would be a great choice. It is far better than some sweet treat, for example. Coconut oil would keep you full and help you burn more calories whilst you sleep, as well.

You could have a teaspoon of plain coconut oil, no problem at all. Even better option is to put it in a warm chamomile tea. Chamomile tea is calming and sleep inducing itself; adding some coconut oil would make it nutritional and healthy bedtime drink and get you pleasant dreams.