Fox – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Have you ever heard about an old adage “Clever as a fox” ? You probably have and this saying is definitely true. This magnificent creature was noticed by our ancestors early on.

They soon discovered what kind of strengths and characteristics were hidden underneath, at first glance, fragile outside. Fox symbolism was created by people and cultures that lived near them and watched them day by day.

They even started learning form foxes and their behavior, because they were extremely cunning and that was interesting to humans. They couldn’t believe that animals can be such tricksters. Foxes lived close to people for centuries, but we can’t say that the relationship between them was perfect.

Often times they are considered as pests and those who create trouble. But, at the end of the day they are still interesting and attention grabbing creatures.

Spirit Animal and Totem

The term totemism comes from the Indian word totem representing a symbol or a tribal sign, and most often the type of animal or plant in which the ancestors and spirits are the patron saint of tribes.

Accordingly, totemism is defined as the belief of primitive people in the common origin and mystical relationship between one tribe and some animal species, and sometimes plants. Such an animal or plant (totem) worshiped and considered the founder of his tribe, so commonly referred to by the tribe as a whole.

Totemism was respected throughout the world, especially in Australia, North America (on the northwest coast of the Indian tribes) and South America (in the Amazon area) and in Africa, but also found in New Guinea. With these Indians in the Northwest of the United States, totem pillars, over 4 meters tall, were carved and painted with motifs of human and animal characters.

Spiritual animals carry significant messages and lessons for those who listen and who know how to decode them. The purpose of a spiritual animal is to guide and guide you. They can help you get to know a part of yourself that is well developed, or a part that needs to be developed more.

  • Spirit animal

Fox as a spirit animal is best described with these words:

  • Strategy,
  • Adaptive,
  • Cleverness,
  • Cunning,
  • Wisdom and
  • Quick-thinking.

People guided by the fox spirit animal are very wise and clever. They never say things, until they think over what they are about to say. Catching them say something stupid or without thinking is almost impossible. This makes them excellent candidates for almost any job position or any career option.

They are always on point with their words and things never get out of control when they are in charge. This can sometimes be difficult for others because they never know what these people are thinking. Being one step ahead of everyone is their goal and they almost always succeed in it.

People guided by the fox spirit animal are very adaptive. There is no situation or problem they can’t handle and deal with. People guided by the fox spirit animal are used to changes and they handle them without any problem. When things get rough they are the ones who have all the strings in their hands and can salvage any situation without a fuss. When you have someone guided by this spirit animal in your family, you can always rely on their advice and except a clever solution to your problem.

People guided by the fox spirit animal are also very quick-thinking. They make their decisions pretty fast since they have already evaluated the situation. This kind of thinking is the best, especially because if you take too much time to make a decision you are in risk of missing out on a good opportunity. They are extremely well at debates, so don’t expect them to stay quiet while you state the facts. Fox people always have something to say or add to the conversation and it is hard to be more on-point than them.

When your spirit animal is a fox, you are very resourceful and resilient. You know that tough times might come so you invest and save money for the future. This kind of living helps you to survive difficult moments in life without having to worry about not having enough of something. They are definitely not stingy they simply understand how money works and how it can stop coming in just like it started.

People guided by the fox spirit animal are sometimes loners. They enjoy company of others, but they love spending time by themselves more than anything. Time alone helps them recollect their thoughts and figure out the new strategy. Everything in their life is calculated in advance and this makes them dangerous opponents for everybody who tries to trick them or defeat them.

As a negative characteristic, some might mention the trickster nature of these people. It is not that they are only interested in tricking and deceiving you, it is just that they are used to providing for themselves and taking care only of themselves. When you go through life fighting for what you need, it is no wonder that you might become a little bit suspicious of other people and their intentions.

  • Totem

As a totem, fox is a symbol of awareness, cunningness, humor and adaptation. If you are born under this totem, it means you are a very clever person who always knows how to be on top of the situation. You can be excellent in almost any job and career because you have a very good instinct about business. You are hard-working, but you also know which tricks to use in order to advance in life.

Fox totem symbolizes cunningness in all forms. Whether you like to use this characteristic in order to advance at work or to achieve something you have always wanted to achieve.

People born under the fox totem are humorous and love to make other people laugh. They always have a funny story to tell that they have collected on some of their amazing journeys. They meet a lot of people and they are very aware of every situation, which makes it easier for them to notice some things that others wouldn’t.

Fox people can sometimes even hurt others with their behavior because they might find something to be funny, but in reality it is not. This makes it hard for them to make long-term friendships and relationships, but the ones who understand their humor will later see that they have a lot to offer to those people they love.

Symbolism and Meaning

Fox is a symbol of awareness, cleverness, intelligence and quick-thinking. They are usually seem by people as tricksters or even cunning creatures. But, everything these small creatures do is worth a praise, especially since we can learn a lot from their clever behavior. Foxes inhabit many parts of our planet, so many cultures had something to say about foxes. Their symbolism was created by all of the people who encountered them on daily basis or lived next to them.

In Asian culture, fox is a symbol of magical powers. These creatures were often seen as mischievous and cunning. In Asian folklore, foxes were often depicted as tricksters that dress up as attractive females I order to trick humans and made them do things they wouldn’t normally do. In other parts of the Asian culture, fox was seen as a sacred creature that was highly respected and valued. They believed that foxes can bring either happiness or sadness, depending on their will. A fox with nine tails appears often in Chinese culture and it is sometimes seen as a positive sign and other times as a bad one. This symbol crossed over from the Chinese culture to Japanese and Korean culture.

In Western cultures, fox was seen as a cunning and trickster creature. This characteristic was given to them because of their ability to avoid being killed by the hunters. To others, fox was a symbol of a misunderstood hero or a devious villain.

In Russian folklore, fox was a symbol of trickster as well. They were considered as very cunning and able to trick even the smartest people. Because of its ability to trick people, fox is often described as a stronger creature than the wolf or some other creature. Since foxes were so tricky and hunters weren’t able to catch them, they soon became an attraction and a trophy that every hunter had to have in its career. Fox paws as jewelry or bracelets were often worn to protect the owner and bring prosperity into his home.

In Celtic culture, fox was considered as a symbol of knowledge and agility. Celtic cultures worshipped nature and everything that was a part of it. To them, foxes were symbols of smooth travel on the Earth and getting by in life without any trouble. To Native Americans, foxes were symbols of scrutiny, keenness and Slyness. They even had a story in which the fox stole the fire from the God and gave it to the humans. To everyone who has any kind of problem in life, fox became a symbol of problem solving. Some tribes even had fox clans like Creek and the Hopi tribe.

In popular culture in recent years, fox symbol and art became widely used. Somehow this interesting animal found its way to human hearts and we began expressing more and more gratitude and respect for it. Fox tattoos are especially popular and they usually symbolize cleverness and standing alone against all odds. In TV shows and especially in cartoons, foxes were often used as characters. One that stands out in particular is the Robin Hood cartoon in which the main character Robin Hood was played by a fox. This is a perfect example of how people often confuse fox’s cleverness for a bad traits, instead of simply accepting how intelligent they actually are.

Dreams about foxes

Dreams we have can sometimes be complicated to decipher. Messages hidden deep behind a certain symbol can be interpreted in many different ways, so we have to be careful when we interpret them. Dreams about foxes can have both positive and negative meanings. This depends on the way our life is going right now and what we want in life. Sometimes, dreams about foxes in certain combinations can have a much better meaning than in combination with some other symbols.

If you had a dream about a fox, then you need to be careful and look out for fraud. Someone might be planning to trick you or do some kind of harm to you. People in your surroundings might not be as honest as they claim, so avoid getting into any kind of risky business with suspicious people. Be careful not to get into some kind of trap and avoid getting into any kind of money business.

If you had a dream about hunting for foxes, then you might get engaged very soon. This dream is considered to be a positive sign, especially for the ones who are happily in love. They might decide to tie the knot once and for all, and make their lives more meaningful.

When you had a dream about catching a fox, then you can expect someone you love to betray you. this person is someone from your close surroundings that is going to do something unpredictable. Even though you thought this person could never harm you or do something bad, you will be surprised by this behavior. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, try to predict which person this is going to be and how to be one step ahead of him or her.

When you killed a fox in your dream, this means you are going to stop something that has been troubling you for a while now. This is something extremely annoying to you and you didn’t know how to make it stop. Perhaps you are going to end a relationship or stop doing something that wasn’t very good for you. Whatever it is, think twice before you do something and be prepared for a change.

When you saw a dead fox in your dream, you need to be careful about natural disasters or human intervention. Something in your close surroundings is going to happen that might cause damage to many people. This Damage is going to be significant, so be prepared for whatever might happen.

If the fox in your dream was black, then you are about to spend a lot of money on something foolish. Something you have been eyeing for a while now is going to empty your wallet and this is not a smart thing to do. Instead of saving money, you are about to waste it totally unnecessary things.


Foxes are definitely magnificent creatures. Even their presence is mesmerizing, even though they are not the largest or strongest animals in nature. They keep surprising us with their cleverness and talents that are endless.

For centuries, they have been able to resist difficult life situations and endure even the hardest living conditions. Fox as a symbol is still very relevant and important. As main symbolic meanings we listed cleverness, intelligence, cunningness and agility.

Many cultures saw this peculiar animal in their own way, but somehow we all noticed the main characteristics no matter where we live. Fox totem can be your helping hand when you need guidance and advice and fox as a spirit animal is there to teach you how to be smarter and wiser.