Gecko – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Geckos are lizards from the family of infraorder Gekkota and they can be found only in warmer climate places.

These small lizards are well known for their inability to blink and beautiful colors that cover their bodies. Unlike other lizards, geckos have a special kind of vocalization they use, and it is a chirping sound similar to the ones that birds make.

Gecko symbolism is mostly developed in places that are largely inhabited by geckos. Our ancestors surely had a hard time spotting these small lizards due to their petite size. Their colors are the only thing that sets them apart from nature and makes it easier for us to see them.

Gecko symbolism is mostly based on their behavior, since our ancestors had no other way of studying and learning more about animals.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Our spirit animals give us characteristics we have and make us unique. They protect us and guide us through life with their special power. Unlike guardian angels, totems and spirit animals only teach us about ourselves and help us use our potential to the maximum.

Depending on your spirit animal, you will be less or more likely to succeed in life. Their unique characteristics are actually our own characteristics and we can sometimes see our own behavior in our spirit animals. Our ancestors worshiped animals and nature. They knew the real importance of Mother Nature and how much people can actually learn from animals.

Gecko totem is an interesting one and people have many sayings that include geckos or lizards. Words that best describe geckos are:

  • Intelligence,
  • Resilience,
  • Quickness,
  • Cunningness,
  • Flexibility

These petite lizards are the perfect examples of how size doesn’t necessarily mean power. In their own range, geckos are extremely powerful and cunning. Their biggest trait is their ability to adapt to different locations and social groups.

People protected or guided by this spirit animal is very adaptive and can be a part of every social group. There is a special kind of flexibility in your character that helps you overcome even the most difficult situations in life. Having this ability is very handy especially when life throws rocks at you.

Gecko spirit animal is a symbol of a lone ranger. People protected by this spirit animal or totem love being on their own and taking care only of themselves. Very rarely you will notice a group of geckos since they spend most of their lives in solitude. People who are guided by this spirit animal love having time for themselves, and can be described by others as odd or even unsocial. No matter what others think of them, people guided by a gecko totem are the strongest when they are on their own.

This is where they drive their energy and power from. Being alone with your thoughts is not a bad thing and we should all learn from geckos.

Gecko spirit animal is a symbol of cunningness. People guided by this spirit animal can be tricksters and sometimes even selfish. When this characteristic takes over, they can become quite cruel and unpleasant for other people. But, when used in moderately, these two characteristics can be quite useful. If your spirit animal is a gecko, you always know what the other person is about to do so you can’t be surprised by other people’s actions.

Overall, gecko spirit animal is unique in its own way. People guided by this spirit animal are able to strive towards higher goals and persevere through many hardships. Being protected by a gecko totem is an honor and can be used to your advantage. Learn the best from this small animal and let yourself be guided by its powerful energy.

Symbolism and Meaning

Geckos and lizards in general, had an important role in human symbolism. This petite lizard was often used as a symbol on ancient objects and paintings. Their symbolism varies from culture to culture.

While in some cultures they have been seen as devil’s reincarnations in others they were worshipped and used as protectors of the entire tribe. In ancient Egypt and in other parts of Africa, geckos were often used as symbols in art and literature. Dogon tribe in West Africa used lizard symbols that they engraved on their houses, in order to protect them from bad things.

In Cameroon, geckos were symbols of fertility and in Babanki people, the lizard was a symbol of family peace and well-being. Ancient Romans saw geckos as symbols of death and resurrection. Their ability to shed their skin, was always interesting to people. We saw this ability as a power to persevere and grow through every hardship in life. To ancient Greeks, geckos were symbols of wisdom and good fortune. They were highly respected for their intellect and the ability to endure even the hardest places on our planet.

In Christianity and in Western cultures, geckos didn’t have such good reception. They were often used as symbols of death, evil and even the Devil himself. Snakes and other reptiles were portrayed as negative symbols and often painted in art and in literature as enemies. Gecko’s desire to spend hours in the sun was seen by ancient nations as his desire to warm up his soul and to redeem itself for the bad deeds.

Gecko symbolism varies from culture to culture and portrayals of this small animal can be quite different. All in all, no matter how small this lizard is, its symbolism has been powerful and remains to be to this day.

Dreams about geckos

Gecko dreams depend on the overall feeling we had in our dream as well as on other symbols that appeared while dreaming. To get the most accurate interpretation of a dream, we need to take all symbols into consideration and try to understand the message that is hidden behind them.

Gecko dreams usually symbolize confrontation of any kind. We have dreams about geckos when we are about to have some sort of confrontation that is very important for our career or personal life. This dream might even be a reflection of what happened to us previously and a conflict that we have already been through.

Dream about killing a gecko is a symbol of determination and ability to clean up your name from the bad reputation. Perhaps you have been accused of something you haven’t done and now you will receive an opportunity to make things right again. This dream is extremely pleasant for those who have been looking for a chance to straighten things up.

Dream about catching a gecko is a symbol of your desire to succeed in life. There is something very important for you to achieve but you are not sure how to achieve this.

Merely chasing the gecko without catching it is a symbol of hardships that might appear in this attempt to reach success. Something might get on your way and you will be forced to clean the road before reaching the goal.

When you had a dream about a large gecko then you can consider this dream as a warning sign. You are about to meet someone important who might influence your life in a major way. This person could possibly destroy you and intentions of this person are definitely not positive. Be extra careful with your actions and words and don’t let your guard down, or you might get hurt.


Gecko symbolism remains to be important for many cultures around the world. The intelligence that this petite animal poses is mesmerizing and we can definitely learn a lot from them.

As spirit animals, geckos can teach us how to be adaptive and how to persevere through even the hardest moments in our lives. Gecko totems are preventing us from making bad decisions and from letting other people hurt us. The power that this small lizard possesses is very strong and it can’t be measured by its size.