Goose – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

These domestic animals have been in our near surroundings for centuries. They have been our helpers and feeders for a very long time, which makes them somewhat important than other wild birds.

People used geese meat and eggs in order to feed themselves in times when bigger animals weren’t easy to catch. Their presence helped us overcome hard living situations but their addition to our lives is not only practical.

Because of the importance that geese had in our lives, we worshipped them and considered them important symbols as well.

They had a symbolic meaning that often varied from one culture to another. No matter which culture interpreted geese symbolism, they all had several similar opinions that we still share today.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Totems are our animalistic protecting forces that help us understand our character better.

Through animalistic behavior, we learn how important some things are in our lives. We respect animals because of their simplicity and desire to express only the feelings that are guided by their desire to survive. No matter which animal is your spirit animal, you will always find similar traits between you and the spirit animal you are represented with.

Their simple behavior might be without conscious, but there is still something deep inside that makes us see ourselves in them.

As a totem, geese can be best described by these words:

  • Loyalty,
  • Fertility,
  • Guidance,
  • Dedication,
  • Cooperation,
  • Determination,
  • Community,
  • Communication,
  • Assistance,
  • Bravery and
  • Marital fidelity.

All of these words are perfect representation of a character of the person guided by a geese totem. People guided by this totem are very loyal people. They would never betray their friends or people they love for any reason. Their loyalty is as strong as the loyalty geese have for humans. This loyalty can’t be broken by anything, and even if you betray this person first they won’t do the same thing to you.

People guided by the geese totem are also determined and dedicated in life. They will do anything in their power to achieve something they have set up for themselves. Their desire to succeed is stronger than any boundary. Nothing can mess up their power of will and set them off balance. Even when things become too hard to handle, they will do anything in their power to turn things back in their favor. This helps them be successful in almost anything they do and every career option is suitable for them.

Geese spirit animal is a symbol of marital fidelity. People born under the influence of this spirit animal love their partners truly and would never do something to hurt them. They usually stay with their partners the entire life and accept them for who they are. Even if their partners aren’t as faithful as they are, their desire to preserve the relationship is sometimes stronger than the infidelity.

People born under the geese totem are also imaginative. Their brains have the ability to create beautiful and creative things, that can’t be compared to anything else. This creativity helps them achieve excellence in almost any career option and gives them the motivation to achieve great goals in life. They don’t see the world as everybody else so they can be considered as ordinary people.

Besides being creative and hard-working, geese totems are also symbols of knowledge and inspiration. They enjoy spending time learning new things and challenging themselves mentally. Because of this, they often become very successful in everything they do, no matter how strong the boundaries on their way are.

Geese totem is a symbol of community. Just like geese, these people love spending time as a part of a group and community. Being a part of a broader group of people helps them feel good inside and they feel much stronger when they have people they love around them. This gives them strength and motivation to fight and to achieve even greater things.

When they are alone, they are not as strong as they are in a group. Some might even see this as a weakness, but considering the amount of determination they have it definitely doesn’t have to be.

Geese totem is a symbol of joy and positive energy. Everything these people do is positive and nobody can mess up their positive vibes. They are genuinely kind people with a lot to offer to others. Their intentions are always honest and true and no one can deny that fact.

Overall, geese spirit animals symbolize positive energy, family and joy. They are genuinely good people that are always there for the ones they love. Having these people in your life is a true blessing so keep them close to you and take good care of them.

Symbolism and Meaning

Geese are symbols of wisdom and wealth. Different cultures see geese in different ways and have their own interpretation of the geese symbolism. Sometimes we underestimate their importance, which is definitely a mistake. If we think about the value they add to our life, then we should be much more grateful to them.

In Chinese poetry and art, geese were often used as symbols. They are symbols of wealth and prosperity. Li Bai and many other Chinese poets saw geese as important symbols and often used them in their poems. To the Chinese people, goose was a representation of ying and yang. They stay faithful to their partner, therefore they are symbols of marital fidelity and romance. Because of this, geese are often used in marriage ceremonies and as engagement presents from the guests. This tradition is still alive in some parts of China.

The Native Americans, geese were seen as foolish and not too intelligent. They would often compare them with people who knew nothing about life and who were often taken advantage of by others. One of Native American deities was the Nisk-napeu that was represented with a goose and also called the Goose Master.

Goose is still an important part of culture in many countries around the globe. One of the cruelest and most unusual competitions takes place in Spain. The competitors would compete to cut the head of a goose. This ancient tradition was based on an old sailor tradition. They competed against each other in the ability to capture more animals and fish. Whoever captured more fish or animals was considered a winner of the competition and the most capable man.

Because of extreme cruelty to animals, this tradition is judged by people around the world and is not considered to be an honorable way to show appreciation for this domestic bird. Geese are often used in cartoons and TV shows, but they are still often portrayed as foolish and naïve. Seems like this characteristic has taken over even though there are many other ones that are much more praise worthy.

Overall, geese will remain to be symbols of prosperity and wealth especially in Eastern countries. No matter how we interpret their symbolism, they are still helpful animals that give us much more than we give them credit for.

Dreams about geese

Dreams can have different meanings depending on the way we experience them and the way we feel after a dream. Sometimes even our own feelings can completely change a meaning of a dream and make the interpretation in something much different. As symbols in our dreams, geese can have both positive and negative meanings.

If you saw a goose in your dream, then you will do something foolish that will cost you success. Take extra care about your actions and thoughts because you might get yourself in real trouble. Your actions will be very important in the following period so make sure you think twice about every step. If everyone else wants to harm you, you protect yourself by not letting them take advantage of you.

When you saw a goose crossing your path in a dream, then you are about to become extremely lucky. Things in your life will become much better and calmer, so you will have a chance to use things in your own advantage. Use this lucky period to make something good out of your life and become a better person. This dream could be an announcement of a promotion or something successful that is about to happen in your life.

If you had a dream about several geese, then your luck will be even bigger. Dreams like this are good indicators that things in your life will be moving forward in high pace no matter what you went through in the previous period. Use this lucky period to advance in every way in your life and don’t restrict yourself in any way.

If you had a dream about goose more than one time, this dream indicates that you are going to receive some sort of reward or earn something valuable. Maybe you will win the lottery or achieve something important in life. No matter what happens, make sure you spend the money wisely by investing in something important.

If you had a dream about killing a goose in your dream, this means you might get into some kind of danger. Be extra careful about your actions and don’t let other people take advantage of you.

Their actions are definitely pointed towards hurting you and taking advantage of you. If you play your cards right you have a very big chance to avoid this danger. If not, then you might hurt yourself and possibly even other people in your life.


Goose is a symbol of wealth, prosperity and family. If we learned from these birds we would become much better people. Ancient cultures worshipped geese and considered them as valuable symbols. In China, people still consider geese as symbols of family and marital bliss. They are faithful birds who spend their entire lives with one partner and they never leave.

Because of this, people often see them as perfect examples of love and romance in the world. In other cultures, they are symbols of foolishness and naïve nature. No matter how we see them, it is important to know that geese are still valuable creatures both in a practical and symbolic way. They might not be the smartest or strongest animals, but they are certainly symbols of what is important in life and those are loyalty and love.