Headache above Right Eye: Its Causes and Treatment

If you repeatedly feel pain in your head from the area just above your right eye, you might want to have check up for it might indicate more serious problems. Normally, people would think that headaches are so common that they ignore them.

In some cases, headaches serve as warnings that there is something wrong with the health of a person. They can be a manifestation of a known disease or an unknown illness that is just waiting to strike and attack. It is then important that people be armed with the right knowledge about headaches, especially those that occur at certain areas such as above the right eye.

What Does This Indicate?

In the untrained eyes, headaches above the right eye can be quite simple and would simply appear as a simple pain that is felt randomly.  What they don’t know is that this might be an indication of deeper and bigger health concerns such as nerve problems. This might have something to do with your right eye and if you continue to ignore it, you might end up having eye problems in the long run.

The Causes of Headaches above the Right Eye

  1. Cluster Headaches

This is characterized by the feeling of pricking, extreme and sharp pains around your head including the area above your right eye. Thus, this might be considered as one of the most common causes of the said disease. This can happen for a long period of time, ranging from weeks to months and is more common to men as compared to women. This can also be caused by certain foods and medication and exposure to extremely bright lights. Drinking alcohol and cigarettes can also cause the occurrence of cluster headache to a person.

  1. Migraine

Non-stop headaches above the right eye can be caused by migraines. If proper medical attention is not given to this kind of condition, it might result to dysfunction of the nerves around your eye and that can lead to adverse conditions such as eyesight problems and even blindness. If you are experiencing nausea and vomiting at the onset of the pain above your right eye, it might be caused by migraine and you should seek medical help right away especially if pain relievers don’t take the pain away.

  1. Sinus Infection

The areas that surround your eyes are called sinuses and they have been infected with viruses, they might react in such a way that it causes pain in certain areas such as the above part of your right eye. In cold places, having sinus infection is like a punishment because sinuses tend to become more painful when they are exposed to cold surroundings.

  1. Glaucoma

If it is the right eye that is hit with glaucoma, the pressure in it increases and thus causes a person to feel pan in the areas that surround the right eye. In these cases, it is advised that doctors’ advice is sought so that proper actions are taken to avoid further problems that concern your eyes.

  1. Blood Vessel Disorders

If you have some sort of blood vessel disorders, the flow of blood in different parts of your body can become irregular thus compromising the supply of nutrients and oxygen for the inside part of your body that is distributed through your blood. In some cases, the natural flow of blood in the head area above the right eye can be affected by this condition and when that happens, chronic headaches might occur.

  1. Increase in Skull Pressure

The pressure in your skull is set to normal levels and that’s the reason why you don’t experience any kind of pain at all. However, if the pressure is increased in exponential ways, it might trigger extreme pains in your head area. This condition can also cause problems to the area above your right eye and that’s one thing you should look out for as it may bring you intolerable pains.

Treatment for Headaches above the Right Eye

Depending on the cause of the headache you are feeling on the area above your right eye, you can try out many remedies but the best thing to do is to visit a hospital and consult an expert which can truly explain to you about the true nature of your condition.

You can try resting and taking pain relievers but that can only work for temporary pains.

For those that stay longer or repeatedly occur, you might need to undergo some sort of examination for it might indicate deeper problems such as nerve damages, eye infection and many more. You will not know this until you decide to let a doctor examine you.

You also need to remember that you have to be very careful in taking medications. You might be taking medicines that are not advisable to you. This can result in other health problems such as being acidic and having allergic reactions. If you can, try to consult a doctor and ask for prescription drugs that you can take.

Never self-guess on what you should take to get rid of the pain you are feeling because you might give yourself some bigger problems to worry about.

Your liver and kidneys might also be at risk if you continue to take medicines that are not suited for your needs. The bottom line in here is that you need to assess your condition first. For that, you will need the help of a doctor.

Do not try to be a genius and conduct researches and do some remedies on your own. That might be the cause for your death if you make any mistake.

Above all, always keep yourself in good shape to avoid any form of health concern. That is the best way to avoid all the problems that have been discussed here, especially headaches that occur on areas such as above your right eye.

Always remember that prevention is always better than cure and that you can stay healthy always if you do what is just right for you.