15 Health Benefits of Parsley Tea + Recipe

Parsley is a very healthy herb. Most of the people know just about its use as a condiment, but it is also a healthy ingredient and a delicious salad base. Also, it has medicinal uses and it plays an important role in the pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, the entire plant is delicious and healthy; you can use every part of it, from the roots, to the leaves and the seeds.

This green is extremely healthy because it contains many vitamins. The most important thing you have to know is the fact that in parsley you can find more vitamin C even than in lemons, oranges or cabbage. Also, the levels of vitamins A, B1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 9, K and E are very high. But it isn’t just full of vitamins, parsley is a great source of minerals, such as sodium, potassium and iron and healthy oils as well. The high levels of vitamins A and C make parsley a great adjuvant when treating skin conditions, thyroid insufficiencies, renal problems and much more, because it is a great antioxidant, detoxifier, antioxidant, anti-allergic and antitumor. But, this isn’t all; it helps the liver, the digestive tract and the genitals. It is a natural aphrodisiac and it can enhance your sexual life.

All in all, parsley is a wonderful green and everyone should introduce it in his or hers diet. However, it can be hard to eat so much parsley to feel its benefits, therefore, parsley tea is the answer. You don’t need to drink it in large quantities, a cup a day is just enough.

How to prepare this health elixir?

It is very easy to prepare parsley tea. You just have to pour hot water over two spoons of fresh parsley leaves or roots. The plant should be crushed and the tea should be infused for 10 to 15 minutes. After the infusion, filter the tea and drink it warm before you eat.

The healthy quantity you should consume daily

You don’t need to drink 10 cups a day of parsley tea to feel its benefits. 200 ml for an adult and a maximum of 60 ml per day for children are enough for a healthy diet. Also, you should know that it isn’t healthy to exceed this portion. Too much parsley tea can have side effects. It is important to know that it can cause stomach aches, nausea or diarrhea, but all of these just if you exceed the recommended daily dose. Another important fact is that parsley tea isn’t recommended during pregnancy. It can stimulate uterine contractions and this can lead to a miscarriages or a premature labor.

The most important benefits of the parley tea that everyone should know:

  1. Parsley tea is a good immunity booster

Parsley tea is a good immunity boosterParsley contains high levels of iron, vitamin C and vitamins from the B complex and this makes the parsley tea capable to destroy the free radicals that are very toxic for the body. The healthy substances have the ability to balance the metabolism and to stimulate the nervous system as well. Parsley is a miraculous green and it can protect you from degenerative diseases, cancer, cerebral illnesses or even Parkinson disease. A green tea diet will reestablish the energetic balance of your body, stimulating the metabolism and the assimilation of the healthy nutrients.

  1. Your nervous system and the thyroid will benefit greatly from this tea

The B complex is great for the nervous system. It will make you forget about nervousness, irritability and depression and you will feel calmer, more relaxed and happier. The iodine is amazing for the thyroid. Moreover, this tea balances the estrogen levels and combined with the effects on the nervous system and on the thyroid gland, it is of great use for women who are struggling with menopause.

  1. Introduce parsley tea in your weight loss diet

A cup of parsley tea every day is a great way to accelerate your metabolism. Your body will burn fat faster and your digestive system will work better and more effective and this way your weight loss diet will help you see the results faster. Also, you will feel healthier and you will have more energy than you ever did before.

  1. It is a great ingredient when you want to clean your kidneys, eliminate the kidney stones and keep your urinary tract healthy

A concentrate parsley tea is great to eliminate kidney stones. You can make 0.5 l of tea from 0.5 kg of parley and 1.5 l of water. After 40 days you should have eliminated all the small stones and you will forget about the cramps caused by migrating stones forever.

  1. It can purify your blood

It can purify your bloodYou can make even a more concentrated tea from 1 kg of parsley and 2 l of water.  Drinking this boiled tea throughout a day will help you purify your organism. You will eliminate the toxins from your blood and from your liver and digestive tract as well. After just this one day, you will feel better, healthier and your entire organism will work more efficient and smoother.

  1. It is a great help when suffering from sexual impotence

Parsley is a great aphrodisiac. It can also help impotence and erectile dysfunction. The healthy substances it contains will help your metabolism be more balanced because, in the end, most of the sexual problems have a more general cause. If your entire body is suffering, or if you are suffering from depression or other mental issues, your sexuality can be affected.

  1. The female genital tract can benefit as well from this tea

But, not just the male problems can be improved by drinking parsley tea, this is a great remedy for female sexual problems as well. Also, it can ameliorate the menstrual cramps and the symptoms menopause brings with it. Also, it is a boost for fertility and it can help you get pregnant faster.

  1. It is an important ingredient to combat cancer

Parsley leaves are full of healthy substances and among them are the essential amino acids that fight against cancerous tumors. Parsley tea can prevent lung cancer, liver cancer, kidney cancer and neck cancer. Used on long term, it has a great role in protecting you against cerebral tumors. Its antitumor action should not be ignored and every one of us should drink it and prevent unwanted diseases.

  1. For swollen legs, parsley tea is the answer

If you are experiencing heavy feet, swollen and painful legs, a cup of parsley tea every day can make the difference. This tea is a great diuretic and it will help you combat this common problem.

  1. If you feel bloated, make a cup of parsley tea

The healthy substances, minerals and vitamins that can be found in parsley, will detox your body and will help it function better and more efficient. Your digestive tract will be the first to benefit from this tea and the first ameliorated symptom you will notice will be the bloating. Day by day, you will forget about abdominal bloating and flatulence and you will feel better in your own skin. You will feel lighter and sexier, and you will have a flat abdomen even after a heavy meal.

  1. Its calming and antidepressant effect

Its calming and antidepressant effectAs said before, parsley tea brings great benefits on nervous level. The B vitamins are the secret and drinking a glass of warm tea every day will make you feel more relaxed and you will forget about stress. You will be impressed by its effects and it can be considered the cheap equivalent of a counselor or psychologist.

  1. It can lower your cholesterol levels

Bringing important levels of healthy fats, the tea will fight against bad cholesterol and athermanous plaques.

  1. It stimulates the peripheral blood circulation

This is very important if you suffer from different diseases, such as diabetes, because the peripheral flow will be maintained. Also, it will help the vessels stay elastic and healthy.

  1. Parsley tea will make your skin look younger

These vitamins have great effects on your skin as well. It will maintain your body healthy and young on the outside and you will forget about age spots.

  1. Healthy hair with parsley tea

The hair can benefit as well from this tea, because the vitamins mentioned before will make the roots healthier and more powerful.

Where to buy this tea?

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