Health Benefits of Drinking Black Tea With Milk

We all know that tea has wonderful health benefits. However, there is something special about the black tea. That is why many people start their days by drinking black tea. Moreover, adding some milk to the black tea is another option through which you can get more nutrients. With such additions, you can combine lots of ingredients, and thus, can gain considerable health benefits.

But, there are some people, who think that combining black tea with soy milk may lessen the possible positive effects of the black tea. It is really a subject of debate. Thus, if you can understand the effectiveness of both milk and black tea, you can realize the benefits of black tea with milk.

Black tea and its effect

Polyphenols that are compounds, occurring in nature, can also be noticed in the black tea. These compounds can also be observed in any black tea, and they are responsible mainly for the significant benefits to health. The chemical elements work as the antioxidants. And thus, they can help in protecting the body of the users from all the free radicals, which are unsteady substances, causing the damage to cells. It is noticed that if you consume the foods, enriched with plant polyphenols for a very long time, then it can assist in preventing the growth of the cancers, diabetes, neurodegenerative disorders or cardiovascular problems. Black tea obviously contains these polyphenols.

Black tea can also help in reducing weight. Research shows that people, who have consumed high level of black-tea, have very low reduced obesity level. Black tea is able to control blood sugar, and give you a very satisfied and balanced feeling. Mainly the antioxidants of this tea are best recognized for the management of body weight. They can improve your metabolism as well as assist the body in burning fat very efficiently. And thus, black tea can be the best option for your general weight reduction schedule. You can stay active and make good food choices.

Antioxidants, present in any black tea, may also assist to undo the effects of the increase of your age (such as, wrinkles). Stress, time, and eating unhealthy food may injure the skin. It can make the skin more aged than what really is. The beverage, enriched with antioxidant, can do its function for reversing the damage, in order to make the skin appear younger or more glowing.

Drinking Black Tea With MilkHow milk can benefit your body?

Among all the available foods, which consist of calcium, including dairy foods or milk, comprise the maximum level of extremely absorbable calcium. And while it is strengthened by adding Vitamin D, the dairy milk gets soaked up quite more efficiently. In fact, calcium is an important mineral that is necessary to health of the body. It can carry out lots of functions, for example, the development of bones or maintenance of teeth. It may also transmit the impulses of nerve, controlling the rhythm of your heart as well as the clotting of blood.

Soy milk can also be a good item that you can mix with black tea. If you do not like to have any dairy products, and if you cannot tolerate lactose, then you can choose it. Though the regular or common milk is extracted mainly from some cows, the soy milk that is to be mixed with black tea is derived from plants.  This helps to lessen the possibility of any heart disorder as it consists of isoflavones that are generally plant chemicals, which have very low bad cholesterol.

Some more considerations to be remembered by you

Soy milk or regular milk blended with any black tea can restrain the insulin activity of the body. It is noticed that when black tea leaves is able to boost up the activity of insulin, the pouring of soy milk or low fat lessens the insulin-increasing activity. But, if you add the lemon juice to the black tea, there may be no notable effect on this activity of insulin enhancement. It can also give your drink a boost of the antioxidant.

At the same time, a study has been carried out to know the ability of the milk in blocking some tea flavonoids absorption. It has been proved that flavonoids’ bioavailability has not given any effect with the addition of milk.

Process of blending milk with black tea

Many people want to know how to make black tea with milk. Here is a short recipe for them. The best taste may be gained with the use of water that is boiled on your stove. Usually, the microwave causes smooth flavor. However, this technique is to prepare the tea while no stove is accessible.

Find the best quality black tea. Fill two third part of your cup with boiling water. Leave some space to pour the milk. There is no need of overheating the water on microwave oven. Stir the drink for nearly three to four minutes. You may also place a teabag in you mug prior to microwaving for saving some time. Now, take the soy or regular milk and heat this to some extent in order to have the creamier touch. You can also have black tea with almond milk. After blending the milk with tea, put little sugar for taste. Enjoy the drink to replace your morning coffee or to make your breakfast more delicious.

Thus, prepare black tea along with the milk of any category.