Horse – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Horses are the noblest animals that humans managed to tame. Their beauty, grace and strength have been worshipped by humans for centuries. Even though they were used as help to pull precious cargo and carriages, they were also taken care of as pets and highly respected by people. There is something magical in a horse that makes us so connected to it. Their calmness and grace makes people fear them and respect them for all the right reasons.

Horses and people had a long and strong connection for centuries and no one could break this mystical bond. They were symbols of power, strength, freedom and resilience but also symbols of beauty and elegance. Horses have been in the center of many ancient myths and stories written by humans, and their importance in symbolic way has been tremendous.

Horses inhabit almost the entire world, therefore many cultures have stories and myths with horses as main characters. Symbolic meanings might differ slightly, but they all come down to few same characteristics that every culture respects in horses. Horses were faithful friends and companions to humans for hundreds of years, and our civilization wouldn’t have reached this level of development if we didn’t have such great help.

Horse symbolism remains to be one of the most important ones in the human history, and the aspects of horse symbolism reach great proportions. If you ever wanted to learn more about horses, this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Spirit animals and totems bring out that hidden energy in us. We have a lot more in common with animals and nature than we think, and since we are a part of nature it is always a good idea to connect with that inner self. You can determine your spirit animal by introspecting a bit and going back to your childhood and early memories. There must be an animal you always felt connected to or somehow this animal was always by your side.

You need to pay attention to nature and your surroundings, especially to the animals you meet and their behaviors. Noticing small details is going to help you determine which animal was close to you your entire life, and which animal is your spirit animal. Spirit animals guide us through life and help us become more in touch with our inner self. Their presence helps us to be stronger and to use our capabilities more efficiently.

Totems also guide us through life and every person is represented by a particular totem animal. Totem animals can transfer their positive characteristics on us and give us power to persevere through hard and difficult moments in life.

Totem animals are animals we are born with and we cannot change that fact. Each time we are feeling down or defeated, we can call upon our totem animals to help us overcome these difficult life’s moments. We adopt both positive and negative characteristics from our totem animals, but if we learn to control the bad ones and put forward the good ones, we can achieve true greatness in life.

Spirit animal

As a spirit animal, horse is best described with these words:

  • Power
  • Beauty
  • Grace
  • Nobility
  • Freedom
  • Strength
  • Family

People guided by this spirit animal are honest people who always say what is on their mind. Others respect them for their ability to speak the truth and to always be there when you need them. People guided by the horse spirit animal are good friends and loyal partners, who will do anything to protect the person they love. There is nothing that can stand between someone they respect and love and them. No matter what you say about someone, they will always pay more attention to their own opinion and not what the rest of the world thinks.

People guided by this spirit animal are also powerful people who draw attention everywhere they go. Others notice them because they exude power even when they are not trying. Everything from their voice to their behavior is powerful and simply demands respect. They are great teachers since other people respect them and highly value their opinions.

This spirit animal is also the symbol of grace and elegance. Both men and woman represented by this spirit animal are graceful and mannered people. They always take care of their behavior and won’t allow others to see them as foolish or childish. They often act older than their age because they believe this is the right kind of attitude if you want to receive respect from the world. They are very elegant when they walk and approach other people, and their reactions are rarely impulsive.

Horse spirit animal symbolizes strength and freedom. People guided by this spirit animal are strong both mentally and physically. They enjoy practicing sports and spending their days in nature. They take great care of their bodies and wouldn’t let themself go by sitting the entire day on the couch.

They can also take a lot of pressure and stress without losing their cool. Their mental strength is much larger than in other people, so you won’t break them down as easy as you thought. In workplace they are extremely competitive and can bring a lot to the table no matter which career path they take.

Horse is one of the main symbols of freedom. Wild horses especially symbolize freedom in its ultimate form and we can only learn from their behavior. Even though family is important for you, you enjoy spending time alone and exploring the world in its full glory. You don’t like being tied to one place and same people, and you especially hate when someone restricts you or sets you boundaries. You cut people like that from your life and rather enjoy being alone.


As totems, horses are symbols of freedom and power. This totem animal teaches you how to be independent and how to rely only on your 10 fingers. People represented by the horse totem are very friendly and outgoing. They love spending time with other people and sharing stories. They might have a hard time finding an ideal partner because they love their independence and freedom. Every person who tries to constrict them in any way will be easily removed from their lives and they will continue the road on their own.

Horse totems teach you how to ride in a different direction and how to awaken your hidden power. You are a strong person who knows what is important in life and what can be left behind. You enjoy life to the fullest and never let anyone tell you what you should and shouldn’t do.

Symbolism and Meaning

Horse has been an important symbol in human history for centuries. Drawings in caves and rocks from distant past, speak about the importance of horses for humans that walked the earth thousands of years back. When people domesticated horses, they instantly became our friends and companions and without them our lives would have been so much harder.

Horse symbolism is present in almost all ancient mythologies and cultures. Stories about horses and their importance to people have been passed on from one generation to another, and today we can read and learn about them.

One of the most famous legends or myths about horses is the one about the winged horse Pegasus. Pegasus had a task to bring lightning to the divine Greek God Zeus. Pegasus had powerful wings and hooves that allowed him to be the ruler of the sky. Similar to Pegasus there is a story about the Golden Unicorn, that had the ability to cure the ill and bring dead back to life with his magical horn.

There is another myth in Greek mythology about horses, or better to say half people half horses. These magical creatures were called Centaurs and they were usually depicted as warriors and as extremely powerful creatures. Another well-known story is the one about the Trojan horse. The Trojan horse helped in salvation of the beautiful princess Helen of Troy, and made the horse into a symbol of great love, perseverance and courage.

Horses are extremely important symbols in the entire European subcontinent. In Slavic cultures, horses were often seen as our faithful companions and helpers. Many heroes from ancient stories had horses by their side when they went to fight against evil enemies and forces. The horses were their friends and no hero could have been imagined without his horse. Serbian people believe that horses have the connection with the underworld, so the black horse was considered a demon from the lower world. Black horse meaning is very important, because supposedly it had the ability to reveal vampires and witchcraft, and to carry the souls of the deceased to the other side. Dark horse meaning was also considered as a night symbol (so-called lunar element) while the white horse meaning was its opposite (solar element).

In the East, horse is an extremely powerful symbol. Ji-djing teaches us that the horse is synonymous with strength and speed. Japanese people connect horses with debt, and the Chinese consider it a typical Yang-animal so they gave it the seventh position in their zodiac. It is believed that those born in this sign are endowed with a great desire for independence, are great adventurers, always ready for travel, but are also excellent workers who are not afraid to take a risk.

All this is probably enough to draw the following conclusion: horses are really a symbol of domination, perseverance, freedom, wisdom, knowledge, speed, but also triumph. Many cultures believe in the magical influence of the horse symbol, so they use it to motivate their desires to reach greatness and achieve something big in life. Since passion and wildness is the first association to this animal, many consider horses to be symbols of love and passion towards someone. Think about this the next time you’ve dreamed of a horse, and consider what it might mean in your life.

Horses are a symbols of life, but also the link between worldly and heavenly. It is said that they have long been a link between everything that is physically tangible and what is just present, and what we see as unknown, unconscious and spiritual. There is also a big importance of horses in Tarot, where it can be found in the following maps of Great Arkansas: Sun, Coach and Death.

The symbol of the horse in Feng Shui is honor and respect. It also symbolizes energy, movement, strength, and plays a key role in domination. This symbol is often used by people who want to travel. Setting this symbol to a home is often a departure from home. Image or figure of a horse-laying on a table enhances the dynamism and strength, but the image of the horse should not be facing the door. Horses in the gallop are inviting the coming of happiness. The image of the horse contains Yang’s energy and fire element and is best placed in the living room or the southern part.

Dreams about horses

Seeing a horse in dreams, symbolizes prosperity. Everything you start at this period in your life is going to be extremely successful and your family life will be blooming. Getting along with people will be easier than ever and you won’t have any problem communicating your thoughts to others.

If you had a dream about the horse feces, this means you need to take care of your health. Perhaps you even listened to a good advice from someone and now you feel better than ever. You introduced good habits into your life that made you feel better than ever and you have let go of old habits that were ruining your health. Your loved ones are more than happy that you have let go of old habits that were only ruining your health and making you feel bad.

Horse feces also represent money. You might get a sudden inheritance from a distant relative or earn money unexpectedly. Money is going to start pouring in from somewhere and you will be more than happy that this has finally happened. You will be able to pay of your debts and spend some money on yourself.

If you had a dream about horse equipment, it means you are ready to catch up with all the problems that you have in life. You are guided by the principle that only the strongest ones survive and you are ready to enjoy overcoming the obstacles that others have imposed on you. You are also too stubborn when it comes to relationships. You tend to be too cold to others so they don’t quite know what your true feelings are. Open up a little bit and let others come into your life.

If you had a dream about riding a horse, this is a symbol of success. You know exactly what you want in life and how to achieve it. You look at life as a chess game and you are always one step ahead of other people. Use this positive period, ahead of you, to make some significant changes in your life and allow happiness to come into your world.

If you had a dream about another person riding a horse, it implies that you will experience love disappointment. You will probably have unrealistic expectations from a partner who will not even know what he was wrong about. You won’t communicate your emotions properly and the other person won’t even know what to do to make things right again. Try finding a way to say what really bothers you and express your true emotions.

Dream about being attacked by a horse is a symbol of enemies and their intentions. Someone is plotting against you and you need to be careful not to say something that can be used against you.


Horses have been and still are important symbols around the world. Cultures looked at horse symbolism in different ways, but most of them saw horses as symbols of power and elegance. People and horses have been close for hundreds of years, and our development would have been much harder if we didn’t have such good companions on our side. Horses are important symbols of power, strength and most importantly freedom.

These powerful animals mesmerized us from the first moment we saw them and they still keep on surprising us no matter how long we have been living next to them. Their elegance and grace can’t be compared to any other animal and we certainly owe horses more than we can give.