How Long Do Apples Last?

There are lots of people, who never forget to include at least one apple every day to their diet. And you are possibly one of them as apple is not only tasty, but also able to provide several health benefits. Whether you want to eat the fruit itself or drink its juice, it has to be fresh so that you may stay healthy.

However, like many other fruits, apples have also a tendency to get rotten, after a number of days. And when you are consuming spoiled apple, you will get no good result. Rather, you may become sick, so, it is essential to learn the way of identifying rotten apples.

At times, it is very difficult to know if an apple that has got damaged has to be discarded or is safe to consume. It is particularly significant to make out the time when a single apple in your fruit basket has become moldy as the mold may get extended to other place and spoil other fruit. 

To find the rotten apples, you have comprehend some steps:

Is the expiration date over?

You need to view the date of expiration, when you purchased apples in a package. While those fruits have already crossed this expiration date, discard them. Time period is a major factor for vegetables and fruits. Apples must be eaten within this date, not after some days of it. Check up those apples to find out any hole that is caused due to insect or mold. If they have mold, remove them. When insects have created holes in apples, the exposed part of this fruit tends to get molded, and you have to throw it to trash.

Check dried apples

Another thing that you have to find is dehydration. When your apples turn out to be hard instead of being flexible, discard it because it has become too old.

Besides, you may also try to squeeze the fruit because a decaying apple may be very soggy and soft. You mustn’t be able to do it, if the apple is fresh. A rotten apple has also bad wrinkled skin.

Test the apple to get discolored areas

Few spots may be caused because of bruising, and at this point, your apple may still be edible for you. While you get any discolored mark, strip off your apples’ peel in that part. When the flesh part still appears firm and white, the apple may be consumed.

On the other hand, while pulp beneath the faded skin also becomes discolored, you have to dispose of your apple.

Store your apples with proper tips

Apples need a slight amount of coolness to remain fresh and unspoiled for the longer tine period. However, merely cool temperatures may not sufficient to sustain the freshness of apples. When you want to store apples for a number of months, there is a need of taking some precautions.

Start choosing apple that is in perfect condition

Be careful while selecting the apples from store. Make out the dark stains and bruises from those apples, which are not yet spoiled. A single bad apple may truly damage a complete bunch as apples generate huge quantity of ethylene, while they start decaying. For this reason, you must not stock up decayed apples with fresh ones.

Place rotten fruits out on your counter

While placed under normal temperature level in any basket, your apples may remain unspoiled for many days. Obviously, it isn’t a long period; however, spoiled apples must be consumed within a very short time period, regardless of the way of storing them as a partly damaged apple may get spoiled very fast. When those apples get extremely spoiled for your consumption, you may also think of discarding them into trash.

Collect good apples to keep them in fridge

Apples remain fresh for a much longer time period while stored at cool temperature. Many of the modern fridges have crisper drawer or fruit drawer; thus, if your fridge is also equipped with such kind of drawer, you must store all apples at that place. If it is not there, place these fruits in any open plastic box, close to the rear part of the fridge, where they are likely to be cool. 

Drape any wet paper towel on your apples inside your refrigerator

In addition to cold atmosphere, your apples may also require a slight amount of humidity to preserve their freshness. Placing a wet paper towel on your apples may enable you to supply enough amount of moisture.

However, when you have wrapped up your apples by means of damp paper towel, it is significant to ensure that you don’t place them in a drawer or airtight container.

Check out temperature, whenever needed

When you have the option to control the temperature of crisper drawer, you must fix this to temperature range that varies from thirty to thirty-five degrees Fahrenheit. It is the perfect temperature level for the storage of apples. Storing those fruits in cooler conditions may cause spoilage of cells, causing them to be moldy, inedible items.

On the other hand, if you store them in some warmer conditions, it may lead your apples to become ripened very fast.

Never store apples and potatoes in one place

Potatoes discharge some gas with aging, and such gas may cause damage to your apples quite easily. You may them in same storage unit or rooms; however, never place those two kinds of things side by side.

Thus, you have try to store apples in the above ways. The shelf life that may be expected from any apple depends highly on how you have stored them in your house.

However, it has to be remembered that as there is no presence of a definite sell by date, you may rely on purchase date to make out how long your apple may stay fresh.

In fact, they most important tips that you have to follow is to be cautious, while buying apples. In many cases, it is seen that the customers find their apples rotten, just after buying the m from the market. So, you should be conscious, while purchasing the fruits.

Besides, if you think that you cannot raw apples within right time, you may try make some delicious foods with the use of those apples so that that the extra ones will not get rotten.