How Long Do Carrots Last?

Carrots are cheap, delicious and they are rich in vitamins, so they are more than a common vegetable that most people like to eat. Even better, they are more than just essential to most meals, so they are necessary in most kitchens. In addition, they are good for eyes, due to the fact they are rich in different vitamins. All of this applies only if carrots are fresh and good to use.

On the other side, told and bad carrots shouldn’t be used and they must be thrown away. Sadly, you cannot see ‘’best use by’’ or etc. when it comes to shelves carrots, so you must know a thing or two, about for how long carrots can be used.

How long carrots are good to use?

As aforementioned, carrots don’t come with ‘’best use by’’ or something similar, so you must pay attention to the time when they were picked. In general, fresh carrots can last for 4 weeks, if they are stored in a fridge. On the other side, if you keep them in a warm place, they can last for 4 days. Keep in mind that this is mandatory in order to prolong their use time and to use carrots that are safe and rich in vitamins.

Baby carrots come in packages that have label, regarding for how long they are safe to use. They can be used between 3 and 4 weeks, but only if they are kept in refrigerator. On the other side, keeping them in a warm place isn’t recommended. In any case, you must pay attention to the label and to the expiration date. Keep in mind that old carrots are not good to use and they can cause severe, negative effects on the digestive system, so they should be avoided.

Cooked carrots are completely different and they can last for just one 1 week, of course, only if they are stored in a refrigerator. After that time, they will lose their taste and they won’t look very good. In any case, this is something that every person should know, simply because carrots are one of the most common vegetable on the planet.

Carrots and pets

While carrots are more than just popular vegetable for people, they are some of the favorite snacks for some pets. In this case, you must know that they have the same advantages and the same properties to pets as on humans. In any case, this must be taken into account, if you fed your pet with carrots.

The first fact you should know is that fresh carrots are the best for your pet, due to the fact they are rich in nutrients and they are far more delicious. At the same time, fresh carrots have a lot of benefits to the health of humans and pets.

The best thing you can do it to buy fresh carrots and keep them in a refrigerator, so they are fresh for a longer period of time. Although, they can last for 4 weeks, it is better to use them as soon as possible, simply because when they are fresh, they have more benefits and advantages then when they are old.

Be able to tell when carrots are bad

Now you know for how long carrots can be used, but it is mandatory to spot the difference between good and bad carrots. In any case, carrots will go bad after shorter period of time, if they are not stored properly. You already know that proper storing involves keeping them in a refrigerator. The first thing you should see are the white dots. If carrots have them, it means that they are old and they are not very good to use, but they can be used still. On the other side, if they are soft and dark, they are too old and they must be thrown away. Keep in mind that these carrots cannot be used and they have a bad taste.

These are useful tricks you can use in grocery shops as well. If you live in a small city and you don’t have a lot of grocery shops, make sure you pay attention to the quality of carrots. The best ones are those that are hard and have bright color. At the same time, they are the most delicious ones and they are the safest to use. In addition, they are the best choice for your pet as well.

Storing carrots

As aforementioned, you can see that all types of carrots should be stored in a refrigerator. This is the best and the safest way to prolong their time, during which they can be used and to get the best taste.

On the other side, keeping them in a warm area will cause them to go bad after a short period of time. In that case, you will get bad carrots that are bad to use and will have a negative effect on the health, if you use them.

Another way, how you can slice carrots is to slice them and place them in a fridge. Keep in mind that they can last for 6 months in this condition and due to the fact they are hard, they will have the same taste, when you decide to use them.

No matter how you decide to store carrots, make sure they are not in a foil or in a bad, due to the fact it can catch moisture, so they will go bad after a short period of time. In any case, these are the best advices, on how you can store carrots and how you can prolong their life.


Carrots are delicious and great vegetables, but only when they are fresh. During that time, they offer a lot of advantages and benefits.

As you know, they are good to use for 4 weeks, if they are stored in a refrigerator. Storing them in a fridge, when they are sliced can prolong their life as well.