How Long Does Ginger Last?

Whenever you like to add some spice to your food, the first thing that comes in your mind is possibly ginger. In fact, ginger is not uncommon to any cook and it is applied not only for culinary purposes but also for a lot of medicinal uses. So, ginger is obviously a valuable part of plant that helps us in a number of ways.

However, though common people do not generally buy huge bags of gingers, many of them still ask a question- How long can we keep our ginger fresh at our home?

Of course, when this delicious root goes bad, it may not help you to get the desired taste or achieve the nutritional benefits. Thus, you need to know the capacity of ginger to remain lively and fresh.

Be careful while buying ginger

If you like to keep your store-bought ginger fresh for a very long time, then it is essential to take steps from the very first stage. Buy only the freshest ginger; pick the best possible ginger root, and try to consume it within some days.

In order to get the freshest one, you have to search for those gingers, which give out a spicy and fresh flavor and have a smooth skin.

In addition to it, the gingers’ tubers must feel quite firm and heavy, when you take them in hand.  Keep away from a ginger, which has become crinkled or has a little soft surface because it is a ginger, which may become decayed within short time.

Can refrigerator be the best option for you?

While you are considering something about storage, you need to take the decision on whether to preserve it in refrigerator or freezer. When you know that you make use of a ginger after few days, it is better to keep it in fridge in order to easily, peel, mince and use the ginger in future.

According to some experts, ginger may remain good in your refrigerator for about twenty seven days, thus, when you recognize that you will not be utilizing it before that period, you may plan to store them in your freezer.

On the other hand, while you are sure that you will eat a small bit of ginger within a few days, you may slice the chunk of ginger and then refrigerate this. After that, freeze remaining portion of ginger to have consumption in the future.

Some other alternatives to keep ginger fresh

Store your ginger in any zipper bag. In order to preserve ginger in such kind of storage bag, only take your unpeeled plant root and then put it inside the zipper bag. However, you have to ensure that you have pushed out the air from the bag. Keep this it in your refrigerator in order to have it fresh and crisp for many weeks. While compared to some other techniques, for example, storage of ginger in some paper-based bag or covering this using paper towel.

When the ginger gets peeled previously, such method may also work too. However, it will last so long it has its peel on.

If your ginger is peeled right now, you may better plan to submerge it in some spirits. Only place your freshly peeled plant extract in any container or sealable jar and get them submerged in acidic liquid or spirit. Some of the commonly chosen fluids include dry sherry, vodka, lime juice, rice wine and many more.

However, sherry and vodka are the most popular ones as they are proven to show long lasting outcomes. They alter the taste of ginger to the least possible level.

Although it is a perfect storage technique, you have to be conscious that the stated liquids may modify the tang of ginger slightly or considerably.

How you can recognize rotten ginger?

Just like any other food, ginger root may also become stale after some period of time. To keep you safe, there are ways to identify all the rotten ones. The rancid and stale ginger has very moist and soft texture.

Moreover, the tip of the root that has been cut may easily turn into moldy as well as harmful to eat. Besides, the cut and peeled ginger will also have very darkened edges because it will go bad within a few days. 

Ginger and its shelf life

If you wish to know the shelf life of the root, it is to be said that ginger, which is stored by people, is in various forms. Fresh ginger, according to some experts, may last for about one week in pantry and one month in fridge. Some people also make use of pickled gingers, and it may last for almost two to three months in both pantry and fridge.

Moreover, you may also like to grind your ginger to make powder as it remains fresh for two to three years. The same shelf-life may be found in case of crystallized ginger.

There are some more facts on ginger’s shelf life. You know that ginger is applied in many food products. In that case, the shelf life will perhaps depend on the expiry date of the components of the recipe.

Regardless of the form of ginger that you like to consume, the shelf life, which is mentioned here, may be completely accurate. It will vary, according to individual cases. So, you may better rely on your own decision.

In conclusion, it may be stated that there are several different techniques to store fresh ginger or gingers of other forms. Most of these methods may work well, and you will easily be successful in keeping the ginger fresh for longer time.

In case of unpeeled root, you need to take a plastic bag. When a part of ginger is stripped, you should make it dry with the aid of paper towel. The storage process of similar other foods may be slightly and so, you must know the relevant information on every vegetable. With fresh ginger, you may also add a good flavor to your everyday meals.