How Long Does Guacamole Last?

Guacamole is also referred to as guac in the North America region. It is an avocado based dip or it is a salad which was created by people belonging to a place which is known as Aztecs which is now known as Mexico. Originally it was used as a famous dish in modern Mexican cuisine but nowadays it have also grabbed an important place in the American cuisine in three different forms like salad, condiment and also dip.

Actually, the major ingredient of the guacamole is raw avocado; most of the nutrients are gathered from the ingredient avocado like fats, minerals and vitamins which provides dietary fiber and also different types of vitamins like vitamin B, vitamin E and vitamin K. It also contains potassium in major content.

Actually avocado is considered as one of the major source for saturated fats and phytosterols like beta-sitosterols.

Why Guacamole Turns Brown?

Avocados are similar to apples and they also contain an enzyme which reacts with oxygen and undergoes oxidation process.

Fortunately in avocados, the below layer will be protected and you can just scrap the top layer off and eat the remaining part.

How Long Does Guacamole Last?

If you have bought the Guacamole from the shop and if you kept it unopened, then it would obviously last one to two weeks. If you have bought it from the shop and if you have kept it opened then it would last for about one to two days. You would come to know that it have gone bad with the help of significant amount of brown liquid and the below layers of the surface would have lost their glorious green color. If you see these symptoms, then it’s time for you to throw away the Guacamole.

The Avocado Pits

So, in case if you have made the Guacamole on your own or if you have made it with your friends, then you would have seen some one or the other leaving the avocado pit left in the guacamole. You could have encountered this tip of leaving the avocado pit at least once in your life time.

There is nothing extra ordinary with this tip, but it prevents the amount of oxygen entering into the avocado thereby prevents it from oxidation. This is the reason behind leaving the avocado pit on the Guacamole.

Method of Keeping Guacamole Fresh

We have already seen an important tip of leaving the avocado pit. Apart from this there are many other tips which could obviously help you in keeping the guacamole fresh. The methods include some typical ways of keeping the guacamole fresh like keeping it in a plastic wrap and also lemon juice. We are including plastic wrap and lemon juice because plastic wrap helps in preventing the exposure of air and the acidity of the lemon juice prevents the oxidation process.

So, if you have cut and opened your avocado then you have to combine it with the lemon juice and then cover it with a plastic wrap and you can put all the contents into an airtight container. You can also place the avocado in your fridge freezer.

Nowadays, most of the plastics manufactured, comes with some pores or holes which allows air to penetrate through them. It also has some gap between the top portion and the bottom portion which makes it look closed but it is not actually closed with proper care. This is the reason behind the popular problem in which this method of lemon juice and plastic wrap fail in case of preserving guacamole.

The Best Method to Preserve Guacamole

What you have to do to prevent your guacamole from getting contaminated is that you have to place it a container or bag that won’t let air in water and there by prevents your guacamole from oxidation process. So, initially you have to pack the guacamole in the bottom region of a tightly sealed container and then pour some lukewarm water on the top.

In this case some may hate this tip because they might feel that their dip would become extra moisture because of adding lukewarm water. But it will take a long time for water to penetrate into the avocado so you need not worry about your avocado becoming moisture. You can just scrap off the top layer which becomes a little watery and can use the remaining part. You can also place a plastic layer in between the water and the guacamole.

The best way to keep homemade guacamole last for a longer period is by using the method of avocado pit and then placing the content in the middle of a bowl. You can accomplish an air tight package for avoiding entry of air and preventing oxidation process in your guacamole by tightly wrapping it and then storing it in an air tight container by removing all the air bubbles that are present in the container.

Guacamole can be prepared or purchased and stored in n numbers of different ways which could result in different kinds of expiry date. In general, when compared with all the other dishes, it is the quickest expiring dish.

So, in determining the expiry date of guacamole, we should also consider the other ingredients that are added in the guacamole. So, It is clear that the answer for the question how long does guacamole lasts ultimately depends upon the preparation and storing method.