I Died In My Dream – What Does That Mean?

Dreams about someone’s death are very common and there isn’t almost anyone who haven’t dreamed about it. General meaning of this dream says that you expanded lifespan to the person who died in a dream.

Dreams like this are mostly intimidating and for a dreamer very disturbing.  Person who dreams it feels very scared, uncomfortably and confused. It often makes you to wake several times during the night and be in a panic and constant fear. But, you shouldn’t feel like that because this type of a dreams, even if it is disturbing, brings nothing but a luck for you.

They only indicate that something in you has “died” and finished, for example, it indicates that a relationship with your partner is coming to an end, or you can expect to  quit your job because you can find a better one. In generally, it means transition from one phase in your life to another.

Most of us are unsure about our own death. We are all wondering when it will happen, would it be painful and what comes after that. These are the questions that are bothering us constantly in our waking life and because of that it reflects in our dreams. Our mind is producing those things in images while we are dreaming. After we wake up, it makes us feel very anxious, because subconscious transmits the fear on our consciousness.

Also, interpreters say that this type of a dream can represent your need of getting rid of your worries and anger.

Dreams about death, whether yours or someone else’s represents your inner fights and feelings. Keep in mind that this indicates that something psychical in you  has died, not that someone will die in reality. Take this dream as a warning that you need to question yourself what is the thing that is worrying you so much, and what causes it in order to face with it.

Also, it can represent your fear of death which you aren’t aware of, because it is deep in your subconsciousness. Your own death in a dream is some kind of a warning for you to pay attention on your health condition and do a routine medical check – up.

Some interpreters connect it to your need to put others on the first place instead of you, and that is your biggest mistake. Stop doing that because you must think on yourself first, and then on the others. People who tend to have this type of dreams are the ones who are in some kind of a transition. When we say transition, we mean that someone is exiting from one phase in life, and entering in another. That could be some life – changing situation, unknown to you which makes you feel even more frightened and confused.

Dreams are always some kind of messages from our subconscious which are trying to help us to overcome all of our problems.

In further text we will concentrate on the dreams about your own death. It can have different meanings which are depending on the details of your dreams. Because of that it is very important for you to remember as much details as you can.

As we said, this dream usually means that something in your life will end, and something new will happen. Not everyone accepts changes on the same way, but you should take it with a joy and don’t be afraid of it and try to move forward.

I died in my dream – What does that mean?

Dreaming about your own death in general. Dreaming about this signifies your transformations, inner changes, self-awareness and other changes that are going in positive direction. Those changes are a sign that you are ready to leave your past behind you, and everything that makes you unhappy. For those who are in a bed relationships this means ending of it.

Also, it means that in the period that’s ahead of you, you will travel abroad and maybe stay there to live. Another positive thing about this dream is that it brings you happiness, good health and a long life. But, beside this positive things about your death, there is another negative interpretation of it. Interpreters say that you are in a potentially painful relationship, that is making you unhappy. Because of that you feel very anxious and depressed. This type of a dream can be triggered by your worries about someone close to you who is dying or terminally ill. Also, it can be a reflection of your desire to get away from your obligations and responsibilities because you can’t handle it.

Dreaming about you being killed. If you have been killed in your dream, it means that in reality you are someone who doesn’t have support from the people in your surrounding, your family and close friends. For some reason, they are always judging you and they don’t stand for you when you need it. That makes you very disappointed, sad and unsatisfied. Take this dream as a sign for you to question yourself and your actions in order to find the cause of their behavior. Maybe the problem is in you and your attitude.

Dreaming about you being killed by someone unknown. If in your dream you were killed by someone who you don’t know, it means that in reality you are very afraid and insecure in your actions. You have a fear that everything in what you invested your time, patience and energy will fail and end on the way that you didn’t wanted and imagined to.

Dreaming about you being killed by someone who you know. This dream means that the person who killed you in a dream is someone who in reality always tries to underestimate you and makes you feel uncomfortable. That person has a negative influence on you and he or she is against everything that you do and isn’t afraid to show it in front of the other people. You need to remove that person from your life and stop contacting with him or her.

Dreaming about your execution. If you dreamed about your execution, it means that you are feeling guilty about something and that is bothering you a lot in your waking life. Because of that it reflects in your dream. It can be some aspect of yourself or a vice which you want to eliminate from your life.

Dreaming about you dying in agony. Dreams like this warns you that someone is trying to manipulate you in reality. Be very careful who do you trust, and always be sure in someone’s friendship before you say your secrets. There are people in your surrounding who are presenting themselves as friends to you, but all that they want is to fool you and do you harm.

Dreaming about faking your own death. This dream represents your desire for changes in your life. Monotony and everyday life stifles you and you want something new that will make you happy and satisfied. You need to leave everything that is stopping you to prosper behind you and start things over, but this time you will do it better.

Dreaming about you being dead in a puddle of a blood. You don’t need to be afraid of this dream because it has positive connotation. It means that you will get rid of your worries and problems that you had lately. Things will change for you and finish on the way how you imagined them to finish.

Dreaming about you seeing death. If you had this type of a dream it means that you will be very happy in the future. Interpreters say that a person who dreamed about this will be in a wealth and have long life. Only good things will happen. If you got married recently, it means that you will expand your family and you will have a lot of children.

Dreaming about death approaching to you. This dream signifies temptations which you will have in the period that’s ahead of you. You will need to think twice what do you exactly want and after that you will need to find a way to avoid the things that look good at first sight, but which can bring you a lot of problems if you don’t choose wisely.

Dreaming about your funeral. This type of a dream means that you are repressing something. That could be your feelings about someone, or some aspects of your personality. Instead of solving those problems and getting rid of them, you are just running away from it and you burry them. Take this dream as a warning that you need to face with your fears. If you are having a serious disease, then it is just a reflection of your fear of dying.

Dreaming about your grave. If you dreamed about this, it means that you are ready to finish with things in your life which were inhibiting you. You will make a whole new start without any worries and problems behind you.

These were some of the most common dreams about your own death and their interpretations. If you watched a TV show about death, or you heard that someone died, then this dream was triggered by it.

Also, if you were thinking a lot about it, and you have a  fear of dying in your waking life, your subconscious just produced it in your dream. Always keep in mind that this dream doesn’t mean that you are going to die, it just represents an ending of something. For example your current job, relationship or a friendship. We hope that this text helped you and you are now able to understand messages behind this dream.