Jellyfish -Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Jellyfish or the so called jellies are sea creatures that inhabit big parts of our planet.

Jellyfish belong to the family of Medusozoa and are umbrella-shaped creatures of the sea. There are many stories surrounding this peculiar animal and not all of them are positive.

People often feared these creatures because they didn’t know what kind of animal it was. Jellyfish symbolism was created by people who lived near oceans and that encountered jellyfish daily. Their views of jellyfish might differ a little bit, but in general they all had similar opinions about this peculiar creature.

To all of them jellyfish represented the traits that we could see for ourselves the first time we looked at it, and those are transparency and flow.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Spirit animals are supposed to be representations of our characters. They are good indicators about our own behavior and give us a clear idea of who we are. If we let ourselves be guided by the powerful energy of an animal we can achieve greatness in life and become something we have never hoped to become.

This is something we should all learn and accept in our life. Being in sync with our essential characteristics and following them is the most important thing. When we learn how to do this we can make our lives much better and much happier.

As a spirit animal or totem, jellyfish is best described by these words:

  • Emotion,
  • Faith,
  • Protection,
  • Sensitivity,
  • Power,
  • Organization,
  • Inner strength,
  • Challenges,
  • Process,
  • Softness,
  • Trust

Every person under the influence of this spirit animal is a trustworthy and honest person. These are their biggest traits and everyone who knows a person born under this totem known that this is true. Sometimes they are too honest with people and that makes them hard to understand at times. When they say what they mean it is not that they do it to harm others, they are simply expressing their opinion without any bad intention. If you can handle the trust without getting hurt, this is the perfect person to have in your life.

People born under this totem are a symbol of power and faith. This totem reminds you to be strong and to endure every life situation with a smile on your face.  When you are strong mentally there is nothing that can make you fall under someone else’s influence.

This is important in life and it can make you superior to all other people. Having faith in your own capabilities is also important because you can then achieve almost everything. Being in touch with your inner voice and letting yourself be guided by the powerful energy of mysterious forces is going to help you achieve greatness in life.

Even though they can seem strong to others, people born under this spirit animal are soft and can be hurt easily. They end to tell others a lot of things they don’t mean when they are provoked. Their intention is not to hurt someone, they just don’t know how to defend themselves in any other way. Softness doesn’t have to be a negative characteristic it is simply a representation of their emotional nature.

Emotions play a very important role in the lives of these people. They truly love others and love spending time in their presence. This is something important for them and they can’t live without love. Without love their lives wouldn’t have meaning and the world would be a sad place. They don’t have a problem showing their emotions to other people and expressing how they feel.

People born under the influence of this totem are also protective of the people they love. When they notice that people they love are in danger they will do anything to protect them.

No matter how dangerous it is to fight against something, they will be prepared to fight for what they love. This makes them great friends and partners who will always be there for you no matter what.

Just like jellyfish flows in the water, people under the influence of this spirit animal flow through life. They are never stressed or under pressure about anything. You can rarely get them off balance in life, so they are always positive and in the mood to do something new and exciting. When others are around them they feel a flow of positive energy and relaxation all around them, which makes them excellent friends and co-workers.

Besides loving and taking care of people in their lives, jellyfish people love to be a part of a community. This helps them feel much stronger and much more powerful than when they are alone. They use every chance they get to bond with others and show them how much they care. When they have someone next to them, they feel invincible and unbreakable. When they are alone, they tend to be weak and can easily fall under the influence of other people.

As a negative characteristic, some might mention that jellyfish totems are too soft and too bubbly. People under the influence of this spirit animal love being pampered and taken care off. This can turn into real life spoiled behavior that drives others crazy, and if you mention it they become too agitated. Try working on your emotions and try to keep them in order. If you manage to do this you will be unstoppable.

Symbolism and Meaning

Jellyfish might seem like an interesting creature, but in reality it can be dangerous for people. They can sting us and cause hazard to our skin, but when we look at them from a distance they seem like interesting and colorful creatures.

Jellyfish lives in oceans and seas around the globe. The symbolism surrounding the jellyfish is built on its appearance and behavior. When people didn’t know what kind of an animal jellyfish is, they saw it as a funny looking creature with nothing in common with other animals in the sea. But, when jellyfish sting them the first time, they knew that there was much more to this sea creature.

Jellyfish symbolizes transparency and trust. As a totem this creature is a perfect example of how people can be transparent in their actions and not only sneaky and malicious.

Jellyfish symbolizes faith and acceptance. Shamans around the world believed in powerful medicine that this creature produces. They thought that jellyfish can cure people with their stings and make them feel much better. Even though there are no scientific proves of that, many cultures around the world still think that way.

Jellyfish is now used in cooking around the globe. The biggest amounts of jellyfish are consumed in Asia, since they enjoy fruits of the sea much more than any other culture. In popular TV shows and cartoons, jellyfish are often portrayed as too emotional and too soft for the world, but at times they can sting and make others hurt.

Dreams about jellyfish

Dreams can have various interpretations and we can see them in different way. Sometimes symbols we dream about have various meanings and in different combinations they have different interpretations. Dreams about jellyfish can have both positive and negative meanings, depending on the fact how we accept them in our own heart.

If you had a dream about a jellyfish in general, this means you might be in danger from something. People are not always kind and their intentions are not good at all times.

Sometimes they just want to cause us harm in order to make themselves feel better. This gives them energy to go out into the world and do even more harm. Take extra care of your actions and words and don’t let other people destroy you and use your weaknesses in their advantage.

Dream about being attacked by a jellyfish is a symbol of possible danger that can happen to you in your workplace or job. Your co-workers are sick of your success and they want to see you finally fail at something. Their intentions are to make you see how it feels like when you are not the best and the most successful one. Take care of your words and actions if you want to avoid danger.

Dream about several jellyfish symbolizes your emotions. There are many things in your life that are currently burdening you and making you feel too emotional. All of the people in your life have something to add to these emotions and their actions sometimes make you feel sad and frustrated. To get rid of negative emotions you need to explain and express to others how you feel. This is going to make you feel much better and much calmer.

Dream about killing a jellyfish is a symbol of success. Things in your life are about to become much better and everything you decide to do is going to be successful. You will be able to make a great deal that is going to bring you a lot of success and a lot of profit, so don’t worry about the outcome of something you have started. The power of positive energy is going to be on your side so nothing will stand on your way to success.


Jellyfish is a symbol of transparency, trust, emotions and strength. Even though jellyfish can be soft at first sight, there is nothing soft about them when they sting. This is a perfect example of how people can look one way and then surprise us with their actions.

Besides being symbols of trust and emotions, jellyfish are also symbols of organization and inner strength. People guided by this animal totem tend to be powerful and ready for action at all times. Their energy is something that can easily be transferred to other people and influence their emotions.