Kangaroo – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Animal symbolism is filled with interesting information about animals but it can also be a helpful insight into our own mind. People are different than animals in many ways but sometimes their characteristics can be so similar to ours that it is almost incredible.

Animals are by nature much simpler than humans and their reactions are mostly influenced by their instincts.

In times when people didn’t have much else to look up to, they devoted their time and worship to animals and their behavior. To humans, their behavior was fascinating and worth noticing, because nature could teach us so much more about life than anything else. We strained far away from nature and we are not as in touch with nature as we use to be.

In today’s text we will devote more time to kangaroos and the symbolism behind this interesting and beautiful animal. So if you were ever interesting in finding more about it, here is your chance.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Spirit animals and totems are there to teach us about the psychology behind our behavior and the ways we are similar to living beings in the nature. Spirit animals are there to lead us through life and help us understand the struggles we are going through. They are there to shine the light on our paths and to lead us through the dark.

Totem animal is determined by your birth date and every person has its own totem animal that is predetermined. Totem animals are great representations of our character and the ways we truly are inside. Sometimes we truly get to know our negative and positive sides by learning more about the characteristics of our totem animals and how they influence our character.

Spirit animal

As a spirit animal, kangaroo is best described by these words:

  • Stamina
  • Adaptability
  • Activeness
  • Toughness
  • Speed
  • Energy
  • Kindness
  • Materialism

People who are guided by this spirit animal are very strong and resistant. There is nothing about their character that tells us that there is something weak about them. They are always the ones who stand out in groups and you can easily recognize them because of their confidence. Kangaroo spirit animal makes you a strong individual both mentally and physically and you are someone who knows how to endure life.

When it comes to stamina you are someone that can’t be defeated. There is nothing weak about you in that sense because you are always prepared to be one step ahead of others. Even though you have so many strong and confident characteristics, you are not a mean person.

You are someone who likes to be surrounded by people and who is always looking for a new friend. People love you because you are always prepared for an adventure and there is nothing hard or impossible for you to do. There is always something you can accomplish or get into that is new and exciting, and that is what motivates you in life.

When you are thrown into a new situation, you simply swim and don’t look back. You are highly adaptable and no one and nothing can prevent you from finding a way to swim to the top.


As a totem, kangaroos are symbols of adaptability, kindness, motherly love and strength. Pierson born under this totem animal is strong but both loving and kind. You only show your cruel side to the ones who deserve it and you would never hurt anyone without a reason. Even if you end up hurting someone, you feel bad about it and you would rather take it all back.

Kangaroo is also a symbol of motherly love and taking care for the people you love. Just like kangaroos place their babies in their pouch, you take care of the people you love and never let anything bad happen to them.

Kangaroo totem symbolizes adaptability because you are someone who can get adapted to any living situation. You actually enjoy changing things from time to time because this makes your life more interesting and fun, and it gives you more motivation to push even stronger.

As a negative side, some mention your overly aggressive nature that appears when you are agitated. This is not the side of you that everyone knows but it can certainly be harmful to other when it does appear.

Symbolism and Meaning

Kangaroos are not animals that can be found on every continent, or this was the case in the beginning.

Today we can see them in Zoos around the world, but their original habitat is Australia and New Zealand. These interesting animals are the national animals of Australia and New Zealand, and almost everything you see there (when it comes to souvenirs) has kangaroos on it.

Ancient tribes that first inhabited Australia worshipped kangaroos and considered them to be the images of strength and resilience but also kindness and motherly love. Even though they see interesting with their babies in their pouches, hopping around, they can actually be very dangerous and harmful to the ones who get too close.

When kangaroos first came to the European continent, people were amazed by their appearance and they instantly became an attraction. They are now the symbols and mascots of many sports teams, they appear in TV shows and in cartoons and they are mostly represented as strong, independent and overall kind animals. Their strength definitely lies in their ability to adapt to different living conditions in general and also in their remarkable strength that is not always shown out in the open.

Dreams about Kangaroos

Dreaming about kangaroos can have both positive and negative meaning. Sometimes dreams about kangaroos are symbols of something positive that is about to happen to you but sometimes these dreams are warning us about the potential dangers that are luring and threatening us.

Seeing a kangaroo – If you saw a kangaroo in your dream, this means you are about to be successful in something you are working on. This dream is bringing some good news to you and you should be prepared for what is coming. There is no need to be worried about the outcome of the project you are working on, because things will definitely go in your favor.

Kangaroo in ZOO – IF kangaroo in your dream was in a ZOO, then you are feeling repressed and you feel like your emotions can’t come out to the public. Something is blocking you from expressing your true emotions and you don’t know how to fight against this feeling. No matter how hard you try, the block you have is preventing you from moving forward and making a change.

Kangaroo with a baby – When you had a dream about a kangaroo carrying a baby, this means you have maternal desires. This means you might be feeling that it is the right moment to start a family or move one step forward to a serious relationship. This is the new phase in your life and you want to make this next step with the person you love. Same goes for the men who have this dream, and it expresses their desire to become serious and move to a higher level with someone they love.

Jumping kangaroo – Kangaroos that are jumping in your dream are symbols of travel. This dream means you might have a desire to go somewhere or to travel to a new destination. This dream gives you an opportunity to motivate yourself to travel more and visit the places you always wanted to visit.

Dead kangaroo – If kangaroo in your dream was dead, this means you need to be prepared for a loss in your business plan. Something you have been planning is not going to work and you need to have a backup plan that will help you turn things around. This dream can also refer to your romantic life, and it can symbolize your desire to get back with someone from your past. This person is constantly on your mind and you feel the urge to contact this person and tell him or her you miss her.


In times when people didn’t have much else to look up to, they devoted their time and worship to animals and their behavior. To humans, their behavior was fascinating and worth noticing, because nature could teach us so much more about life than anything else.

Kangaroos are not animals that inhabit our entire planet, but they have certainly grown to us in the past years.

Kangaroos are mostly interesting to people because of their behavior and the way they express themselves. The kind of love and affection they give to their babies is extraordinary and this is something we should all learn from. Kangaroos are symbols of kindness, motherly love, strength and adaptability.

They are not only peculiar when it comes to their appearance; they are also quite strong and powerful animals that can offer a lot in terms of symbolism. Even though their symbolic meaning is not widely known to the public, we are sure that it will continue to grow and expand in the following years.