King of Pentacles Tarot Card – Meaning, Love, Reversed

Active and dynamic materialization, work, security, reaping, structure, convenience, stability, patience, strength, power, wisdom, knowledge, endurance, fertility, abundance, conservatism, materialism, physical aspirations, generosity, progress in material, laborious workare the main characteristics of this card.

Message and Interpretation of Tarot Card

The Tarot Card The King of the Pentacle is motivating you to believe that material security and prosperity are the basic guarantees of good life, which does not mean that other non-material things are not important as well.

According to traditional interpretation of the tarot, the King of the pentacle is the head of the family and all the other members rely on it not only materially, but also has moral authority and is the main partner of common family interests and goals.

People outside of his family experience him as a serious but good-natured man who lives his life and does not blame others if they are different from him. The Tarot Card King of the Pentacle does not like to cause conflicts, looks at his work, and does not interfere with any other business. It’s socially enough to give the impression of a decent and cultured man. Within his family and circle of closest friends, he communicates much more lively and more openly, but his attitudes are rather conservative because he respects traditional traditions and customs.

According to all his family members, the King of the Pentacles behaves as a patron, but also a ruler on the one hand. The legacy of religious affiliation also accepts traditionally, while its understanding of meaning makes the soul questionable. This materialistic type of person’s vision of the omnipresence of the divine is as clear as the vision of his earthly needs and possibilities.

The Tarot Card King of the Pentacle is an independent, successful and responsible person who can guarantee security and stability for everyone as it is well maintained in times of crisis. With a strong will, he is trying hard to plant the fruits and thus builds a solid structure for success. His work gives him strength and with the help of tremendous endurance, he does not hesitate easily and puts all his ideas into action. It is very pathetic and believes that everything can be done better and it is hard to get praise from it.

His primary concern is to work tirelessly, to be able to secure later in the future. The Inferior Function of the Tarot Card The king of the pentacle is a feeling (water) that finds hard to find the way to the outside world and is suffused by the dominant sense of the earth.

The Tarot Card King of the Pentacle believes that the truth is just what it can touch, see, hear, smell and taste. The king simply has no elaborate irrational “overdrive”. In the tarot reading, in a positive aspect of King’s combination of morality and materialism, it mostly results in a valuable and conscientious work of a person. If tarot reading refers to circumstances, not to a person, this tarot card tells us how things are under control, announces good organization and successful business plans.

Meaning for Love

The tarot card of the King of Pentacles is depicted in the Light of the Soul by an older man sitting on a large workhorse. He looked at him. He holds a pentacle shaped shield in his hand. In another tarot cave this card is painted by a king who sits on the throne while the estate is behind, even the city. Hold one pentacle in one hand and another ball. It is a symbol of his authority.

The king of the pentacle is extremely torrid. Describes all people who are keen and protective of their loved ones. The problem is that this protection can go to others on the nose. Namely, this card always brings great control over material goods. So a son can not borrow a car without the knowledge of his father, he should not go out with a girl who is not a proper pedigree, so that the estate would not be lost tomorrow, that is, that it should not be shared, must eat what is cooked, as agreed, etc. You often notice the appearance of the word to have.

If you are looking for someone who will brutally control you in the name of love, the king of Pentacles is the right man for you. When this card appears in the opening it will cause the pie to come to an older person of himself or an older spirit. Strangely conservative, exhausting with its principles such as saving in work. They will most likely have their mustache or beard. It will leave a sense of security, predictability. It will be enormously stubborn, and in extreme cases it will be stingy.

If the question relates to another topic, you should look at the surrounding cards. As a rule, this card in the position of the future speaks of a lot of work. It’s only earning money to make money.

The King of Pentacles is a practical man. He is a type of person who makes the accomplishments in a physical sense. In other words, he has the ability to manifest his ideas through dedication and determination. His achievements are the result of his perseverance and constant effort. He often has conservative views of the world and avoids taking risks. The King of Pentacles is well organized and very successful in the business sense. The consequence of his stable character is many people who are emotionally dependent on him. He is patronized and very dedicated to his family and the environment. As a father is predictable, but firm.

Upright Position Meaning

In the opening, the King of Pentacles always points to stability. At the moment, your personal security is the most important thing to you. Often the King of Pentacles is related to business issues. You are probably concentrated on career and the distribution of your finances. You may receive an improvement or an increase; It is not excluded that you will find yourself in the (new) role of the manager. Everything that has to do with real estate and property will literally flourish. Reason and caution will bring success. You can get useful advice about finances.

In a spiritual sense, the King of Pentacles usually refers to the need for belonging to a religious community. More traditional things are attracted to you than the classic esoteric. You have a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong and important is to stay committed to your value system. You can find spiritual satisfaction through association with nature.

In love, the King of Pentacles can represent someone who seriously offers marriage. He (a) probably deeply respects the institution of marriage and family. This person is reliable and firmly standing on the ground. If you are a woman, the King of Pentacles can predict a relationship with a wealthier man.

  • stability and reliability
  • sensitivity
  • leadership
  • financial security
  • achievement
  • wealth

Reversed Position Meaning

The Reversed King of Pentacles in the opening warns that you should not build your self-confidence solely on the basis of what you have achieved in the material sense. In some cases, money is not the most important, and the reverse King of Pentecles speaks precisely of excessive complacency and materialism.

Sometimes this card can also refer to someone’s behavior. Perhaps you need to consider whether you are prone to overly aggressive reactions or behaviors that make others feel uncomfortable and underestimated. Also, the inverted King of the Pentacles can also deny the dishonest in business.

The card of the King facing upside marks the period of ineligibility, irresponsibility, inactivity, inescapability, and material orientation. Turning the King points to a situation where you want to avoid responsibility and escape from the situation. He advises you to become aware of how much you’ve become focused on money and gain. Pay close attention to the people around you and dedicate yourself to the family.

Sometimes the inverted King of Pentacles can indicate someone who currently has a lot of influence on your life. This person is probably insincere, vulgar and rude. There may be emotional problems and a tendency to suppress them.

  • overloading money
  • exaggeration in satisfaction
  • turbulent reactions
  • suppressing feelings
  • greed and materialism
  • dishonest in business matters

The Meaning of Tarot Cards King of Pentacles

The king of the pentacle is successful, self-confident, fast and authoritative. It symbolizes tradition and conventionality. Unlike the Queen, the card tells the King to follow the period in which it is important that reason overcomes feelings. The following is a period in which it is important to achieve self-control and to use the usual, safe ways to solve the problem. It is not time for eccentric and unusual moves. This card can also represent a specific person in your life – a darker, more visible, and very men-like man.

Meaning for Job

The job should be very successful and your effort will not go unnoticed. Do not risk too much and be thorough. An older man could become a stumbling block. If you are trying to become an idle observer in the job search stage, find out for yourself the reasons why you should be employed.

Meaning for Love

When in the context of love opens the King of Discs it is always a great sign. Soon you will meet someone who will literally fall from your leg. Do not do something you do not do because you like this person like this one. If you are dealing with a relationship with your partner, you will be much more beautiful and more open, but do not expect your loved one to read your thoughts, do not be lazy to say what you think.

Meaning for Finance

The king of the pentacle means the amount of cash gains but also warns you of the need for discipline, rationality and order. Be assured that at any time you know how much you have on what you can count on.

Meaning for Health

In the health field, it is equally important to introduce discipline and discipline. Pay attention to nutrition. If you wonder what your healthy habits are, the answer will be that they are not there, so be sure to do something in that field.

Spiritual Meaning

Make sure you find the time for your own spiritual growth; Take the time to allow your emotions to come to the surface. Do not be afraid of deep experiencing and joy and sadness.

Card facing upside down

The card of the King facing upside marks the period of ineligibility, irresponsibility, inactivity, inescapability, and material orientation. Turning the King points to a situation where you want to avoid responsibility and escape from the situation. He advises you to become aware of how much you’ve become focused on money and gain. Pay close attention to the people around you and dedicate yourself to the family.