King of Wands Tarot Card – Meaning, Love, Reversed

General Meaning of the Tarot Card

The king of Wands wants a world that is decorated and well balanced in every sense. He has strong principles and makes decisions based on his beliefs and strict moral principles.

He firmly believes in his goals and the greatest satisfaction is his achievements. His profession is usually a reflection of his intense temperament. He is dedicated to everything he does, which always results in success. It is important to remember that the King of the Wands enjoys what he is doing, and more importantly, he needs to believe in what he is doing.

He identifies himself with his career. It leads him to feel that what he does has a purpose and that it is essential. The king of Wands is always the best in his domain; He’s always ready to help others. He is dedicated to his family and always does what he thinks is best for them. Although committed to relationships, it can easily remain impartial and objective.

The king of the wands communicates very easily with others. By nature it is charming and charismatic. Since it is usually possible to help others, it can very easily influence them. They view it as a visionary and therefore easily assure people of their ideas. He’s usually an excellent speaker and writer. It is a tendency to philosophy, but it is also skillful to apply some universal form or formula to the concrete situation in which it is located.

As a day ticket: If the Tarot image “King of Wands” stands for you

Wow, this is going to be a real power day! With commitment and enthusiasm, you go to what’s up. You tear everyone along and do what’s otherwise tough and tedious, elegant in an instant.

However, it is important that you, before you start, briefly restrain your zeal and wonder if you use your enormous energy even where it brings you to your most important goals. Because you should use them now for priority. Otherwise, you just hustle around everywhere without plan and make nothing useful from your current form high. Would not it be a pity if it fizzles like that, right?

As a Love-Card: If the tarot card “King of Wands” stands for your partner or your relationship

You have chosen a truly good King of Hearts: a lively, passionate, spirited, active and confident man whose dynamism keeps you going and whose foresight makes great plans for both of you. Is he sometimes a bit too proud of you, too much taken for granted? He makes the announcements – and you follow him then good? Make him realize that you are the strong “Queen of Wands” at his side – and he certainly cannot successfully rule the kingdom of your love without listening to your sensitive advice!

The King of Wands sits on his throne under clear and clear skies, holding the Wand in his right hand. His gaze shows responsibility and serenity, which he resolutely represents with his attitude. He stands firm, grounded and stable on the ground. His green scarf embodies the liveliness and creative power emanating from him. The Salamander, bottom right in the picture, is the mythical creature of the fire. He can survive many fire tests.

You can also survive and design fire samples. Always keep your eyes on your target. Be determined and prove your maturity and patience. The unified awareness you have and your fantastic determination are the best helpers to craft your fire samples. The fire is very powerful and gives you plenty of willpower, drive and determination. Also, the energy in general, especially your sense of power reinforced by the king of the Wands. The power comes from the wand, so that you must always be effectively aligned in the direction of the will.

Bury senseless vanities and do not bother with trifles. The power in you wants to be lived. The power given to you by the King of Wands requires you to successfully manage events with a bearing reach. You just have to wait until the time is right to use your firepower sensibly. Do it like the King, the mouse wanderer and hike through life with wit and charm.

It is important to accept your tasks that come to you. Please do not retire as you have done in the past. Face the challenges, because you have the strength you need. Even if it seems strange to you, trust the energy and firepower that is in you through the King of Wands. Their will experiences death and rebirth so that they cannot cling to the old. It is time to move on.

Interpretation as a day ticket:

Take your current situation seriously and handle the tasks you are given with the utmost care. Do not try to escape, because that would throw you back. It’s about your progress and your evolution, which is currently at the top of your agenda.

Meaning as relationship card

A woman is currently constantly checking whether action is needed. Because she is constantly faced with “death or the devil” and confronted with it. A man on the other hand usually waits and looks at the situation when it has come. For both of them is the insight that it is currently quite turbulent and each of the participants think about the other.

Meaning for job

You have entrepreneurial skills that you enjoy living and enjoying at work. Talk to your boss or contact the improvement suggestions department. This card also means: to be a good boss or have this one; good working atmosphere; Celebrate successes and be celebrated once; deserved recognition; be the driving force in a positive sense; contagious motivation; with willpower and determination.

The King of Wands sits on his throne in a way that makes you think he’s about to get up at any moment. He holds his wand in his right hand, which rests exactly between his feet on the ground. There is no peace from this image, more willingness and commitment. In fact, the viewer gets the impression that the king of the wands wants to rise to meet something or someone. Determination, willpower, and willpower are the characteristics of the King of Wands. He shows in this posture, which also reflects his mental attitude, not only a very responsive and helpful being, he also calls to come to meet him in the same way. The King of Wands is decorated with salamanders, only in contrast to the other yard cards of the wand element, the salamanders are closed in this case in a perfect circle.

That means perfection and personal centering. The King of Wands is a Protector, for he acts energetically in all that he does and strives forward, yet he is aware of his responsibilities and takes them seriously. He is the fair boss, the good husband, the honest friend and a promoter of real values ​​and talents. He is a man whom one can trust. As with the Queen of Wands, his throne is also adorned with lions. This is an indication of the King’s Courage, as well as his fighting spirit and his unconditional honesty. Despite his consistently good leadership qualities, the green heels on his clothing show that he will not lose his grip.

He is by righteous, successful pursuit of a personality to touch, he is the king, the differences in class are indifferent. He looks at people through the eyes of a generous man who believes everyone should be treated according to his actions. Grudges and envy cannot be rooted in the king of the wand, such things simply bounce off of him, he is immune to base pleas. The king of the wands is a model to whom a golden pedestal is unimportant. In the Tarot card, the king of the Wands, the collective creative power of the stick row unites.

The king of the Wands is characterized by good qualities. If you are dynamic, spirited, social and reliable, then your good qualities will come into their own at a weighty place today. Maybe you meet such a person today, then you have to do it in the best case with a patron who could help you helpfully. The King of Wands is not a maul hero, he is a man of action. In its pleasing and generous nature, it is very popular with all. Listen carefully if he explains something to you, because he knows his stuff.

Usually one meets the king of the wands in craft areas, because that is very practical in its practical nature. If you have a teacher or mentor that fits the description of the King of the Wand, then you have been really lucky, because he sees help, even in the most hopeless cases, as a matter of course. Whether as a family man, company manager or lover, the king of the wands is too perfectionist for him to tolerate weakness. And that is precisely his weak point, because all too often he runs robbery with his health. Take care that you do not take over today.

General meaning – a mature, kind-hearted man; a person of extraordinary willpower; positive standard of living; responsible, senior position; to meet people in a friendly and honest manner; act in the fair sense; Acknowledge and correct weaknesses.

Love meaning – the perfect spouse; the master of the house without despotic behavior; to be loved and respected for himself; the functioning family; balanced and healthy sex life; Equal rights in every way; positive developments.

Shadow side – to stand above things; Cult of personality; Pharisees; the raised index finger; be insensitive; Intolerance; Egoism; dogmatism; the sex man; show unnecessary hardship; have despotic features; Pawn; empty symbol figure.

Upright Position Meaning

The king of Wands uses his creative energy to realize his plans. His innate self-confidence easily separates him from the crowd. He is dynamic and advisable. When it appears in your life, it will easily inspire you. His habit of organizing everything into details makes him an excellent leader. In the opening, this card can be ordered to contact someone for the advice of a paternal figure; Also, this card can be a mature, generous and passionate man.

In business matters, the King of Wands refers to your level of independence and resourcefulness. Your creativity and motivation are what will separate you from the masses. The negotiating skills you possess make you an excellent negotiator. The King of the Wands also represents the team leader or your superior. He will help you with your career. The king of the wands is also known for the strong sense of loyalty. He is a man who will always reward you according to your efforts.

In love, this card represents a plain, self-confident and ambitious person. This is not the type of person to be satisfied with the place in the background. The relationship with this person will always be dynamic and energetic. He is generous and likes to give. If you are currently alone, it is possible that you will meet such a person – confident, determined and energetic.

  • Entrepreneurial
  • advice from a father figure
  • good organizational skills
  • motivation and determination
  • good communication skills
  • loyal and passionate man
  • creativity that separates you from others
  • good leadership skills

Reversed Position Meaning

In the opposite position, the King of the wands can represent a person who is intolerant, impatient and convinced that he is always right, as well as an authoritative figure full of egoism. In this case, you can find yourself in a situation where such a person will at all costs take care of him, and you may be forced to defend your attitudes.

On the other hand, you may need to think about your behavior, because this card can represent our actions that are insensitive or even tyrannical. It is important that you do not impose your views on others, as this can lead to a complete distraction from the people around you.

Reverse King of Wands can be represented by charlatans and fraudsters. Make sure you do not fall into some kind of scam, and especially do not talk about quick and easy reasons. If something works too well for you to be true, re-examine the information well.

In love matters, this card may indicate disagreements arising from intolerance and stubbornness. If your partner is trying to control or manipulate you, defend your attitudes. You need to develop a stronger sense of inviolability.

  • egoistic and stubborn person
  • a fraud
  • the need to defend what you believe in
  • cruelty in behavior
  • intolérance