Koala – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Koala bears are small bear-like animals that live on the Australian continent. They are calm and gentle creatures that spend most of their days chewing on eucalyptus leaves overlooking the forest.

They are beloved by almost all people of the world, because of their kind nature and the fact that they easily adapt to humans. Koala bears are smaller than normal bears, and this species inhabits only one small part of the world. Because of their rarity and beauty, they belong to the endangered species list.

Animal symbolism might seem like nonsense to people, but if you think about it, we are not a whole lot different than animals. We both strive to survive and get by in life. Animals have many characteristics that are similar to ours. Back in times when people were much more connected to nature and living beings in it, animals had a much more important position in our lives.

Today, even if we are not as connected with the nature as before, animals are still a large inspiration to us in many ways. If you ever wanted to learn more about Koala symbolism and the way this beautiful animal is seen by people, this is a perfect chance to do that.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Spirit animals and totems teach us about our character more than anything else. To determine your spirit animal, you need to look deeper into your subconsciouss mind and discover the animal that has always been next to your side.

Spirit animals also come to us in our dreams and during meditation sessions. Spirit animal guides us through life and teaches us how to use our positive characteristics and how to control the negative ones.

Totem animal is determined by your birth date and it is a great representation of your character and behavior. Totem animals used to play an important role back in time when people believed that animals are deities. They worshipped animals and believed they can send them strength and power to overcome hardships in life.

Spirit animal

As a spirit animal, koala is best described by these words:

  • Connection
  • Rest
  • Safety
  • Sensitivity
  • Trust
  • Empathy
  • Magic
  • Calmness
  • Advisor
  • Obstacles

These words can already give you a clear image about koala personalities. People guided by the koala spirit animal are calm people who always look for meaningful connections in life. They like being around people who understand them and who don’t overwhelm them with every day issues. Koala people are kind and nice people who rarely get into fights or arguments. They would rather avoid conflict than get into an argument that might end up in hurting one or the other side.

Koala spirit animal is also a symbol of protection and safety. You are someone who doesn’t like to take chances in life, because you don’t like ruining the balance in your life. Staying in one spot for years is something you would rather do, than risk going on an adventure that might cause an imbalance in your life.

Koalas also symbolize pleasure. You are someone who known how to take a little bit of time for yourself and ignore the rest of the world. You are prepared to go on a trip at any time or simply disconnect from the world and enjoy your days in silence inside your home. Sometimes pleasure can take over your life so it can become hard for you to go outside your home and start doing some work.

Koala people are big fans of emotions and empathy. They can connect with other people on a much deeper level and form meaningful relationships. Listening to other people’s problems and going through them together, if necessary, is something you are prepared to do for the people you love.


If koala is your totem animal, then you like to be safe and have a balanced life. While others like going on adventures and taking risks, you are happy when your life is just ordinary and filled with love. You never expect too much from the world, just as long as you have all the basic things that you need.

You can connect with other people on a much deeper level and form meaningful relationships without a problem. Having a lot of friends is not your goal, since you would rather have few good friends than a ton of people who are not that close to you. Koala people enjoy their moments in silence and solitude. They do not crave companionship by any price, and would rather be alone than with someone who is not their favorite person.

Koala people are very friendly and kind people, who don’t like to get into arguments. You mostly go with the flow and take life as it is. You believe that it is ridiculous to argue or fight because of something, when things are going to find their place eventually.

As a negative characteristic, some might mention your laziness at times. You love enjoying your life, which can sometimes lead you to laziness and unproductive behavior. Others will have to remind you to get up and get stuff done, which can be a very negative characteristic especially when it comes to work.

Symbolism and Meaning

Koala bears are native to the Australian continent which influenced their symbolism a lot. Other parts of the world never had a chance to even see koalas, and most of the symbolism and myths about koalas come from Australia. In Australia, koala bears are well-known as this countrie’s symbol. Koala images are almost everywhere, and they are definetely an attraction people go to see when they visit Australia.

Aborigine tribes in Australia, call koalas the „no drink“. This name was derived from the fact that koalas never drink water, since eucalyptus leaves are full of liquid. They are also very adaptive to the surroundings, which allows them to endure a long time without drinking water.

Koalas don’t have tails, and there is one myth that explains why koalas are without a tail. According to this ancient myth, koalas used to hang from trees and drink water. Australian continent is well-known for its high temperatures and droughts, so koalas that used to drink a lot of water, were considered as pests. One day, people started chasing koalas from the water sources and while running fast, koalas forgot their tails behind. This is why koalas don’t have tails today.

Koalas weren’t only considered to be beautiful and gentle creatures. In times when food sources weren’t as abundent as they are today, koalas were used as food especially by the Aborigian tribes. They believed that koala’s spirit would enter them and show them were the water is.

Koalas love spenind time with humans and they are not afraid of people. Because of this, koalas are often see in zoos and other wild parks where people can approach them and spend some time with them. It is even safe to say that koalas adore humans and aren’t afraid of them at all.

Australian zodiac has a koala as one fo the signs. People born from the June 21 to July 23 are considered to have Koalas as their sign. People born under the koala sign are very tenacious and have a hard time deciding whether to trust their mind or their hearts.

In popular culture, it is not unusual to see koala tattoos on people. They have become one of the most beloved creatures o nthe planet, even though they can only be found in such small part of the world. Koala tattoos symbolize friendship, empathy, rest, balance and calmness.

Love for koalas continues to grow and the symbolism that was once linked to one continent started to spread all around the world.

Dreams About Koalas

Dreams about koalas can have both positive and negative meanings. Here are few examples of dreams about koalas and their explanations.

Seeing a koala – If you saw a koala in your dream, this means you are about to experience something life-changing.

Dead koala – If koala in your dream was dead, this means you will have a lot of bad luck in the upcoming period. Stay away from investements and money related jobs.

Killing a koala – Killing a koala in your dream is a symbol of failure. When you had this dream, it means you need to be aware of the fact that your projects could fail.

Talking koala – When koala in your dream is talking, then you need to be careful because some of your secrets might get revealed.


Koala symbolism might be linked to only one continent, but from there it has spread all around the world. Koalas became one of the most beloved creatures on the planet, partially because they are so tied to humans and aren’t afraid of human contact. Koalas are symbols of calmness, gentleness and rest.

They are the ultimate „go with the flow“ animals, that show us how to relax fro mtime to time and devote some time to pleasure. If we acted like koalas and took some time to enjoy life, our stress levels would be much lower and we would be much happier.