Lion – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Lion is the king of all animals. This is not only the name of a cartoon, this is something well-known to all of us. Lion is a powerful animal and we can see that even when we look at it for the first time.

His powerful appearance wakes up something strong in us and makes us fear his presence. Lion belongs to the Panthera leo species and most of them live on the African continent.

With the development of travel and commerce, lions arrived on other continents in the world and we all got to know them in all of their magnificence. Lion is one of the most popular symbols and also one of the strongest.

Cultures around the world developed their own opinion about lion symbolism and groomed it until today. Even in popular culture we still consider lions to be important symbol of many praise worthy characteristics.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Spirit animals give us strength and multiply our traits to the maximum. Even though animals and humans are not the same, there are some characteristics we all share.

Animals are guided by pure desire to persevere and endure life. We do the same but the only difference is that we have conscious minds. Animal characteristics are simple but they are honest. When we are provoked by others we show our true faces and difficult life moments bring true emotions out of us in the best way possible.

Totems are protecting symbols we all have in our lives. These protecting forces give us strength to persevere in life and to endure everything that gets thrown in our way.

As a spirit animal or totem, lion is best described with these words:

  • Dignity,
  • Wisdom,
  • Authority,
  • Domination,
  • Justice,
  • Courage,
  • Power,
  • Royalty

Person guided by this spirit animal or totem is an extremely loyal and fair person.

Everything you heard about lions is very well described through a person that is led by this spirit animal. They are very proud people who truly love people in their lives but would never step over their pride. If you hurt them once, you will have a hard time regaining their trust. It is not that they are hard on forgiveness it is just that they care too much about their own reputation. If they gave you everything and betrayed their trust, then you can’t expect them to be kind to you and get back into normal quickly. Whatever you do, just don’t mess with their pride and respect their royal-like nature.

Everyone guided by the lion totem is very wise and knows how to help others in their time of need. You will have a true friend in life if you know this kind of person. They are always in the mood to listen to your complaining but they will tell you when it is enough of moping around and time for action. Lion totems symbolize action and strength, so they won’t understand if someone spends his entire time crying and being sad about something that is not that important.

They are strong people who can endure every life situation with a smile on their face. Nothing can break their spirit and make them despise life. It is hard to break them and get them down on their knees. They are ready to fight against anything in life with a lion heart.

It is not unusual that people love using the saying a lion’s heart. Heart of a lion meaning is widely known. Everyone guided by this spirit animal is kind and generous in the best possible way. People who are born under this totem love sharing everything they have with others and making others feel as good as they are feeling.

If you have much more than other people, then you will give them as much as you can in order for them to feel just as blessed as you are feeling. This generosity is well-known and if you have this person in your life, guard it with everything you have. You will always have a good friend and a faithful guiding force in your life.

People born under this totem or spirit animal are very courageous. They enjoy testing their own limits and finding out the limits of their capabilities. They are adventurous people who love going on trips and meeting new people. Their charisma is extraordinary and very attractive to other people. They enjoy romance and being close to the people they love.

They are hopeless romantics who would do anything for their partner. Even though they can be hard to catch and win over, once you manage to do this you will be the luckiest person alive.

Lion totem symbolizes success and determination. They are highly motivated to succeed in life no matter what, but they will never go over dead bodies in order to achieve something.

They know exactly how much they can achieve in life and what are their capabilities. You are a very persistent person and you know how to achieve something great in your life. Charisma you have is going to help you even more and make you feel even more confident.

People guided by the lion totem are very confident and somewhat in love with themselves. They know how much they can give to the world and how much others value their help. Being so confident is not something they build through life, it is definitely a trait they are born with.

As a negative trait, some might mention their overly confident behavior at times. They love being in the center of attention and when that is not the case they can become quite frustrated. If they manage to avoid being “always right”, they can be quite pleasant and kind people. Respect the love they have for themselves and respect their pride if you want to continue being their friend and partner. Everything else they will give to you.

Symbolism and Meaning

If you ever wondered what does a lion symbolize, here is the answer. The lion, the king of animals, the emperor of the jungle, or simply one of the most beautiful (and most dangerous) animals in the world, has always been a symbol of strength, pride and courage. Quite understandably, if we remember that this predator is endowed with incredible speed, strong legs and an even stronger jaw, and a beautiful coat that complements his perfect look. Perhaps that’s why almost all the ancient people were fascinated by this symbol?

Equally adored by the Egyptians, the Persians, the Greeks and the Romans, the lion has always been an important animal that combines power and authority, as well as courage, justice, and immortality. In Egypt, he is identified with the god of the Sun Ra, while in Greek mythology the central place is occupied by the Nemesian lion, known for its impenetrable skin, which even struck the famous hero Heracles.

In the art of Christianity, the lion is also equated with power and resurrection, and is often taken as a symbol of spiritual alertness. At the same time, lions in Buddhism represent wisdom, progress, prosperity and enlightenment, while Islam views them as a proven protection against evil. The lion is an extremely powerful symbol in Feng Shui, where in particular the so-called “foo dogs” lions who are in charge of guarding the entrance doors of both homes and Buddhist temples.

We will remind you that this exceptional animal is dominated by the fifth zodiac sign, which gives its members a choleric temperament, a dignified posture, a slightly dull and sudden nature, but also an excellent organization’s power, penetration, skill and practicality. From all this it is clearly seen that the symbolism of the lion is almost necessary in moments when we lack confidence, and when we are not able to clearly define our goals and fight them with all our hearts.

The fact is that the lion, like every other animal, carries in itself the negative side. In this case, when we talk about psychology, the lion’s behavior is often associated with our suppressed desires, and sometimes our aggressiveness can lead us into a state of stress, to the extent that we endanger our unconsciousness. Thus, for example, a lion seen in a dream is synonymous with the fear of failure, while the lion’s rhyme is associated with the dangers that must be overcome in the struggle with our opponents.

When it comes to Tarot, the lion in the opening equates with our instinctive nature, and it often signals to us that the time has come to gather courage and determine according to the situation we are in. It is interesting that the eighth map of Great Arkana (designated as “Power”) depicts a young woman who, with her gentleness and inner strength, opens the big jaws of the lion. It sounds inconceivable, but sometimes courage is much more important than physical strength.

Emperors and kings often carried crowns that resemble the lion’s coat. They considered lions as symbols of strength and power, therefore they would carry symbols that would give them strength and power that lion possess. Lion statues and images can be found everywhere in the world. From caves to the temples, lion images can be found everywhere. Lions were important symbols in ancient Mesopotamia and in Egypt.

In popular culture, lion is still an important symbol of strength, dignity and power. Lion tattoo meaning is a symbol of power, pride and justice. It is still one of the most important symbols in the symbolic world and it will remain to be in the future for certain.

Dreams about lion

Dreams can be tricky to interpret, so what does a lion represent in our dreams? Lions usually indicate strength and pride. In women’s dreams, they can represent a male aspect of the psyche. The Freudian interpretation views the lion as a symbol of a powerful and respectable aspect of the father.

It can also symbolize the animal nature or your aggressiveness and the desire for domination and authority. All of these symbolic meanings give something special to the interpretation of our dream. Dreams about lions can be interpreted as positive and negative. This all depends on the way we felt in our dream and what other symbols you had a dream about.

Mystical meaning: in tarot cards, the lion is a symbol of strength that can be controlled with tenderness, which is symbolized by a woman who is common in a white dress. Astrology tells us that the astrological sign of the lion wants to be at the center of attention. Perhaps your dream is about nourishing too much egocentric qualities.

The lion seen in dreams symbolizes great power, aggression and power. You will be able to control your emotions and overcome all difficulties. As the king of animals, the lion represents the characteristics of leadership, pride and domination. It means you have a lot of influence on other people. You need to learn to control your own personal and social life.

Sometimes the influence you have on others is hard to control and with this great power comes great responsibility. Learn how to control your behavior and pay attention to how you influence other people.

To dream of being attacked by a lion means you have a lot of obstacles to overcome. You need to resist the forces that lead you into self-destruction. Be careful about your actions and don’t let others use your weakness in their advantage. Be careful about the people in your life because they might not be what they represent themselves to be.

A lion, like a tiger, can mean anger and intimidation. Anger can be within you or directed toward a close person. Think about your connections and situations involving poor governance. Perhaps you are angry about something that happened to you and you don’t know how to control these feelings. If you are afraid that someone might hurt a person you love, then take extra care of this person and try to protect this person from harm.

The dream of a lion signifies that a huge force is driving you. Someone or something has a big influence over your life and you often don’t know how to control this. If this influence on your is bad then try to avoid it and salvage yourself from it.

If you manage to subdue a lion, you will be successful in every venture. This dream signifies you have great strength in you that can help you overcome even the biggest problems in your life. This strength is something you can use in your advantage and achieve something great in your life.

If the lion overcomes you, you will be open to illness and enemy attacks. This dream can be interpreted as a warning sign that something bad could happen to you. This dream is a positive one to have in some way, because it warns you about the things that are coming your way. You have enough time to act and to think of a way to avoid danger.

Seeing a lion in a cage indicates that success will depend on your ability to deal with a given situation in conflict with your opponents. This dream is telling you to get in touch with your inner strengths and to think carefully before you act. This is going to help you be one step ahead of your opponents and defeat them.

To see young lions, signifies the ventures that will bring success if you deal with them in the right way. This is a positive dream to have especially if you are about to sail of to a new adventure. This dream is going to bring you success and enough energy to persevere through hard moments.

Feeling the lion’s fur marks an unexpected progress in love life. You will manage to find someone who will suit you in every way possible and the romance will begin by itself.

Riding a lion signifies the courage and perseverance in overcoming obstacles. You will be stronger than ever and nothing and no one will stand on your way to success.


Lion was and still remains to be an important symbol in every culture. Even though, this magnificent animal was limited to a certain area of our planet for centuries, it soon became one of the most beloved animals in the world.

Lion symbolizes power, strength, dignity and pride. If you are guided by this spirit animal there are only few things in life that can break your spirit or make you feel down. Lion symbolism is very influential and powerful, so everybody under its influence is meant to be a strong person.