Llama – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Llamas might seem as interesting and almost funny creatures that have nothing to offer in a symbolic sense, but the reality is quite different.

Each animal has something special to offer in a symbolic sense and we can learn a lot from them by investigating their behavior and the history behind their existence.

Llama symbolism wasn’t created by the entire world and various cultures, since its habitat was linked to the South America at first. Only after the humans started to develop their travelling options and vehicles. Once explorers stumbled on this peculiar animal and brought it to other parts of the world, we all instantly fell in love with it.

So, if you ever wanted to learn more about llama’s symbolism, this is a perfect opportunity to do that.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Spirit animals and totems can tell us a lot about our character that we might not notice.

Sometimes animals are perfect reflections of our own personality that we can’t even believe it. Spirit animals are going to appear throughout your life and lead you through some difficult situations. Your totem animal is determined upon your birth and every person has its own totem animal.

Spirit animal

As a spirit animal, llama is best descibed by these words:

  • Movement
  • Hardiness
  • Endurance
  • Comfort
  • Balance
  • Action
  • Patience
  • Strenght
  • Responsibility
  • Materialism

People who are guided by the llama spirit animal are well-balanced people who know what they want in life and how to get it. They are very determined to keep the balance in their life and they never allow anyone to mess this balance up for them. People guided by the spirit animal are also very relaxed and they finish most of their obligations in time, so they can relax.

They don’t like to rush things, so they invest a lot of time in their obligations and make sure they finish them in time. People guided by the llama spirit animal are also very patient and stable people. They are prepared to wait for the right opportunity and use it when the time comes. Unlike others who rush things, they are sure that better things are coming and all they have to do is to be patient.

People guided by the llama spirit animal love the movement and they love to switch things up from time to time. They are not very keen on changes but sometimes it is necessary for them to change things up in order to create some excitement.

Llama spirit animal is a symbol of materialism. You are not a person who doesn’t prioritize emotions, but you like to have a secure future and a good amount of money in savings. You like nice things and you gladly buy yourself expensive things anytime you get the opportunity.


As a totem, people who are born under the llama totem are very stubborn and prepared to do almost anything to prove they are right. Sometimes people can’t stand your stubbornness especially if you can’t give up on your decisions. People born under this totem are also very goal oriented. Their stubbornness only helps them to be more invested in their goals and dreams. Almost everything they invasion they make sure they make it a reality.

Even though you can be a little bit ambitious and over bearing, you are a kind person on the inside and you tend to help to others whenever you can. Others come to you for advice and they trust you for their problems. You always have something to tell them and help them out. Most of your ideas are very creative and not ordinary. You are very careful when you choose your friends and you don’t like to tell your secrets to just anyone.

Symbolism and Meaning

Llama symbolism is mostly created by the cultures that live in the South American continent, because these were the oldest cultures that had a connection to llamas. The rest of the world was deprived for their beauty and interesting character until llamas made it to the European continent and other parts of the world.

Llamas are symbols of royalty and importance. Many kings and emperors who ruled over the South American continent were buried with llama body parts, which only tell us how important these animals were to the South Americans.

This worship of llamas is mostly linked to the ancient period, because later, after the Spanish invasion. Their significance dropped significantly. Llamas became a form of travel and they were used in the same way the cattle or horses were used in the rest of the world.

Many ancient figurines and drawings speak about the importance of llamas in the ancient period. In popular culture they are seen as very strong and enduring animals that don’t really listen to people and their orders. Llamas are very stubborn animals that have a mind of their own, and they rarely give in on wishes of humans, which is exactly what makes them so interesting to us.

Dreams about Llamas

Seeing a llama – You are strong and enduring person. This dream is telling you that it might be necessary for you to show these skills and fight against something that is about to happen to you. This minor problem or misfortune won’t be something that is going to cause long-term problems, but it is better to prepare yourself for whatever is coming.

Llamas crossing your path – Businesses you have been working on are going to be successful. You are about to enjoy the fruits of your labor and make a great leap forward. This dream is telling you to work even harder in the future, and that you have great potential that can be used in many different ways.

Dead llama – Difficulties and challenges are about to enter your life. This will be a period for growth and getting to know you, so be prepared to fight against the troubles that are going to happen. Make sure you do everything in your power to avoid the mistakes you have made in the future and try to learn from them.

Speaking to a llama – Listen to the message that the llama is telling you. Perhaps you will hear a solution for a problem you have been facing and this is going to resolve all of your problems. If you can’t hear what the llama is saying, then someone possibly gave you a good advice but for some reason you hasn’t taken it seriously. Perhaps you should think about the previous period and remember what someone told you that could be helpful.


Animal symbolism is there to teach us more about the animal world, but we can also learn a lot about our own characters. Our spirit animals and totems are perfect representations of our personalities and we can see our own behavior in the behavior of these animals.

Llamas are fun and peculiar animals, but they are also very strong and enduring. Their character is something we fell in love the first time we saw them and it is something that is still interesting for us today. Llama’s symbolism might have been limited to only one part of the world, but it will surely continue to grow and change as time passes, now that we all have a chance to meet this interesting animal.