Meerkat – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Meerkat mammals from a group of beasts that are immensely cute. Thick bodies are heavy, lighter, to pounds and height only 30 inches. They have long and thin legs, fitted with impressive clavs. Their fur is rare, sandy yellow, covered with rows of lines and spots on the back and on the side.

They live in the deserts and semi-deserts of southern Africa. They are active during the day, and during the heat they are resting in the shadows or hiding in the pond. Meerkats live in groups of three to a maximum of 20 members. At the head of the group is the dominant pair of males and females. Life in the Meerkat Group is of utmost importance and the members are acquainted with the famous motto “All for One, One For Everyone”.

The free territory is not abundant, and most of the corresponding space has already been taken by the rival groups. The environment of the desert makes it difficult for them to survive alone. Each community has about five animals in one area, and every few days they change it, and conflicts with other groups. In addition to the hills in their area, digging and holding underground labyrinths that can have several exits and rooms entering when threatening.

Meerkat also organizes a guard around the group, with selected members of the group as soldiers standing on the back and watching the surroundings from the elevated place to spot the predators in advance and alerting the rest of the group to a special guard call. There is always one sign on the sidelines, and often it happens to be a little overwhelmed

The “Song” of the Guardian is changed depending on the threat that is question. There are certain alarms for a particular attacker and the seriousness of the situation. In addition to the guards, one member of the group always stays with the youth in the kindergarten, while the rest is looking for food. The whole group is involved in the upbringing of cubs.

Make a morning sunshine in order to warm up before looking for food and in the evening before bedtime, and how much you like sunbathing you can notice in the case of the watchmakers who sometimes come to them and have a little crazy.

Meerkat as Totem and Spirit Animal

There is hardly anyone today who has not heard of guardian angels or believes in a kind of “protective power”. In many non-Christian cultures, however, the idea of ​​an angel is not nearly as popular as that of the power animal that accompanies a human being. In earlier times this was also part of our European culture (for example, the Germanic people had the “follower soul”, the so-called fylgja), and in the tribal cultures of remote areas the handling of power animals is still quite commonplace to this day. People did not simply believe in these ghosts in animal form – there was no doubt about their existence, because their perception was so wide and open that it went beyond our everyday world. In most indigenous cultures, the power animal is an integral part of spiritual life.

Meerkats are best described with these words: trickster, cunning, strong, attentive, social, team player.

As a spiritual animal and totem Meerkats are cunning spirits that are going to give you power and strenght to overcome life’s obstacles. This animal is going to help you become a part of the group and get in touch with the social side of your character.

Power animals have the power to protect us in difficult situations and to show the way to seemingly unsolvable issues and situations. They protect us and stand by us faithfully – sometimes at certain stages of life and some power animals accompany us all our lives.

These are the three key words that best represent the quality of Krafttier Fuchs. Meerkates are real all-rounders who have not specialized in a specific way of life. Their fur serves as a perfect camouflage, because the change of the white belly side with dark shadow effects forms a patch pattern, which corresponds to the environment. And in many creation stories around the world, the Meerkat plays a major role.

When the Meerkat comes to us as a spirit, we can learn these precious and spiritual insights from him:

Meerkates are great survivors who can quickly learn, grasp complex relationships, and tactically translate their knowledge. And they are so adaptable that they can even survive in the middle of big cities like Berlin. Krafttier Fuchs shows us how we best use our intelligence and asks us to increase our knowledge again and again.

Meerkates have sharp snouts, big ears and long, bushy tails – all perfectly set up to camouflage themselves in the hunt. The power animal Meerkat lets us know when we should not talk too transparently about certain plans or projects – and silence in certain situations can be smarter.

Whether South America, China or Ireland – worldwide, the Meerkat was and is considered a symbol of fertility. The power animal Meerkat calls us to engage ourselves completely in the forces of creation, which can happen both physically and mentally.

The power animal Meerkat calls us to really bring our talents to perfection – because Meerkates are true universal geniuses who have conquered a huge territory worldwide, ranging from Japan to Alaska.

Meerkat – Symbolism and Meaning

When deciphering the dream symbol “meerkats” different aspects play a role. For one thing, animals in the interpretation of dreams generally stand for naturalness and untamed freedom.

Perhaps the dreaming has the need to free himself from social constraints and to follow his own needs. The dream of meerkats also points to the dormant instinctive energy in the dreaming, which must be used. Maybe he also needs the old knowledge of animals to solve a problem.

In addition, the immunity of cavemen to poisons is important for dream interpretation. The dream symbol expresses that the dreaming does not allow his life to be poisoned by negative influences. He faces them with a robust defense system.

After all, the social life of the meerkats in dream interpretation contrasts with the struggle of the individual. The dream makes it clear that often more can be achieved together with others than alone. The dream symbol is an invitation to participate more in the social life.

Dream symbol “Meerkat” – The psychological interpretation

On the psychological level, the dream symbol “Meerkat” can represent the weaknesses or strengths of the dreaming. In the interpretation of dreams, the sociability of the animals can stand for the social openness of the dreaming or even point out its inclination to solitude. Sensing yourself in the dream as part of the meerkat community can be a signal of the subconscious that one enjoys giving others a sense of security. Likewise, the yearning for social security can also be expressed in the dream symbol.

The meerkat is sometimes in the interpretation of dreams, however, also an indication of exaggerated adaptation. In the dream the dreaming defends itself against a personality, which takes over in real life too often the guidance.