Moose – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Moose is a large mammal that lives in Eurasia and North America. This deer-like animal is widely known and popular, especially because of its large antlers. Even if you don’t know how this animal is called, you will recognize these enormous antlers.

Moose and elk are the same animal but because of their natural habitat, they are called differently. Moose symbolism was created by cultures and nations that lived next to them for centuries.

Their symbolism is highly influenced by their behavior and appearance, since our ancestors had no other way to determine the animal character.

Moose is an important spirit animal and totem that highly influences our behavior and personalities. If you ever wondered what does a moose symbolizes here is a chance to find out.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Totems are our guiding forces in life. They are good representations of our character and they give us a rough idea about how we behave. Even though animals can’t be same as humans, there are definitely situations when we can feel the connection between ourselves and the animals.

Animals are guided by pure intentions and their only desire is to survive in this difficult world. Totems are our protecting forces that lead us through life and teach us how to use the best of our abilities. When we learn how to keep track of them, we can become better people and more powerful human beings.

As a totem or a spirit animal, moose can be best described by these words:

  • Gentleness,
  • Strength,
  • Courage,
  • Power,
  • Domination,
  • Speed,
  • Endurance,
  • Agility,
  • Community,
  • Grace

People born under the influence of this animal totem or guided by this spirit animal are gentle giants. They might look scary and terrifying at first, but they are kind and gentle on the inside. Their intentions are always pure and honest no matter what.

Since they are capable and strong enough on their own, they don’t feel the need to trick others to achieve something in life. They are kind to others in their life and always take extra care about their partners. They never approach you with bad intentions and their only goal is to make others feel good.

People guided by this animal totem are also very strong. Their strength is not only physical but also mental. They can endure even the hardest life situations without becoming depressed or disappointed. It is very important for them to show no fear to others and to keep their heads up high no matter what. When life gets tough these people definitely get going.

Nothing can mess up their positive attitude towards life and they will certainly not let others do that. They are also physically strong and often enjoy different types of sports and activities. This keeps them healthy and able to fight off any kind of illness.

People guided by the moose totem are also adaptive. They can easily adapt to any kind of life situation and make the best out of it. There is no living situation they can’t endure and make the best out of. Being so adaptive is something that gives them motivation in life to join any kind of career. They are not tied to only certain types of careers and jobs, and they can easily experiment with different types of career options.

Being a part of community is something that is an important characteristic of this animal. They are always together and keeping everything to themselves. Just like this, people born under the influence of this animal totem love to be a part of a group and having a partner.

Love is important in their life and they can’t imagine their lives without having someone close to support them. Sharing ideas and thoughts with others is important as well, and this is what keeps them motivated.

Person born under the influence of this spirit animal is a wise person who always knows how to answer important questions. The power this person has over all other people who are present is remarkable, and many say this is because they see life in a completely different way than others do. They simply understand how life functions and how we are supposed to persevere through difficult moments in life.

Their wisdom is based on years of experience and nobody can argue with that. Whenever you have a problem in life this person is going to sit down and talk to you like a reasonable person. Advice you will receive will be heartfelt and honest, more than any other advice you might get.

There is no point to try and dominate in the presence of a person born under this totem. They are simply stronger and more powerful than other people and this is not something they build over time. This is something they are born with and something that is natural for them.

They tend to be in the center of attention for all the right reasons and not because they seek attention. Charisma they have is something that can’t be denied and fought against. You can only sit down and enjoy their stories and adventures they have been through. When you get inside their aura you will be sorry that you haven’t met this person earlier.

Courage is another strong trait of these people. They can fight against everything in their life without being afraid of other people’s opinions. Nothing can prevent them from doing something if this is what they want. This makes them great friends and perfect partners, because there is no way you won’t feel safe when you are next to a person born under the influence of this totem.

As a negative trait, some might notice that people guided by a moose totem tend to be too rough around the edges. They are definitely not too soft when you first meet them and can be a little bit closed up. But, once you break this shell and get deeper into their hearts, you will learn that they are just gentle giants with amazing hearts.

Symbolism and Meaning

Moose symbolism dates back hundreds of years ago. Moose rock drawings can be found in caves and they are symbols of how important this animal was to the first humans that walked on this Earth. Excavations that were made in Sweden proved that moose remains endured 6000 years and made it until today. Moose were used as a food source all over Scandinavia and moose traps were found in many places around the world.

Besides being a food source, moos is an important symbol of masculinity and power. Ancient people and tries used moose antlers as crowns and used them to make jewelry in order to attract the powerful spirits in the nature. Parts of moose bodies were used in religious ceremonies in order to attract the spirits of the forest. Because they were symbols of masculinity, moose antlers were often used in potions by shamans to evoke the male power.

In popular culture, moose is best known as the creature of the forest that guards all other animals. It is also an animal we link to Christmas and the North Pole. In popular children’s books we can find images of elks and moose and cartoons teach us about the moose as Santa’s helpers.

Dreams about moose

Dreams can have many different meanings. Sometimes they warn us about good things that are coming and other times they are warning signs about the negativity that is coming our way. The power of our dreams shouldn’t be underestimated and we can learn a lot about ourselves by listening to our dreams.

If you had a dream about a moose, then you feel strong and powerful about something in your life. You probably made a decision that you feel good about and you are not afraid to make it happen. Moose symbolizes strong, masculine energy and you are definitely motivated by this powerful symbol to achieve something great in your life. This powerful dream can be used as a motivation especially if you felt courageous after you had this dream.

Dream about riding a moose is a symbol of abundance and power. Everything you decide to do in the following period will be blessed with luck and positive energy. No matter how terrified something looks you will be able to defeat all of the barriers on your road to success. Profit that will come to you after you manage to do that will be great and all you have to do is to use it wisely.

Dream about several elks is a symbol of abundance. A period that is coming your way will be extremely lucky for money and finances. This is going to help you become more in touch with your inner intuition and help you achieve great business deals with important people. These deals are going to shape your future and get you in much better position in life.

Dream about killing a moose is a symbol of power and strength. You feel more powerful than ever in your life and things are definitely going in your favor. If you manage to use this strength in the right way, then you can make great things out of your life. Spending your time with the right kind of people and using the right opportunities is going to help you become more successful than ever before.

If you had a dream about a moose attacking you, then you are going to be in some kind of danger. Someone or something is going to try to hurt you and make your life a living hell.

Be extra careful about your actions and don’t let other people use your mistakes in their advantage. Think about your every step and then make a decision that seems right for you. Only this way you have a chance to avoid the great danger that is threatening you.

If you saw two moose in your dream, this means you have a strong desire to find yourself a partner that is going to make you feel complete. If you are already with someone, then you have a strong desire to make the thing you have official. It is time to tie the knot and begin a completely different chapter in your life.


Moose is a symbol of gentle power and dominating masculine energy. No matter how scary they seem on the outside, moose is still a kind and gentle animal.

Just like the moose is a gentle heart on the inside, a person represented by this animal totem is rough on the outside and kind on the inside.

The positive energy these people produce is something that can’t be denied or suppressed by anything. They are dominating figures wherever they appear and no matter what they do.

Moose symbolism was and remains to be one of the strongest ones in the world and that is something that can’t be denied.