My Period Is Few Days Late – Can I Be Pregnant?

Pregnancy is perhaps good news to most of the women; at the same time, unplanned pregnancy seems to be a scary idea to some individuals. In both these cases, women become excited to know whether they are really pregnant, and late period is the most common symptom that tells women of their condition. But, it does not denote that late period always means you are surely pregnant.

If you’ve a late period on any month, there is a need of undergoing a basic pregnancy test at your to know whether you have become pregnant. While it is proved that you have pregnancy but have late period, it is the right time to detect some other reasons, for which late period has happened.

Causes related to non-pregnancy cases

Your menstruation series may be compared to a delicate blossom, and there are several factors, which may disturb the specific timing of a period. In some instances, your doctor may advise you about not worrying on the missed period or late period if it happens one or two times every year.

According to some physicians, there may be some problems in periods due to improper eating habits, extreme stress level, hormonal disparity, intense exercise, thyroid disorder and many more. Even the jetlag and travelling could hold up your period. So, do not get worried if you have late menstruation but do not become pregnant.

When pregnancy is the most potential cause

If you are sexually active, pregnancy seems to be the potential reason that leads to a late period. While you’re pregnant woman, your pregnancy hormones that control or back up the wellbeing of fetus may cease the normal menstruation cycle. It means that there will be no period until the birth of your little one.

Time to do pregnancy test

Some pregnancy test kits’ manufacturer states that their products may be competent to decide on if impregnation has taken place, when you have missed one period. In other words, it is quite desirable to wait for about seven days after the missed period prior to carrying out a pregnancy test in your house. It will assure you of the outcome that is almost accurate. Obviously, it may remove all your confusions.

Generally, pregnancy test finds out a hormone, known as HCG that is formed only when an egg (fertilized) is implanted in uterine wall. In most of the cases, it happens almost 6 to 7 days after your conception, though it may differ, according to an individual woman.

The reliability and efficiency of any home-based pregnancy testing process depend mainly on the time of taking the test, the way of doing the test and also the brand. It is already mentioned that you may better wait 6 days after the missed menstruation prior to taking a decision on the test. It may allow your HCG level to increase inside the body. In order to have the right result, you must read manufacturers’ guidelines.

Pregnancy test is usually accurate, while done rightly and conducted under proper conditions. Some factors, such as, the time duration to see the outcomes may cause a mistake.

Symptoms of early pregnancy

Possibly, late period is a very common sign that many women recognize to make out their pregnancy symptoms. If you are not able to do the pregnancy test, then there are some more symptoms that most likely indicate your pregnant condition. Some of those signs are-

  • Mood swings
  • Increasing rate of urination
  • Aversions to food- You may not like to eat regular food and crave for something that is tasty
  • Tiredness- You may constantly feel sleepy, no matter whether you have slept for long hours
  • Tender or swollen breasts- Your breasts feel aching, when you stroke them
  • Bloating in stomach, morning sickness or nausea- The stomach will perhaps toss or have unsettled feeling; if it is not good, you will feel that your throat’s muscles are moving involuntarily. And thus, you may gag.

Some of these symptoms of these signs can be an indication of impregnation.

Thus, by considering all the facts, it may be said that late period never always means pregnancy. To find out your case, you may go through a pregnancy test. Obviously, if you have not undergone any sexual intercourse, there is no chance of being pregnant. In that case, you need to find out the right cause of your late period. Remember that all menstrual cycles are not same.

In general, the maximum period for which the period may be late is ten days. If this timeframe exceeds, you may contact doctor.

Sometimes, hormonal disparity and effects of medications are the possible causes but there may be something beyond it, and it is only your physician, who can tell you the right answer.