Native American Zodiac Signs and Astrology

Zodiac signs and astrology belong to the ancient beliefs that were created in times when people first started noticing the nature around them and trying to find answers to some of the world’s hardest questions.

To find sense in everything that was going on around them, people used Zodiac and Astrology to clear these unusual events and to grasp some sense in it. Native American Astrology found its inspiration in animal kingdom, since they were a civilization deeply connected to nature. Worshipping nature and everything inside it was a big part of their world, which reflected itself onto their Astrology.

Native American Astrology consists out of 12 Zodiac signs and each sign is represented by a certain animal that best reflects the character of a person born under this sign. The principle behind the Native American Zodiac is the same as in the Western Astrology, and every Zodiac sign is limited by date of birth of every person.

Zodiac signs in Native American Astrology are called totems. Native Americans believed in the strong power of totems, believing that totems can send them strength and power to overcome struggles in life. Totems were often protectors of entire clans and sacred ceremonies were held in their name and honor. So, without further a due, let us get into the symbolism behind the Native American Astrology and let us see what each sign represents.

Otter totem (January 20 – February 18)

Otter totem is represented by the air element and the sacred stone is turquoise. People who are born under the otter totem are a little bit unusual for their surroundings and it is not hard to recognize them in a large crowd. They are good people and they always seek the good in everyone. Otter person can be a hard person to read because it is so secretive and mysterious at times. They tend to keep things for themselves and don’t like sharing their private life with others. When you first meet someone born under this sign, you will definitely find this person unusual and confusing at times, but that is a part of their charm.

Otters are very attentive and they have their own way of looking at things. There is always something you haven’t noticed, but the otter is already on it and investigating it. They are extremely loyal friends and there is no discussion when it comes to otter’s loyalty to his friends and family. When you call this person, he or she will come to you and be there for you even if they have problems of their own. Once this person gets to know you, it will become a much more sensitive and sympathetic person with a lot to offer. On contrary, when you let otter alone and leave him to his own demons, this person can become very isolated from the world, rebellious and unscrupulous.

Wolf totem (February 19 – March 20)

The wolf totem is represented by the water element and the sacred stone of this totem is Jade. People who are born under the wolf totem are very passionate and they are definitely the lovers of Native American Zodiac. This totem is a deeply sensitive and believes in eternal love. They will be the first ones to forgive and forget when they love, since they don’t know any other way is possible. Another great characteristic of this totem is its independence and freedom. People who are born under this totem are free spirits who like to have the ability to leave for a while and come back after they are satisfied their desire for wandering.

Having a person like this in your life means you are going to have a friend at all times and someone who is going to take you by your hand into a new adventure. They are also very compassionate and always there for the people who need them. In an environment that is nurturing and accepting, people born under the wolf totem are going to grow into a gentle, compassionate and generous person, but in contrary environments they can become obsessive, impractical and vindictive.

Falcon totem (March 21 – April 19)

The falcon totem is represented by the fire element and the sacred stone for this totem is Opal. The falcon totem represents a person who is a born leader and someone who is always clear in its judgment. This person is the one who is going to have a clear idea what to do and how to solve a problem, better than anyone else. They never waste time on things that are mundane and passable. They are going to take advantage of the opportunity they get and take action as soon as they can. Taking initiative is what they do the best, which is the reason why everyone comes back to them for advice and motivation.

They enjoy sport activities and are great athletes. Sometimes they can appear a little bit arrogant to other people which is what puts people off at first when it comes to people born under this totem. In an environment that is suitable and caring this person can become a truly devoted, compassionate and caring person while in contrary surroundings this person can become rude, intolerant and overly-sensitive to outside effects. When it comes to friends, when they love someone they are going to fight passionately to keep them safe but once they are over a friendship or romance, there is no going back for them.

Beaver totem (April 20 – May 20)

Beaver totem is represented by the earth element and the sacred stone for this totem is Jasper. People who are born under the beaver totem are very passionate and goal-oriented. When there is something they need to do, there is no time to waste for them. They will be on their task first thing in the morning and last thing at night. This is one of the best characteristics of this totem, because this kind of ambition and endurance makes them true masters of what they do, no matter what that is. Beavers tend to be possessive at times, but this is something that can be overlooked if you see it from different angle. If you are loyal to them they will be loyal to you double the amount. The way this person is going to defend you is something nobody else is going to do for you.

They are sometimes stubborn to the point that they don’t accept anyone else’s opinion. This can sometimes be too much to handle for some people who are why they often lose friends or can be hard to work with. In a positive environment this person can grow into a generous, helpful and loyal person and in contrary surroundings it can grow into a possessive, over-demanding and cowardly person.

Deer totem (May 21 – June 20)

Deer totem is represented by the earth element and the sacred stone for this totem is Agate. People who are born under this totem are the muses of Zodiac. They are lively and joyful. Everything in their life has a light and positive tone to it and they are always looking forward to the new day. Positive energy is what follows them everywhere they go and nothing can kill their vibe. Even when times get rough, these people are going to get up and put a smile on their faces, remembering only the good things.

Deer totems represent a personality that is naturally intelligent and has a lot to offer to the world. This person is a great friend to have around and you can always rely on this person to make your day. when you are feeling down, they are going to plan the whole day to keep your mind of sorrow r simply organize a quiet meeting where you can spill your soul to them. Sometimes they can be a little bit narcissistic but this is something that people forgive them because they are so charming. In an environment that is nurturing and caring, these people can grow into caring people with a lot of compassion and positive energy but in contrary surroundings they can become moody, selfish and lazy.

Woodpecker totem (June 21 – July 21)

The woodpecker totem is represented by the water element and the sacred stone is rose quartz. People who are born under the woodpecker totem are family oriented people who like spending time with their loved ones. They are very in touch with their family members and friends, and these people are their driving force in life. They can’t see the point in life if they don’t have these people around them. They are also very hardworking, and are always the caretakers of the family. Sometimes they can be possessive, but this is simply because they truly love the people in their life and are afraid that they might lose them.

Another bad side to them is gossiping. They can be gossipy and tend to spill everyone’s stuff. When they learn to control this characteristic they can be truly wonderful friends. They are also frugal and organized, so there is nothing in their life that can happen by accident. Having a plan in their life is what they always rely on and they are going to strive towards that goal no matter what. They plan everything in advance in order to avoid surprising situations. In surroundings that are positive and supportive these people can be very romantic and caring, but in contrary environments they can be possessive, jealous and angry at everything.

Salmon totem (July 22 – August 2)

Salmon totem is represented by the fire element and the sacred stone is Carnelian. The people who are born under the salmon totem are enthusiastic people who love spending time with others sharing ideas and thoughts. Their goal is to inspire others and send them the spark of enthusiasm they carry inside of them. They are also much focused and goal oriented which allows them to be the best at everything they do. They are so energetic that other people can almost sense their energy and it is something that gets transferred to others easily. They are also intelligent, generous and can move others with just words.

When they are determined to do something there is nothing that can stop them or make them stop believing in their goal. They will do everything that is necessary to make it to the finishing line, even if it means sacrificing a little of what they have now. People born under the salmon totem are stable people who have their goals in life and aren’t too preoccupied with other people’s opinions. In an environment where they can grow, salmon people can become sensual, giving and caring while in contrary surroundings they can become vulgar, egoistic and intolerant.

Bear totem (August 3 – September 21)

Bear totem is represented by the earth element and the sacred stone for this totem is amethyst. The people who are born under the bear totem are very pragmatic and they always re-think before they do something. People who are born under the bear totem are also very thoughtful and they are deeply in tune with the world. They are deep thinkers and observers of everything that is going on around them. When you need someone to tell you what next step you need to take, these people are going to give you an honest advice that is deeply thought through. Bear totems are extremely powerful and practical.

There is nothing these people can’t do when they put their minds up to it. They are very loving and caring, even though their outside doesn’t tell that instantly. You need to dig a little bit deeper to find the caring soul they have, since they won’t be open to share their emotions at first. Bear people are willing to go to great lengths to please their partners and make them feel good. When they are growing in a positive environment they become excellent teachers, caring lovers and good friends but when they become skeptical, reclusive and sloth.

Raven totem (September 22 – October 22)

The raven totem is represented by the air element and the sacred stone is Azurite. People who are born under the raven totem very enthusiastic and natural born entrepreneurs. These people are very good at business and can make literally everything from nothing. They don’t need much because they already have what they need the most and that is their brain and intelligence. Raven totem symbolizes a personality that is very charming and others simply fall for this person without a lot of persuading. Everyone who has ever met a person born under this totem is going to say one thing and that is that this person simply swept them off their feet.

Raven totem is also a symbol of diplomacy and solving problems by talking to other people and not by making irrational decisions. They are very idealistic and they have certain principles they live by. When you don’t fit in the image they have created or the idea of a world they have in their mind, they will let you know that immediately. When they are raised in an environment that is positive and motivating, these people become very intuitive, patient and loving to others. Contrary to this, when they grow up in an environment that is restrictive they tend to become vindictive, demanding and abrasive.

Snake totem (October 23 – November 23)

The snake totem is represented by the water element and the sacred stone for this totem is Copper. People who are born under the snake totem have almost psychic like abilities. They are able to find out things about others by simply looking at them, since they are so sensitive to outside influences. People born under the snake totem are also spiritual leaders and have the ability to lift people up from their dark moments no matter how low they are. These people are great leaders in general because they are able to find out what people need and how to get to their deepest emotions.

They are very much mysterious and are able to hide their personal lives from others. Sometimes they intimidate others because it is so hard to get to know them and understand their thinking. Some are impressed with this while others are afraid of them. They can be vindictive and malicious when they want to, or when others deserved this kind of behavior. In right surroundings they can become passionate, humorous and enthusiastic people but in dark environments they can become violent, moody and angry at the world.

Owl totem (November 23 – December 21)

The owl totem is represented by the fire element and the sacred stone is Obsidian. People who are born under the owl totem are changeable and very uncertain people. They are constantly changing their opinions and you can’t really depend on their word. They are hard to keep in one place because they like to move and they are constantly at the run from something or someone. Their minds are too inquisitive and can’t be pinned down to one place. If they were restricted by anything or anyone, they would go crazy and become bitter at the whole world.

Owl totem is a symbol of an easy going nature that is not too worried about other people’s opinions. They are very adaptable and ready for any kind of change that gets thrown at them. Owl totem is also a symbol of hard work and dedication, but only when they are doing the things they love. If they are stuck in a work place where they don’t have enough room to show their talent, they become really depressed. When they are raised in the right environment they can become great listeners and sensitive people, but when they grow up in negative surroundings they become bitter, excessive and overindulgent.

Goose totem (December 22 – January 19)

The goose totem is represented by the earth element and the sacred stone is quartz. People who are born under this totem are always on the search for spiritual enlightenment and they are not too preoccupied with the past. People born under this totem are persevering and always ready to make a commitment to other people. They set their goals high and are ready to accomplish them no matter what. They are deeply passionate people and dedicated to the ones they love.

Goose totem is a symbol of great business skills and a personality that is ready to go to great lengths to accomplish its goals. When this person sets up a goal, there is nothing that can prevent him or her from succeeding. They are simply hard working people that have a soft side to them. When they are raised in the right environment, they can be humorous, passionate and caring but when they are raised in not so positive environment they can become obsessive and overbearing.