Night Sweats During Period – Causes and Treatment

Many women experience hot flashes and night sweats before the menstruation. It is often a distressing situation and they want to know whether these sweats are normal before every period. In fact, night sweats prior to the initiation of the period may be caused in any woman’s body, regardless of the age.

However, while night sweats appear, many other symptoms may also be noticed, for example, fatigue, vomiting, fever and weakness. These symptoms are seen almost seven to fourteen days before the beginning of the period. It is believed to be a normal condition and it generally disappears with the starting of the period.

Causes that may give rise to night sweats

In many of the instances, nocturnal hyperhidrosis or night sweats seem to be risk-free as they are generally caused due to the warm atmosphere of one’s sleeping. It is also caused with the abnormally high level of temperatures in a bedroom. However, in some of the cases, night sweat is related to a number of other situations. For instance, night sweats may emerge due to some kinds of infections, cancers, endocrine problems, drugs and rheumatic issues.

For any woman, who is more than forty years old, night sweats are actually indicating menopause. When it is the time for menopause, the body of a woman doesn’t generate the optimum amount of hormones that are essential to control the cycle of menstruation and any other related system. The level of fluctuation of those hormones- progesterone and estrogen– leads to various symptoms. Most of the women experience night sweats and hot flashes before their monthly period. This is due to the drop in the levels of progesterone hormone. Progesterone and estrogen are two major sex hormones of every woman. During the reproductive period of a woman, the hormone levels may increase and decrease all through the menstrual cycle of a month.

It is already stated that menopausal women mainly face the trouble of night sweats. But, those, who aren’t menopausal, may also experience this condition when their level of estrogen has fluctuation now and then.

After some days of ovulation, level of progesterone gets comparatively diminished. This inadequate amount of progesterone may disturb the balance of two hormones, mentioned earlier. This fluctuated level of hormonal is one of the causes for which night sweats may appear. Though hormone is possibly one of the strongest factors, behind the emergence of night sweats, the researchers have found some more conditions that may potentially trouble you. Diabetes, anxiety, neurological disorders, thyroid disease, cancer and sleep apnea may be considered to be the causes for your night sweats.

Night sweats may be cured in a number of ways:

Changes in lifestyle

Adjustment of your way of life is the foremost option of the treatment that may be used by a menopausal woman. Though such means of controlling night sweats is usually safe, it needs a significant strength of your mind.

Lifestyle regulations may cause a considerable effect on a woman, who has night sweats’ symptoms. For instance, consuming a peppery food, drinking much amount of wine, or dealing with higher stress may activate night sweats.

Alternative medications for night sweats

Herbal supplements may be taken in order to cure night sweats. However, sometimes women also look for some other processes, like acupuncture. Researchers have noticed that if acupuncture can be continued for 7 weeks, the seriousness of night sweats may be decreased by almost 28 percent, in case of menopausal females.

Again, you may also make use of phytoestrogenic herbal supplements, which consist of estrogenic elements, generated by some plants. The herbs adjust the hormonal imbalance, related to night sweats with the insertion of plant-extracted estrogens to the women’s body.


The most common and scientific treatment for night sweats is Hormone Replacement Therapy. It is a very effective and speedy method to get rid of night sweat; however, it involves risky adverse effects. It brings about the possibilities of cancer in women.

If you do not like this process, you may reduce the distressing condition by-

Wearing loose fitting and cool pajamas

You may choose those pajamas that are manufactured with cotton or linen, because such materials may help in releasing the more amount of heat than that of satin or spandex.

Do not drink excessive amount of caffeine Reduction of the intake of caffeine may give benefit to your nervous system that will assist to stop night sweats.

Have some warm shower or bath – It may enable you to get relaxation and cool down your body. With a warm shower before going to bed, you may prevent your body from getting overheated.

Try yoga – Obviously, yoga may be much helpful in reducing strain. If such exercise is practiced efficiently, it may help in regulating hormones of the body.

Thus, with all these processes, you may try to avoid the symptoms, related to night swear. However, you do not need fear of anything serious if you have night sweats.