What Do Dreams About Fishing Mean?

For many, fishing is a wonderful way to relax. You are in harmony with nature and yourself. To fish you need a fishing rod or a fishing net, a fishing hook should not be missing on the nylon string, as well as a bait, so that the fish also bites. If you have thrown the fishing line, then it says: wait. Patience is part of fishing and hours can pass before a fish can be caught.

How does the interpretation of the dream interpret fishing? What does fishing in a dream tell you?

Dream symbol “fishing” – The general interpretation

The general interpretation of dreams interprets the dream symbol “fishing” as a state of mental equilibrium, in which the dreaming is already or will reach soon. In addition, the fishing in the dream can be understood as a sign that the dreaming in the watch world should be patient and should respond best with stoic calm.

In the context of the dream symbol “fishing” there are a number of dream situations that can be interpreted differently. The sight of a fishing rod in the dream points the dreaming on fraudulent machinations and the failure of a project in the watch world. If important appointments are due in the awake life, the dreaming should shift these better according to the general dream interpretation, in order not to make hasty decisions.

If the dreaming sees a fishing rod in the water while sleeping, this dream situation stands for a failure in an important project for him. Watching an angler means the dreaming that he may soon hope for prosperity. If an angler throws his fishing rod in the dream after the dreaming, he receives thus a warning against fraudsters in the Wachwelt.

The sight of several anglers in the dream shows the dreaming that he can soon win one or more good friends. If the dreaming person casts a fishing rod while sleeping, the general interpretation of the dream shows him his yearning for a life partner. Sitting and fishing on a quiet lake in a dream symbolizes the dreaming that he will soon reach a state of inner harmony again in his awake life.

Happy developments and successes in important tasks brings the fishing of large fish, such as a pike, from clear water in the dream with it. If the dreaming sees himself as an angler wading through the water in his sleep and catching many fish, the general dream interpretation interprets this dream situation as an indication to the dreaming that he can come to great prosperity through much diligence.

Dream symbol “fishing” – The psychological interpretation

The dream symbol “fishing” interprets the psychological dream interpretation as a symbol for the pursuit of affirmation, recognition, dominance or wealth. Especially in the psychological perspective, the interpretation of the dream, the other details, such as fixed objects, water quality and emotions of the dreaming, should be considered.

Throws the dreaming in the dream of his fishing rod, so he would like to “fish something” or “pull ashore” according to the psychological interpretation of dreams in the watch world. Behind it, a coveted human being can hide. Sometimes this dream symbol is also interpreted as a very strong wish of the dreaming. Biting something in the dream, then the dreaming may look forward to positive developments in his life even in the awake life.

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If the dreaming dances in the dream fish from clear water, this is a positive sign and promises him luck and success. On the other hand, if the water is cloudy and dirty, this can be interpreted as a warning against fraud and evil machinations. These can happen to the dreaming or he exercises it himself.

Dream symbol “fishing” – The spiritual interpretation

Spiritually interpreted, the dream symbol “fishing” symbolizes the search for food inside.

For many people, fishing is a relaxing pastime: sitting for hours motionless by the water, meditatively waiting for someone to bite. Pike, perch and trout are a particularly sought-after prey. Not only fishing is popular on the day, also the night fishing has many fans. Many anglers then take their fish home and bring it to the table as a meal. Fishing is also common in professional fishing.

In proverbs there are many allusions to the image of fish fishing, for example, the phrase “fishing in the mud” or “fishing for a (bride)”. What does it mean when we dream of catching fish? What can the dream interpretation tell us about this symbol?

Dream symbol “fishing” – The general interpretation

In general, a fish-fishing dream is interpreted as a good sign. Fishing stands for two things through its components of water and fish: the pursuit of success or recognition and the inner balance.

If the Dreamer fishes fish with a fishing net, especially if he is in a quiet, idyllic waters, this indicates that he feels emotionally balanced or will soon reach the balance again. The dream can also point to having more patience in life.

In addition, the fish fishing in the dream speaks for the success of the dreaming, be it professional or private nature. His life is particularly successful when he fishes large and edible fish, for example a tuna, from a clear lake.

In any case, a fish biting on the tang symbolizes that everything in the life of the dreaming will turn out well. If he wades through the water and catches many fish, the dream points to success through diligence.

Watching others fishing is also positive: it can be an indication of wealth, camaraderie or even a new love. Maybe soon a relationship will start or the dreamer expects a marriage proposal.

Dream symbol “fishing” – The psychological interpretation

Psychologically, a dream in which the dreaming fish wants to fish has to do mostly with the relationship level. The dreaming wants a partnership or a passionate relationship and dreams of “pulling ashore” a partner.

The dream symbol can also point to an (excessive) power striving of the dreaming, which can have sadistic features.

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In addition, “fishing fish” as a dream image indicates that the dreaming is looking for recognition or confirmation. Maybe right now he feels he does not get enough attention. Biting a fish, he can hope for a positive development in any case.

Dream symbol “fishing” – the spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual sense, the dream symbol stands for the search for inner food.

If a fish comes in a dream, this always indicates its own emotions. The dream symbol of the fish always also means a reflection of the inner self of the dreaming. For C.G. Jung was always the fish in the dream to interpret as a symbol of their own self. It represents the totality of consciousness and subconsciousness.

Dreams of one or more fish therefore usually indicate the subconscious of the dreaming. The animal creates a kind of connection to the emotional and subconscious side of the dreaming. What exactly a single floating fish or even a whole school of fish means in a dream depends on the context.

Interpretation of fish dreams

Depending on the accompanying circumstances and the situation in which fish occur in the dream, an interpretation can be made. Depending on whether it is a fish or several animals and whether they are swimming or lying, for example, if they are stranded, and if they are dead or alive.

A swimming fish indicates a serene, balanced state of mind. So if we have a dream in which we are floating calmly on the water on an inflatable mattress and watching a fish swim by is all right. The dreamer does not need to worry about his current state of mind. This is similar to when a fish hangs on the hook. Fishing for a fish means success, be it financially, professionally or personally.