Owl – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Owls are birds that have a lot of value and strength in a symbolic way. They are highly respected symbols of awareness, intelligence but some cultures even link them to Illuminati and cults.

Animal symbolism is particularly interesting for people because it tells us a lot about ourselves and our character. We are much more similar to animals than we think and the influence that nature has over us can’t be denied.

Animal symbolism can be expressed in various ways. In popular cultures people are mostly using animal symbolism for purposes like advertising and for creating TV characters, and less attention is being shown to the true symbolic meaning of an animal. Animal totems and spirit animals can teach us all about life and our own character.

Every person has its own spirit animal and totem that guide us through life whether we are aware of it or not. Each animal is special in its own way and we should respect nature since we all came from it. The more we are in sync with our universe, the happier we are going to be.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Spirit animals and totems are our guiding forces in life. Every person has its own spirit animal and totem that can tell us a lot about this person.

To determine your spirit animal, all you need to do is to look back at your life and think about animals that were constantly present around you. There must be an animal that had special meaning for you and attracted you with its special energy.

Pay attention to your dreams and thoughts during meditation because they can all tell you a lot about your spirit animal and help you determine it. Spirit animals are guiding us through life and they help us understand our character and behavior better. Spirit animals are always going to follow you through life and be somewhere in your presence.

Totems used to be highly respected by ancient cultures. Their powerful energy could help an entire tribe pull through some difficult moments and persevere. Every person felt great deal of respect towards animals and their symbolic powers, because they felt that natural connection with them. Our ancestors truly believed in powerful abilities of animals and animal spirits, and with their support there was nothing that could stand on their way.

Spirit animal

As a spirit animal, owl is best described with these words:

  • Wisdom
  • Mystery
  • Transition
  • Message
  • Intelligence
  • Mysticism
  • Protection

People guided by the owl spirit animal are powerful people who know what they want in life. Their energies are strong and they are able to use the best of their characteristics in order to succeed in life.

Most of people who are guided by the owl spirit animal end up being highly successful business people with a lot of social influence. Their energy is very present and strong, and other people can clearly sense it when they are around them.

People guided by the owl spirit animal are also highly intelligent. Their intelligence is not only related to studying or education. They are also street smart and can adapt well to different living situations. You can throw them almost anywhere in the word, and they will be able to find a way to survive and succeed. This characteristic helps them be excellent in almost every field and they can choose almost any career they want.

Owl spirit animal symbolizes wisdom as well. People guided by this spirit animal are the ones to go to when you need advice and help about something. They are simply good at listening to other people and their help is always genuine and based on good intentions. When they can’t help others they won’t hurt them either. If they don’t have an opinion about something, they will rather stay quiet and keep their opinion for themselves.

Another characteristic of people born under the owl spirit animal is mystery. They love to keep things for themselves and they don’t like having their lives too public. If they can keep their private life completely private, they will certainly do that. They strongly believe that their life is their own worry, and other people shouldn’t be worried about that. Even people who have known them for a long time, can be surprised after they hear something. There is simply no way to know everything about a person guided by the owl spirit animal, since they love to have their life in secrecy.

Owl spirit animal symbolizes protection and every person guided by this spirit animal will do anything in their power to protect people they love. Everyone who tries to hurt your friends or someone else close to you, won’t end up well. They are extraordinary and faithful friends, who can put up with a lot and stay with their friends when it gets hard. But, once you betray their trust or hurt them in any way, they will completely forget that you ever existed.


Owl totem is in connection with the Yin of the Universe and you are definitely a person who grows stronger each day. You should always embrace the inner Goddess and listen to your inner voices. Your intuition is extremely strong and you can almost predict what is going to happen next. Owl totem is a very powerful totem that allows you to be close to the spiritual world.

These nocturnal birds have always been interesting to people and the mysticism around their abilities has always captured our imaginations. Many people who have been born under the owl totem discovered clairvoyance skills and abilities. This is because you have a strong connection to the spiritual world and this helps you see the world from a whole different perspective.

As negative characteristics some might mention your stubbornness and inability to accept other people’s opinions. You are often praised for your ability to tell others what they need to know and give advice, that you can’t accept the fact that your point wasn’t the strongest one.

Symbolism and Meaning

Owls are old souls that have the ability to stare or look into the past in order to decipher the greatest mysteries of the world. This is something that many ancient cultures believed in and therefore worshipped owls for their spiritual significance. Owls might be creatures of the night, but they are definitely not symbols of death or evil. They are guardians of life and life on earth. There are many myths that witness this and confirm the importance of owls in a spiritual sense.

Owls have the ability to see far away in the future and predict events that are going to happen before everyone else. Their connection to the spiritual world is what gives them this ability and this is what many cultures considered as divine in owls.

Owls in popular culture can be found on almost everything. They are all-present symbols on shirts, household objects and on jewelry.

But, have you ever wondered about the true meaning of an owl? Owls have long been a part of controversy because it was believed that owls were symbols of the Illuminati and the Rothschild family. They are birds who can see in the dark when no one else can, which makes them more aware of what is going on around them than any other animal. Owls are extremely bright and intelligent creatures, which makes them even more interesting symbols.

In ancient Greece, owls were symbols of art, wisdom and other important skills. They associated the owl with the goddess Athens which was one of the most important deities in ancient Greece. Athen’s little owl was the original symbol of the Bavarian Illuminati which already tells a lot about the importance of owl symbolism. Goddess Athens was highly worshiped and valued deity in ancient Greece therefore no other bird or creature could have been her helping hand than an owl. They were her faithful helpers and sidekicks and people respected them for their intelligence.

Since owls are nocturnal birds, many cultures linked them to death and misfortune. It is very unfair to say that an animal symbolizes something malicious, just because it is awake at night. But, in some parts of the world, an owl sound is still considered as a symbol of the pagan goddess and warning about something bad that is about to happen.

Opinions are, of course, different and some cultures see it as a symbol of death while others respect it and worship it. Cultures of the Aster and the Maya also saw the Owl as a symbol of death and destruction. In Japanese culture the owl symbolism varies depending on what kind of owl it is. A similar situation is in India, where only the white owl is respected. It is considered to be the lover of the goddess of wealth of Lakshmi, and also a messenger of success. When it comes to our beliefs, the sound of an owl has always meant the coming of death, that is, it warned of various dangers and accidents.

The truth is, as usual, somewhere between, and it would be fair to say that the owl is just some kind of guide between the physical and the spiritual, that is, the material and spiritual world. There is also an interesting belief (widely prevalent among those who profoundly believe in reincarnation) that owls are actually the last thing we see in this world. Later, when we decide to “return to the material” owl, she is still with us, so her character is so firmly carved in all of us and in some way represents a “taboo subject” that is so often feared by people and that we do not even know why. It is, in essence, primarily a powerful symbol of mystery, or secret, and then everything else.

So, we saw that some owls are linked with evil, some with witchcraft. Some see the symbol of destruction in them, while some, like Mense, choose the owl for their unofficial mascot. We will not miss if we put intelligence, brilliance, speed and clarity of thought, resourcefulness, wisdom, excellent intuition and independence in the list of its attributes.

On the other hand, the symbolism that is so often neglected is that death does not always necessarily mean physical death, but also the dying of some old habits, as well as old relationships. Always keep in mind the fact that the owl is a bird that sees great in the dark, so try to explore each new field of yourself, check each situation well, look for less visible signs that will help you always step ahead of your potential enemies .

In most cases, the occurrence of the owl indicates that it is time to “let go” something, let’s get rid of something (or someone), let it just leave us. It is similar to dreams, where owls most often warn us that we will be put before some temptation or danger, and that we will have to be very clever and thoughtful to respond to this challenge. The withdrawal of the wise moves is what is required in such moments, and the change that will follow therein depends solely on our readiness to accept it, without sacrificing old habits and any prejudices.

Dreams about owls

Owls often appear I our dreams. They are very strong symbols and it is important to know the true meaning behind an owl dream. Sometimes their presence in our dreams is positive, while other times it announces something negative that is about to happen to us.

If you were looking directly at an owl, this means you are about to become a victim of verbal abuse. Someone is going to hurt you with lies or by saying something about you, that you would rather want to keep a secret. This dream can warn you about your relationship with your boss or supervisor, because you might become a victim of mobbing or molestation at work.

If an owl was looking at you in your dream, you are a very smart person. People highly respect your opinion and they are always coming back to you to ask for advice. Helping others is something you selflessly do without caring about the consequences. This dream symbolizes your wisdom and intelligence, so you can be very proud of yourself.

If you heard and owl in your dream, then you will tell someone’s secret to the wrong person. When someone comes to you and tells you something in secrecy, you shouldn’t tell that secret to anyone. With this action, you are going to hurt that person and turn out to be a bad friend.

If the owl in your dream attacked you, then you are angry in real life. Someone hurt you or made you feel extremely angry, and now your anger is being shown in the dream. This dream is telling you to work on your anger issues and to stop blaming the world about things that you need to resolve yourself.

If an owl in your dream was silent, then there is a big secret in your life. You or someone you know is hiding something big and you are having a hard time not telling it to everybody.


Owl symbolism reached its peak in the past several years. Even though owls have been important symbols for different cultures around the globe, they regained their throne and came back to the spotlight.

Owl symbolism reminds us about the importance of secrecy and keeping some things for ourselves. They are perfect symbols of awareness and if we would be more aware of things around us, there would be much less problems in our life.

Owls are always watching and their connection with the spiritual world is something undeniable. If your spirit animal or totem is the owl, then definitely listen to your inner voice and follow your impeccable intuition.