Parrot – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Parrots are larger birds that usually inhabit warmer climates. Their bright colors are something we know them for, as well as their ability to be perfect pets for people who love birds.

Birds in general tend to be important symbols in cultures around the globe. Their symbolism is undeniably important and worshipped for centuries.

People admired bird’s ability to fly and see the world from a whole different perspective, which often led to association of birds and Gods. Their peculiar behavior still keeps us interested, since they are often very intelligent and well-aware of their surroundings.

Parrot symbolism was mostly created by cultures that lived next to it for hundreds of years, but parrots in popular culture managed to grab their own place among other important symbols from nature.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Before we begin this spiritual journey and discover the traits that are unique to parrots, we need to understand the difference between spirit animal and a totem. Even though we are all born under the influence of a certain animal, spirit animals are the ones that we keep encountering on daily basis.

When we take a look back at our life, we can easily determine which animal is our spirit animal, since it has been around us the entire time. You felt drawn to this animal for some unexplained reason and you are often led by its energy through life.

Totem animals are the ones we are born with. Every person has its own totem animal that sends protection and power to us when we need them. Totem animals can be called upon by us in difficult times.

They transfer positive traits and help us fight against difficulties of the modern world. But be careful, totem animals can also transfer negative characteristics of our birth animal and make us less pleasant for our community.

Spirit animal

As a spirit animal, parrot can be best described by these words:

  • Friendliness
  • Intelligence
  • Calmness
  • Learning
  • Trickster
  • Hope
  • Happiness
  • Promise
  • Renewal
  • Diplomacy

People guided by this spirit animal tend to be happy people with a smile on their face at all times. They love to make other people feel good as well as themselves. They certainly know how to enjoy and give themselves a relaxing time. People guided by the parrot spirit animal are always cracking jokes and without them, parties are simply not the same. Their presence simply brings joy and happiness to everyone around them.

If your spirit animal is the parrot, then you are a very good diplomat. You tend to excel in jobs and careers that have something to do with talking and advertising. You are born to be a politician or a lawyer. You know how to bring peace to both sides and how to get out of any situation by only using your speech.

When your spirit animal is the parrot, then you love learning new things and being involved in any kind of course. You probably spent your entire life raising your hand in class and listening carefully to your teachers. Even if you didn’t do well in school, you are very good at learning practical skills or you enjoy reading a good book from time to time.

Parrots also symbolize renewal. You tend to re-invent yourself from time to time, just to bring some change into your life. This makes you feel more comfortable in your skin and you tend to get more creative when you do so.


As totems, parrots evoke happy and positive feelings inside of us. If your totem is the parrot, then you have a very big shot in making it in any career or path you choose. You are highly motivated and hard-working, therefore nothing can prevent you from reaching your goal.

You never lose hope in life because there is always something to look forward to. This is your life’s motto and keep your smile no matter how hard it might get.

Besides all of your good qualities, you have some negative characteristics as well. because of your love for practical jokes and also humor in general, others might see you as a mocker and someone who can’t be taken too seriously.

Symbolism and Meaning

Parrots are very important symbols in popular culture, but the early symbolism was created by cultures that lived next to this beautiful bird. Columbian tribe Nazca, made many drawings of parrots in caves and on various objects they used every day.

Particularly interesting are the large geoglyphs that cover several square feet and can be seen from the sky. It is unknown why this ancient tribe picked parrots as their symbol for the geoglyphs, but they certainly had a very big importance in their culture.

In the Southwestern part of America, parrot feathers were often used in religious ceremonies and shamans would wear them as a part of their religious attire. Their bright colored feathers attracted attention and it was hard not to notice who had the most power and influence in the tribe, after seeing outfits covered in bright feathers.

The Mayans considered parrots to be highly important parts of their culture. They wore parrot feathers on their outfits and parrots can be found in drawings and other art creations of that time.

Parrots were symbols of fertility and each color of the parrot feather had a different meaning. To Mayans, green feathers were symbols of the Earth and rain and the red ones represented unfulfilled desires. The Mayan god Kama is represented riding a parrot in Hindu mythology. In many Indian temples, goddesses are represented holding parrots, which is a symbol of messengers.

In popular culture, people often draw parrot tattoos on their bodies to embody what a parrot represents. They are still symbols of happiness, joy and positive energy, and they are mostly used to market products meant for children because of their bright colors.

Dreams about parrots

Our dreams usually discover secrets about our mind we didn’t even know existed. Dreams about parrots can have positive and negative meanings, which of course depends on other symbols inside our dream. Parrots are associated with happiness and color, but they can also have negative meanings.

If you saw a parrot in your dream, this means you are probably a theme of someone’s conversation. Someone might be gossiping about you and what you are doing, so be careful to whom you share your secrets.

When you saw a parrot in your dream flying, this means you are about to receive a great opportunity at work. Make sure you accept it, because this opportunity can lead you to great success.

A dead parrot in your dream is a symbol of betrayal by someone close to you. This person is going to take advantage of you and tell a secret about you that you didn0t want others to know. Be careful about people around you and never trust them completely.

A colorful parrot in your dream represents happiness and joy. This is a very positive symbol to dream about and you can expect many great things to happen to you in the upcoming period.


Parrots are certainly a pleasure to look at and every person feels joy when all of the parrot colors are in front of us. Their ability to imitate our language and their intelligence is extraordinary.

Parrot symbolism might not be as “out there” as some of other animals, but they are still an important symbol even in popular culture.