Penguin – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Penguins are beloved creatures that win over our hearts with their wobbly walk and kind nature. They are not aggressive creatures at all, which makes them ideal in almost every way. People for centuries weren’t able to see penguins, because their natural habitat was limited to only few places on Earth. Their natural habitats are usually located near oceans, in warmer or colder areas.

Penguins inhabit the Southern hemisphere, so the cultures that lived on the Northern part of Earth didn’t have a chance to see them or experience them. After the development of trade and travel, penguins arrived to the Northern hemisphere and won over the hearts of many people. Today, we can see these cute animals in almost tuxedo-like clothing in Zoos and natural parks all over the planet.

Animal symbolism is very interesting for interpretation because it gives us a glimpse into the natural world and we can also find ourselves in the characteristics of animals.

They teach us about the world around us and our own character more than we can learn and know on our own. By studying animal behavior we realize how much it actually resembles our behavior and how similar we are to them in some ways.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Spirit animals and totems are our guiding forces in life. They motivate us and make us feel less in touch with our inner feelings. We get to know ourselves more and the way the world portrays us. Animal behavior is much simpler than ours, but we all come down to one thing and that is survival. To determine your spirit animal, you need to look deep inside your heart and mind and discover the animal that has always been there around you.

Our spirit animals often come into our dreams and during meditation sessions, in order to send us valuable advice on life. Totem animal is determined by your birth date, and it shows the way others see you and your character. Totem animal has the power to transfer certain characteristics on you and help you cope with difficulties in life.

Spirit animal

As a spirit animal, penguin is best described with these words:

  • Confidence
  • Grace
  • Fatherhood
  • Ideals
  • Maintenance
  • Appearance
  • Actions
  • Determination
  • Etiquette
  • Movement
  • Patience

People guided by the penguin spirit animal are people who love having partner on their side to go through life. Without the other half, they feel empty and alone. It is a well-known fact that penguins are monogamous and they are faithful to their partners. As a spirit animal, penguin is the exact representation of partnership and love between two people.

Penguins are also symbols of movement. They are used to moving in order to find the perfect spot to settle down. Even though they never settle down in one place properly, they love keeping the people they love close to them. What excites them is the movement and constant change in life. They don’t like spending their lives waiting for someone to present them everything, instead they love working and doing their own thing.

Patience is another great quality of people guided by this spirit animal. They know how to wait for the right opportunity and this is not something that is difficult for them. If they see that something is not right and that there might be a better opportunity in store, they would rather wait for it.

Penguins symbolize fatherhood as well. Male penguins tend for their young ones just like mothers do, but the difference between them and other animals and birds is that male penguins stay with their offspring.

People guided by the penguin spirit animal are graceful in their manners and never lose their temper. They are simply kind people who don’t like messing in other people’s issues, if they are not asked to do it. They lead their own lives without a lot of fuss and drama, and this is what makes them great people.


When penguin is your totem animal, you know what you want in life and family is very important to you. Having good, balanced relationship with your loved ones is what makes you successful in all other areas of life. Your friends and family always know they have a true friend in you, no matter what happens.

Penguin totem gives you the energy to make things happen and to always be on the watch for new opportunities. You rarely wait for things to happen on their own, but you know when to be patient and wait for a better opportunity.

You are a very calm person and graceful in every sense of the way. Allowing your temper to take over is not something you do, and not something you would ever allow yourself. Having a large family and a well-balanced life is your goal, and achieving it is what you strive to do your entire life.

As a negative characteristic, people often mention your overly calm nature and your tendency to run away from conflict. Sometimes it is good to say what is on your heart, and not to think about the consequences. Otherwise, you are risking of losing some people from your life just because you weren’t able to tell what you truly felt.

Symbolism and Meaning

Penguin is a beloved symbol all around the world. Even though the entire Northern hemisphere didn’t have a chance to see penguins for many centuries, after the first penguin arrived to the North people fell in love with this species. Penguins are very beloved creatures because they are not aggressive and they love humans very much. They are not at all afraid of people, and don’t require a lot of time to adapt to humans.

Penguins are universal symbols of partnership, patience, fatherhood and grace. Their friendly nature made them a part of many stories, myths and art pieces, and they are still popular today. Penguin myths are not widely spread because of the fact they only inhabited several areas around the world. The popularity of penguins began rising in the last century.

In popular culture, penguins are regular characters in children cartoons, movies and books. Their pleasant nature makes them ideal characters for children, but also for the humans that are still nurturing the child inside of them.

In popular animated movie “Madagascar” a pack of not so friendly penguins has won over the hearts of many people. It is always interesting to see how this, otherwise kind animal, is being portrayed as naughty.

Penguins are often used as mascots for football teams for example the Pittsburgh penguins are just one example. People find different ways to pay respect to an animal. Therefore, penguin tattoos have become very popular in the recent years. Everyone who feels like expressing the sense of partnership, grace and kindness inside of them, chooses the penguin tattoo to do so.

Penguin symbolism might not be as widely popular as the symbolism of some other animals, but they are still important symbols of partnership and gentle character. People love them because they are so easy to love, and probably will continue to do so in the future. Even though there aren’t many stories that are linked to penguins that date back hundreds of years, we will surely write new ones that will be read in the future.

Dreams about Penguin

It is quite unusual to dream about a penguin, especially if you haven’t seen this animal anywhere. When a penguin suddenly appears in your dream, it is definitely worth checking out the symbolic meaning of this dream. Sometimes, dreams about penguins are positive and other times their symbolism is very negative and warns us about something bad that is about to happen.

Seeing a penguin – if you saw a penguin in your dream, his means you are finally in peace with yourself. Your past might have been turbulent, but things are now just the way they are supposed to be and you can finally relax. This dream also represents luck and you can sail on new adventures in the upcoming period, because the luck is going to be on your side.

Penguin in water – If you saw a penguin in the water in your dream, this means you are able to adapt to changes. This dream is also announcing possible changes in your life, so be prepared to use your adaptability to make the best out of it.

Penguin attacking you – When a penguin attacked you in the dream, this means you have an enemy in real life who is disguised as your friend. This person is only close to you, to get information that is necessary to do you harm. Be extra careful about your actions and words and don’t let others use your good intentions and kind nature.

Several penguins – When there were several penguins in your dream, this means you are about to change something in your life. Perhaps you are going to transfer to a new job position or change your partner, but either way the change is going to be major.  You shouldn’t be afraid of this change because it can also bring you a lot of good, if you use the opportunity in the right way.

Dead penguin – Seeing a dead penguin in your dream is a symbol of problems you are about to encounter. These problems can appear in your personal life but also in your career. No matter what happens, try to keep a positive attitude and solve your problems the best way you can. The worst thing you can do is to ignore what is going on and do nothing.

Penguin crossing your path – This dream is a symbol of a new opportunity that is approaching you. This opportunity is going to be a very positive one, and make sure you use it in the best possible way.


Penguins are beloved creatures and there is probably no real reason to think otherwise. They are kind and graceful, funny and beautiful at the same time. The love they show us is remarkable so we should pay them back in the same manner.

Even though their symbolism is not based on many stories and myths, they are still very popular symbols and their importance continues to grow. For now, they are symbols of partnership and love, fatherhood and grace, and they continue to inspire us to be better and to learn from their kind nature.