Pig – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

When you hear the word pig, you probably don’t instantly think about power and wealth. But, what you might be missing out on is that pig as an animal is extremely strong symbol.

Pigs have been undervalued in today’s popular culture, but our ancestors worshiped pigs and were extremely lucky to have them. Animal symbolism is very interesting because it teaches us more about ourselves and the history behind a certain animal.

Sometimes we are unaware of the symbolic meaning of an animal and we undervalue its importance. To us, pigs might be just animals that like to play in the dirt and that will eat anything you give them, but to other cultures of the world they are extremely valuable.

Animal symbolism is created by people and civilizations that live near certain animals and from stories that our ancestors have passed on to us.

To me, it is important to stay close to nature and to value every living being that lives in it. We all come from nature and if we would listen more to what it has to say, we might even be more aware of our own behavior and character. If you ever wanted to learn more about pig’s symbolism, here is your chance to dig deeper into this subject.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Spirit animals and totems were always the same for me. To be honest, I never knew the difference and I would often confuse these two. If you are new to this subject, then I will try to paint the difference between spirit animals and totems, in a way that was easy for me personally to understand it. If you already know what I am talking about, then you can skip right down to the description of a pig as a spirit animal and totem.

Every person has its own spirit animal and totem. Totems can be determined by your birth date and they are representations of your character and can be called upon in hard times.

Ancient cultures used rituals to invite their totem animals to send them power and strength that was necessary to overcome hardship. Your character is well described by your totem animal and you can rely on your animal totem to show you your best and worst characteristics.

Spirit animals are the animals that followed us our entire life. Each person has hat one special animal, that kept appearing and that represented something important to us. You will also feel a strange connection with your spirit animal, because in essence this animal guides you through life. Your spirit animal shows you the way and how to deal with problems in life that can be hard to face.

If your spirit animal is, for example, a lion then you go through life bravely and with your head up high. I hope this short description helped you to understand the difference between these two, so that we can move on further to characteristics.

Spirit animal

As a spirit animal, pig is best described by these words:

  • Abundance
  • Good luck
  • Fertility
  • Forward thinking
  • Determination
  • Agriculture
  • Materialism
  • Greed

These words best describe a person guided by the pig spirit animal. Everyone guided by the pig spirit animal is bound to have a lot of luck and success in life. Luck is simply always on your side and you know how to benefit from this. You are always on the right place in the right time, because your instinct for good business is always accurate. Even though you are not only focused on achieving success, you simply can’t run away from the inevitable.

Sometimes you even feel overwhelmed by everything, but when you take a look at your life you can’t be unhappy.

People guided by the pig spirit animal are also very determined in their intentions. You are not going to have a good time if you try to convince a person guided by this spirit animal to change their mind. They know exactly what they want in life and how to achieve it, therefore it is better not to waste time on the impossible.

Pig spirit animals symbolizes sincerity but also greed. This means you are going to want a lot out of life, and sometimes this might be a problem. Other might get sick of your high intentions very fast and toss you away from their lives.

On the other hand, you are a very sincere person and you don’t pretend to be something you are not. People around you know your intentions, and they can only accept them or not accept you.


Every person born under the pig totem seeks fame and success. You enjoy having the power in your hands and controlling others. As the head of the family, you are very strict and you love having everything under control. Sincerity is another important thing in your life, therefore everyone who is not being honest to you, will be easily cut from your life.

Pig totem symbolizes fertility, which means you enjoy spending time with your family and will probably have a lot of children. Fertility is also linked to good business and productivity, and you are definitely someone who will work around the clock to achieve something big in life.

Symbolism and Meaning

Although, the pig is the last symbol of the Chinese Zodiac, it is not a sign to be disregarded. Pigs in China are symbols of prosperity, wealth and success.

On the other hand, pigs in China also represent responsibility, accumulation of wealth and independence. Feng Shui tells us to strategically place pig figurines and statues, around our home, in order to attract wealth and prosperity.

Perhaps the phrase “piggy bank” is now more clearer to you, and why exactly this animal was chosen to be the symbol of saving money.

In Egypt, pig was associated to one of the highest praised deities, the God Izidom. Similar symbolism for the pig was present in Nordic cultures, and in North America the pig was sacrificed to the gods of rain. In Islam however, pig didn’t have such a high symbolic meaning. It is well-known that Muslims don’t eat pork because in the ancient book Quran, it is said that the pork meat is forbidden since it comes from such a filthy animal. Muslims see pigs as symbols of greed, laziness and filth.

Besides being strong in symbolic sense, pigs are also very intelligent animals and are more sensitive to their surroundings than we think.

Dreams about Pigs

In our dreams, pigs are usually symbols of good luck. But, there are instances in which it is considered as bad luck to dream of a pig.

Seeing a pig – When you saw a pig in your dream, this means you are going to experience some unpleasant situations and possibly encounter some problems in life. Take the best from each situation and learn your lessons.

Pig and piglets – This dream symbolizes success and possibly an addition to the family. You might welcome a newborn to your family or land a terrific business deal that is going to bring you a lot of success.

Pig in mud – This dream symbolizes your life. Things are currently out of order and can’t quite handle all of the chaos. Perhaps it is best to seek help from someone or try a different strategy to handle all of the burning issues.


Even though pigs aren’t too praised in popular culture or considered as strong symbols, the history definitely tells otherwise. Pigs have been valuable symbols for centuries and cultures had their own view of their symbolism.

To some they were positive symbols of wealth, prosperity and success, and to others they were symbols of filth, greed and laziness. Even though pigs might not be as popular as lions and tigers, but their symbolic meaning is definitely not to be underestimated.