Porcupine – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Animal symbolism reaches further than we might think. Animals and nature surround us and we have all been created from the nature itself. No matter how far away we might be from it right now, it will always remain an important part of us. Animal symbolism can teach us about ourselves and our characters much more than anything else. We learn how our personalities and characteristics are actually similar to the ones that can be found in nature.

Porcupines are peculiar animals that can’t be found in just any place on our planet. There are specially places where these interesting creatures live, but thanks to the progress we have made in travel and commerce, we are now able to meet this creature in person. Porcupines have a very specific symbolic meaning, just like all other animals. If you wanted to learn more about its symbolism and the way it might be linked to you, here is your chance.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Spirit animals and totems guide us in life but they are also our compass and they help us to get to know ourselves. Discovering your spirit animal and your totem is going to help you become more in touch with your inner emotions and feelings. Spirit animal might even come to you in your dream and send you a message that can completely change your life.

Our spirit animals can also appear in our meditation sessions or just anytime we are not completely present in this world. Totem animal, on the other hand, is easier to determine.

Every person has its own totem animal and we can learn more about ourselves by discovering our totem animal.

Spirit animal

As a spirit animal, porcupine is best described by these words:

  • Strength
  • Partnership
  • Fearlessness
  • Innocence
  • Defense
  • Vitality
  • Love
  • Joy
  • Power

People guided by this spirit animal are strong people who have a clear vision about themselves and the world around them. They are not the type of people to complain and waste time thinking about the past. Their only goal is to push forward and achieve something that hasn’t been achieved before.

They are stronger when they a have partner next to their side because they enjoy partnership. Love is something they are full of and nothing in your life is more important than love. You are aware that material things in your life are not important and they pass, but emotions and feelings are something that sticks for lifetime.

People guided by the porcupine spirit animal are also vital and defensive. You are someone who loves to be capable of doing things and constantly moving around. The hardest thing for you would be closing you somewhere or making you stick to a job that doesn’t fulfill you. This would be a death sentence for you, because you need to be in movement and in action.

You are also very defensive, and just like a porcupine you tend to spread your needles if someone tries to harm you in any way. This is because you don’t trust people at first and they don’t make you feel too good. Especially if you have been hurt in the past, you will be less open to people and more protective of your life.


As totem animals, porcupine is a symbol of fearlessness, innocence and curiosity. You are someone who knows the value of being attentive and noticing things around you. You find it to be very important to keep your eyes open and always be on the lookout for any problems.

Porcupines are also symbols of fearlessness and high energy. You would never let anyone scare you or take something of yours. You defend your territory and assets with everything you have, and this is what makes you an excellent friend and partner. You would never let anyone touch you or make you feel any less worthy. Your friends and family members love you for your desire to always offer a helping hand and to help others resolve any issues they might have.

As a negative characteristic, some might mention your overly protective nature that sometimes causes others to stay away from you. You simply don’t let anyone get close to you, which is why you usually don’t have many friends.

Another thing that might be considered as negative is overly curious nature. Some might see this as rude or you just sticking your nose into somebody’s business, but this is simply stronger than you and you can’t help it.

Symbolism and Meaning

As a symbol, porcupine has been used in many cultures. They are symbols of defensive nature and attention, because nothing gets by a porcupine. They are always looking around them and their eyes are always open. They are extremely defensive and they would never let something get near them and hurt them. Because of their needles, people often related porcupines with people who are hard to reach and who are emotionally unavailable. Their hearts are buried deep inside, and you need to pass all the needles to reach the inside.

In Southern Asia, porcupines are a very important food source. Also in some Western cultures, porcupine meat is considered a delicacy. In Native American culture, porcupine needles were used for making various objects. Porcupine skin together with the needles was used as a head piece and often carried on the heads of shamans. Lakota women would use the porcupine needles to make quillwork by throwing their blankets over porcupine needles and then retrieving the quills that were stuck in the blanket.

In popular culture, porcupines are still interesting symbols. They are often used for comedic accent in movies and cartoons, but their image can also be found in many ancient drawings and sculptures. They are also used as a symbol of the Libertarian party and some sports teams also have porcupines as their mascots. Porcupine symbolism is mostly cherished by people who lived next to them for decades, so it was mostly influenced by their opinions.

Dreams about Porcupine

Seeing a porcupine – If you saw a porcupine in your dream, this means you are feeling attacked by something or someone in your life. Perhaps you feel as if though someone is trying to hurt you in some way, even though there are no clear signs that this is going to happen.

Porcupine attacking you – If a porcupine attacked you in your dream; this means you are feeling extremely defensive towards someone. This person is trying to reach to you in all ways possible, but for some reason you don’t trust this person and you don’t want to be near him or her.

Several porcupines – If there was more than one porcupine in your dream, this means you are about to enter some difficult moments. These difficulties could be related to your personal life but they can also be related to your career. Either way, be prepared to handle them.

Female porcupine – If you saw a female porcupine or porcupine with young, then you can expect a very pleasant surprise in your love life. Someone truly amazing is going to enter your life and make you feel like never before. This person might even be someone you already knew, but never imagined that something romantic can happen between you two.


Symbolism of this interesting animal might not be as popular as the one of some other animals, but it is certainly unique and full of interesting facts. Porcupines are peculiar animals that can’t be found in just any place on our planet.

There are specially places where these interesting creatures live, but thanks to the progress we have made in travel and commerce, we are now able to meet this creature in person. This animal knows how to defend itself and how to keep its eyes open to everything that is happening, which is something we should all do at all times.