Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

If you are a woman, concerned with child birth and pregnancy, then the concept of maternal health is not unknown to you.

However, though motherhood offers positive experience, there are lots of women, who relate it with adverse health. In fact, the ability of a woman to restrict her pregnancy may have an effect on the physical comfort.

Nowadays, many women try to utilize birth control techniques, and there are many methods, which are found to be safe for them. One of these methods, related to birth control, is tubal ligation.

However, many patients have felt the negative effects after undergoing this process, and this condition is called as Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome.

Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome – The major concept about the disorder

PTLS is such a condition, when you may find a number of symptoms, which are the results of tubal implant. There are many women, who claim that they are feeling hot flashes, change in mood or cramps. And all these syndromes are possibly caused because of the alteration in the level of hormone. Just after undergoing tubal ligation, the prevention of the flow of blood between uterus and ovaries create an impact on hormone production. While saying about PTLS, it is important to clarify tubal ligation. This is a process, in which tubes are tied up to stop the flow of gametes (male) to fallopian channels.

Symptoms experienced by PTLS patients:

Doctors have various views on whether PTLS can really be called as a syndrome. In fact, this has become a topic of arguments in the clinical world. Research has revealed contradictory conclusions on all the potential symptoms that are very common in women with tubal ligation.

Some of the reported symptoms are:

  • Anxiety
  • Pain in muscles and joints
  • Libido loss
  • Periods very irregular or sometimes long periods
  • Insomnia
  • Growth of hair on face
  • Thinning of head hair
  • Exhaustion and vomiting
  • Loss of memory
  • Pain in pelvic region
  • Dryness in vagina
  • Incontinence
  • Faintness
  • Increase of weight
  • Breast pain

Those, who have experienced these symptoms, always want the physicians to consider PTLS as a medical condition. Some doctors have, however, stated that the reported symptoms are not caused because of surgery. That is why they do not accept it seriously.

Again, some experts suggest that the condition has to be treated with antidepressants and psychologist’s consultation.

Does tubal reversal cure PTLS?

During the last decades, lots of women wanted to have a tubal reversal operation, as they believe that the surgery may get them rid of PTLS. Moreover, an intensive study has been done, by involving ninety one women in the tubal reversal. The scientists also have collected data on the potential results from this surgery. From this study, it is found that improved condition has been observed in almost ninety percent of the women.

However, eight percent of women have experienced no significant change; while the other remaining women have claimed the worse condition after tubal reversal.

Thus, lots of discussions have been done about the tubal reversal, which is intended to reduce PTLS. And most of the women have agreed with the fact that Post Tubal Ligation signs are not merely the fake issue of their mind. They are confident that all those syndromes are not unreal in any way. They are gratified while such symptoms fade away after the surgery.

Female Reconstructive Surgery – Another possible treatment for PTLS

Thisremedial surgery is done to undo tubal ligation and remove all the symptoms. This process was first determined with the effort of Dr. Vicki Hufnagel. Due to the distressing results, Dr Hufnagel recommended that all patients must know the odds of the process. FRS is found to repair those tubes that have been obstructed while doing tubal ligation. At the same time, it also maintains the balance of your hormone.

Like any other operations, FRS may not be successful in every instance. It has been observed that its success is related to some factors, such as-

  • The sterilization techniques

Application of inappropriate processes, while dealing with tubal ligation, is the major reason behind the ineffectiveness of FRS.

  • The level of damages during the procedure of sterilization

When you have serious impact on your reproductive organs during your tubal ligation, it is almost impossible to do renovate them. FRS works best when tubal implant has been accomplished with almost no damage.

  • Irregularity of reproductive structure

FRS can never modify severe range of malfunctioning reproductive part.

Other options for healing the syndrome:

You perhaps understand that many physicians ignore Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome as they think that there is no presence of such symptoms in medical world. When you report your problems to your doctor, who has done tubal ligation, he may not help you. But, fortunately, some doctors suggest you some medical treatments. Some of them are-

Reversal of sterilization

When the supply of blood has been hampered in the initial process, it may not be effective. However, many women reported better feelings after the surgery.

Substitute of hormones

The physicians may suggest birth control medications in order to allow you in balancing your hormones. They may be taken as patches, pills and injections. But, there may be an adverse effect in some cases. Thus, the breastfeeding women or smokers need to be very careful.


This process is chosen when you’ve a considerable level of heavy unusual bleeding. NovaSure has proved its remarkable success rate in these bleeding cases. Patients, who have experienced this process, agree that the technique is effective for removing the period problems.


Hysterectomy is another option, recommended by the doctors, and it is a permanent procedure as it may not be reversed. Here, the physicians remove cervix and uterus for the solution.

Home remedies for PTLS

Black Cohosh – It is one of the herbs with some sedative feature. Its anti-inflammatory traits may assist you in decreasing menstrual discomfort. Women get rid of menopause signs and hot flashes by having these symptoms.

Maca – It’s a vegetable, which has the ability to rouse your follicles throughout your ovulation phase.

Healthy foods – Try to consume foods that have high fibre. Keep away from food chemicals and additives of any type. Lots of women experience balanced body after taking a good amount of nutrition on a daily basis. So, eat multivitamins and also fatty acids (Omega-3).

Lastly, to encourage you we can recommend that you must not be frustrated with your PTLS. Always remember that Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome can be controlled in some modern technique. Most of the patients have experienced success after having the surgical treatment or some other options. The tied tubes may be renovated well by means of the surgery.

However, prior to starting tubal implant process to any woman, most of the physicians make a discussion with a woman. You must be aware of this surgical process, and if you think that you may face side effects, it is better to avoid the operation.

However, when the process has already been completed, and you are experiencing symptoms, the above stated treatments may be tried in order to get the best solutions.