Queen of Cups Tarot Card – Meaning, Love, Reversed

Many tarot interpreters ignore the very foundations of the tarot while watching the charts.

It happens in the midst of fatigue, impatience and ignorance. However, tarot cards are painted so that they perfectly represent all life experiences. It would not be possible to achieve that the symbols are not related to the idea of ​​four elements. Not only is our world made up of fire, water, earth and air, but we humans integrate the world into four elements.

A short analysis of water starts. In the esoteric, especially astrology, this element is identified with the emotional function in man. Psychology took the basic division into four characters from the esoteric, among which the water corresponds to the phlegmatic temperament. It would be deeply sensitive people in whose heart the heart dominates the brain.

They are very emotional, they like to help and comfort, are great fans of family relationships and lifestyles, they are usually silent and withdrawn, mysterious and intuitive.

General Meaning of the Card

Artistic souls. Emotions, even the worst, govern life. They are very vicious enemies when their feelings are hurt. Blabbering, vengeful, mocking, manipulative, they like to blackmail, they are getting lazy, ruined, traitors. Those are those who kill emotions. In the tarot, almost every card belongs to at least one element. If the Crown Princess represents a gentle, immature, “girlish” side of the water, the Queen represents the mature, “damask” side of the water. The water here is deep but clean (clear). Emotions are better understood because the Queen has more experience than the Princess. The princess of the cup can be compared with a sophisticated, delicate dolphin, while the Queen looks more like a warlike rye.

Feelings are deep, dominated by strong intuition and protective maternal instinct. It is very difficult for the Queen to cheat emotionally. She is the one who creates a smoke curtain when she wants to cover something or protect someone. Verbal communication is not important to her. It’s all non-verbal; look, facial expression, movement, etc. This is a master of conversion. In a negative context, water through this tarot card is manifested by the spread of false empathy, by silent rampage, by false accusation. For example, the Queen is able to prepare the most exciting dinner just to find out if one of the enemies suffers. If the enemy is a member of the rope or wider family, which often happens, the team up.

The “Queen of the Cups” is the ruler of the Water Realm in the Tarot Card World, the Regent of Feelings, Foresight and Spirituality.

However, she looks pretty strict for her to embody the pure feeling in the Tarot (as the water of the water). Her gaze is directed to a beautifully decorated golden goblet, which is closed with a lid and held with both hands in front of her eyes.

At first glance, it looks like the queen of the water element is facing two crab claws from the handles of the calyx, but if you look closely, you will see two small cherubim statues. Such cherubs also adorned the ark of the covenant, the holy of holies of the people of Israel, in which, among other things, the Ten Commandments were kept. The biblical Ark of the Covenant is considered in the Jewish faith as a symbol of the contract between God and man, as a sign of the presence of the divine on earth. But the lid of the chalice is adorned with the Christian Cross, the symbol of the covenant of God in the New Testament. The critical eye of the queen of the goblets is thus directed at two beliefs at the same time; and she looks at her work in the past, as the left-facing, backward-looking position of her throne shows: What did the great world religions bring to man, could they heal and reconcile their souls? The answer is not found yet.

On her throne, however, the Queen of Water is completely in her archaic element of nature: she herself wears a crown adorned with foam beads and a wavy cape over her pearly white dress. Putti-like creatures, which instead of the wings, however, have the fishtail of a mermaid, decorate the throne of the chalice queen, which is shaped like a protective neptune-rump on the top like a shell. Then she sits diagonally to the viewer on the shores of the sea, whose waves meander at her feet. The beach is rocky, in the background is a cliff to see that protects the back of the queen. All this shows that we find the true spiritual support in our personal emotional life rather than in pre-established beliefs.

As a day ticket: If the Tarot image “Queen of the Cups” stands for you

It is quite possible that someone wants to convince you today of his views. Do not get involved, stay skeptical. Trust in the treasure that slumbers in yourself: what you really feel comfortable with personally, what gives you emotional harmony with yourself, and what your intuition or dream messages from the subconscious tell you about your needs are the guideposts, that you really need in life.

As the Love-Card: If the tarot card “Queen of the Cups” stands for your partner or your relationship

The “Queen of Cups” embodies a highly sensitive and empathic personality, but not necessarily a woman. So your beautiful human qualities may as well be your partner’s own. In this sense, you have “pulled ashore” a very special treasure: a man, at whose side you feel as safe and secure, as once as a child with your mother. That is rare – and precious!

Sensitive and reflective emotions, illusion, reflection, empathy, purity, imagination, beauty, mystery, introspection, love, patience, calmness, emotionality, romance, attention, hypnotizes, sensuality, artistic type, idealism, prophecy, medium, modest, obscure.

Message and Interpretation of Tarot Card

The Tarot Card Queen of the cup is ethereal, facing the introspection and unmoving in their emotions. Being radiant with innocence and purity, it is hypersensitive and easy to take on someone else’s influence. This is why it often reflects the emotions and thoughts of others so many people can recognize it in it.

She is a romantic person of visionary spirit and a lively imagination, representing all those who are enchanted by the magic of love and who look to the world through pink glasses. As it is sometimes prone to excessive idealization, it can often be naive and pay attention to everything that is offered and said to her. Likewise, it always looks and looks for good in people, and neglects the negative characteristics and is often disappointed at the end.

The thoughts of Queen of cups are constantly flowing, creating whirlwinds at the border where irrational and rational world is concerned, and it hardly accepts that these two worlds, though inextricably linked, have two different empires in which different laws apply.

The queen of the cup is governed by a water element, a pure feeling that is played with intuition, feeling and thought. In the real world, the Queen often finds himself in situations when he does not seem to be aware of the strength of a rational empire, overwhelmed by feelings, misses many opportunities and opportunities that a real world offers.

Her concentration is short-lived, her thoughts are easy to decide and may have difficulty in performing some of the intellectual work that requires focus. It shows a great tendency towards artistic professions, it can achieve superior results and one piece is worthy of it and its sensitivity that contributes to it.

In other professions, it mostly remains within the average. She has a strong tendency toward astrology, numerology and tarot, but because of the inferior function of thinking she lacks the ability of an objective analytical approach and therefore struggles to overcome this discipline. She is a fan of imagination, and one of the bad consequences of that trait can be a distorted picture of reality, a man he falls in love with, not with anxiety, intuition and feel, but only by feeling it becomes an inseparable part of her self.

If it is surrounded by a heavy tarot card, this person has lost the sense of reality – it is necessary to discern the imagination of reality in that case. If the tarot reading is related to circumstances, this tarot card brings us imagination and fruitful creativity, though the ideas we bring are often not realistic in reality. The situation in which we have been asked to look objectively and advise to wait for things to be proven in practice does not rely solely on deserted words.

If the tarot card is drawn in a reverse position

Jealousy, anger, cruelty, dark forces, chaos, fear, nightmare, hatred of oneself, fraud, confusion, irrationality, mood swings, delusions, narcotics, phantoms.

The Queen of cups symbolizes spirituality, knowledge, wisdom, mysticism, mystery, intuition and generosity. She is ready to illuminate things that you do not usually see to help you make the right decisions. The Queen’s Pocket Card sends you the signals to relive your feelings , to believe in intuition, to recognize your talents, potentials, and infinite possibilities hidden in you. Listen to the heart, do not persevere in such a logical and rational approach.

Meaning for work

A new, interesting opportunity will knock you on the door, you must accept it because it is a job that will be of crucial importance to your business future. Do not take part in gossip at the workplace, do not take part in them. Pay close attention to a woman’s light-colored hair that will be of great help – do not give up on her advice because it has much greater power than you think.

Meaning for Love

If you are a woman you will be irresistible to the opposite sex, you will give them care and cheating. Be careful that the right one does not get out of hand. When the Queen of the Cup appears, you have been too busy in flirting and maybe promiscuous behavior. Raise the hand brake.

Meaning for Finances

Staying solid on the financial plan is time to invest. Listen to the advice of an older woman and surely your investment will surpass your investment.

Meaning for Health

If you have a health problem and you need to undergo treatment, be sure to seek another opinion. Consider different approaches to treatment.

Spiritual meaning

You will get many different messages from different places, consult with people of trust. Your female side is represented, so you are open to receiving energy and messages from all sides. That does not mean anything bad, with the help of “fuses” you will be on the road to growth and development.

Map facing upside down

A card faced like this symbolizes conflict, neglecting your own emotions, and inner voice, sticking to things that are not positive to you. The queen of cups warns you that you have to catch up with your own unexplained emotions to keep normal functioning. He advises you to pay attention to what you agree; If you agree to something that is not good for you, the consequences could be quite significant.

Keep in mind how unfaithful you would not have been concerned. You will be exposed by gossip that encourages a female person from the immediate vicinity.