Red Bird, Cardinal – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

The Red bird or cardinal is a North American bird that can be found in Canada and in some parts of Mexico. The Red bird usually lives in woods, gardens and wetlands. This beautiful bird feeds on insects and plants and it is forbidden to hold this precious bird in a cage in your home.

Now that we learned more about the cardinal, we will look deeper into its symbolism and what it represents to the natives of North America. The bird symbolism is widely spread and highly popular in many cultures around the globe. Our ancestors devoted more attention to birds because they admired bird’s ability to fly.

No other animal had this possibility and humans always saw them as divine messengers and divine creatures that came down from the sky.

Cardinal inhabits only the North American continent, therefore its symbolism is linked to the cultures and natives that lived and still live there. The Red bird had an especially important meaning to the Native Americans and its symbolism is well described in many myths and ancient stories.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Spirit animals and totems influence our character and our behavior. An animal that is our spirit animal has a very important influence on our lives and it can even determine our destiny. Characteristics you know about a certain animal are characteristics you can recognize in yourself. The more powerful the animal is, the stronger your personality will be.

Our ancestors believed that animals carried divine energies in them and therefore had the ability to influence our lives. Tribes would take on a certain animal to be the tribe’s protector and to attract the type of energy they wanted to have. Our ancestors prayed to animal gods and asked for their protection in difficult moments. When we read spirit animal characteristics, it is not hard to spot the resemblance we share with certain animals.

As a spiritual animal, the red bird has a very important and valuable symbolism. The Red bird is considered to be a spiritual messenger. You are a person who listens to your intuition and the voice inside your head. You are almost always the initiator of all events and people love coming to you for advice.

Words that best describe the red bird or cardinals are:

  • Love,
  • Intuition,
  • Passion,
  • Stability,
  • Strategy,
  • Survival,
  • Focus,
  • Grace,
  • Destiny

When your spirit animal is the red bird you are a person who always knows where you stand. You have a very strong opinion about everything and not many things can set you off balance. When you have a goal in front of you, nothing and no one will stand on your way to success. The Red bird people know how to start and finish something in the most successful way.

One word that would best describe you is confident. But, this confidence is not unsupported by knowledge and intelligence. This is why you are most likely to succeed in almost anything you do.

The Red bird totem and spirit animal make you a leader but also a graceful person. You are someone who knows how to plan something and execute this plan to the last detail. You never step over corpses to get what you want, and your goal is to always keep your honor. Nothing is more important than stability in life and you wouldn’t shake this balance.

People born under this totem are very passionate in life. They can’t be their best if they don’t feel passionate about the thing they are doing.

Love is also very important for them and they are always seeking for that perfect partner to spend their life with. Love is the meaning of their life and they will do anything to fulfill this ultimate goal. But, if you break their heart, they won’t be gentle in their revenge. They never go back to their old partners and walk over their words.

Even though they might seem a little bit full of themselves, they are actually very kind and generous when you get to know them. Arrogance is only their mask they use to protect themselves from pain. Your ability to successfully lead others to success makes you a very suitable candidate for jobs like executive and manager positions, CEO and businessman career options. You have the ability to make things happen and to reach success no matter what. You are incredibly rightful and just enough strict, to get everybody in order. There is a charismatic aura around you that will help you reach excellence.

As a negative trait, we can mention arrogance. This seems to be the number one problem with people born under the red bird or cardinal totem. They tend to look overly confident to other people and too consumed in their work, hat they put other people off. This is, of course, only a mask which hides a kind and generous person.

Overall, red bird or cardinal is a symbol of confident and powerful personality that is always on top of the situation. You know how to get things done and how to make your life successful. Because of this, red bird totem is considered to be one of the most powerful bird totems in the world.

Symbolism and Meaning

The Red bird or cardinal is a bird native to the North American continent. Because of this, the Native American tribes have many stories about this precious bird and they even consider it to be the Spiritual Messenger. In Cherokee creation myths, the first red bird that was created was the daughter of the Sun. This is why red birds have a strong feminine energy within them and female birds are brightly colored than the male red birds.

Choctaw people believed that red birds were omens for relationships. If you saw a red bird and you are already in a relationship, you can expect troubles coming your way. Problems and fights are about to enter your love life and overall the red bird symbol brought nothing but bad luck. Those who were single could expect their situation to change. The Red birds or cardinals were considered symbols of good luck and signs of love that is just around the corner.

Other Native American tribes believed that cardinals could predict the weather. They were considered to be watchers and they guided hunters in their quests. It was always a good idea to follow the red bird wherever it went. The color red in cardinal was considered very lucky and a protection color against enemies and troubles.

Native American shamans were the creators of the medicine wheel. The medicine wheel consisted out of four directions the north, south, east and west. There were also four main colors red, blue, black and white. The color red, that is the color of the cardinal bird, was associated with the East and the spring. Old Native American belief is that you need to turn to the East and say your message, and it will be directly sent to the Spirit.

The Red bird or cardinal is mentioned both in Native American culture as well in Christianity. There are seven Archangels and four of them are considered to be cardinal angels. They are influenced to inspire people and cultures.

Their value is great for the entire religion and there is a very similar belief in the Native American culture. They believe that the Spirit offers protection and direction to the people through messengers that are sent on Earth.

The Red bird or cardinal played an important role in history. Cardinals are a link between the earth and the spiritual realm and therefore they are highly worshiped in many countries and cultures. Their value is extraordinary, even though their natural habitat is not spread around the world. They are spiritual messengers on Earth that have important messages for all of us.

Dreams about red birds

If you saw a red bird in your dream, then you need to think twice about your actions. The Red birds symbolize destiny and passion and you might be mistaken about something. You aren’t aware of the details that could be important and that might cause you to fail in something you have been working on.

If you saw a dead red bird in your dream, then your enemies are plotting something against you. Be extra careful about your actions and don’t say or do something that could be used against you. If the red bird in your dream was flying you need to go back to an old passion you had in life. There is something you have forgotten about that made you feel fulfilled and satisfied in life.


When this bird is your spirit animal or totem, you can be certain of your success. You are a very strong person with a good sense of who you are and what you want to do in life.

Passion motivates you and makes you feel strong and confident about your purpose in life.

Your leadership abilities are going to help you become successful and powerful in everything you try to achieve. Love is the main motif in your life and you are always the one cheering for it.

Cardinal bird is a positive symbol in your life that is going to help you reach greatness in life. Let your passion lead you through life and let yourself be guided by the powers of the divine.