Roadrunner – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Roadrunners are one of the fastest birds in the world and are native to North America.

Although they are unable to fly, they can run fast – up to 60 km / h. The most famous representative of the roadrunner family is probably the Roadrunner from the popular cartoon “Coyote and the Roadrunner”, whose homeland is deserts in America. Among the birds that are related to the roadrunner there are the Roadrunner in Australia, the Kiwi in New Zealand, the Cassowary in New Guinea and the Nanda in South America.

In this respect, the distribution of roadrunners extends only to the Northern hemisphere, but they prefer a warm and dry climate. The most famous features of the roadrunneres are their slender physique, long beaks and strong feet. Roadrunners are mainly herbivores – i.

Their diet consists mainly of grasses, leaves, flowers, buds and fruits – as an accompaniment they sometimes take small insects and worms.

Roadrunner – Spirit Animal and Totem

You only get justice and truth if you have internalized these qualities yourself. Justice is a matter of adjustment. It exists only when all parties involved experience justice. If it is just for one side, it is not justice. Justice and honesty are inextricably linked. Being true does not mean that you have to tell everything, but what you are told should be the truth.

Silence can also be honesty, and sometimes necessary to protect yourself or others. To be true to oneself and to be true to oneself often needs courage. Dishonesty is an energy that weakens us. You create images and thoughts of peace and happiness in me that influence my work.

The roadrunner with its keen eye is clever and inventive. He is assigned to the Egyptian goddess Maat, she examines the hearts of the people. When the roadrunner appears in its wake, its feathers are a symbol of justice and truth.

The EGO is always our strongest obstacle. With arrogance, pride and arrogance there is no justice. Let go of all negative thoughts, feelings like anger, blame, and allegations. Just as you are responsible for how you handle the situation, each of your opponents is equally responsible for themselves.

Symbolism and Meaning

In many indigenous peoples of America roadrunners enjoy a high reputation and were an important supplier of meat, eggs and feathers. In Egyptian mythology, the roadrunner is associated with Maat, goddess of truth and justice, which is why Maat is also depicted in female form with an roadrunner feather on his head. Maat guards the earthly and cosmic order and maintains the natural balance. In the mythology of the Australian Aborigines, the Roadrunner takes on a similarly central role as the lizard and the kangaroo.

According to a legend of the Dreamtime, Roadrunner is said to be the Creator and Mother Earth of all human beings. All people are therefore the children of a great Roadrunners. Even today, the Roadrunner enjoys a high reputation in America.

Roadrunner medicine

When the roadrunner enters your life as a power animal, you need to develop speed and strength and to test the properties of your own heart. Likewise, the power-roadrunner gives you the skills of wisdom and alertness. His worldly representative is able to kick off uninvited guests with his big and strong feet so that they leave him alone and gain land.

Likewise, his spiritual representative, the power animal Roadrunner, can help you to keep certain people at a distance and to clearly show the boundaries to others. In this respect, the power animal Roadrunner also points to the topics of truth and justice.

With his help, you gain insight into the earthly and cosmic laws and can thus better judge. This not only helps you tremendously in finding the truth, but also to resolve contentious issues fairly and just. The roadrunner’s ability to run fast in case of danger or attack will also be yours if the roadrunner is your power animal. With its help, you can “make a quick trip” when it is needed or strike unexpectedly and quickly, before the attacked even knows what is lost.

Such a surprise attack can be beneficial in some situations and often sets the clearest signal. Although it is only a myth that the Roadrunner stick their heads in the sand, they still want to warn against it as a power animal. It may seem pleasant to stick your head in the cool earth in heated situations, but it is not a solution that promises good things. If you just “shut up,” close your eyes to reality and do nothing, it just gets worse. But maybe it’s not as bad as you think and it may not threaten any danger, only you will not see it until you take your head out of the sand again (or not put it in there at all).

The Roadrunner, a flightless bird, is the largest and fastest running among the living birds.

He is also the only one of his kind. He loves the spout and is an excellent foot-fighter. His gaze is unusually sharp, and he is clever and ingenious. He is assigned to the Egyptian goddess Maat, she examines the hearts of the people. If he appears in his retinue, his feathers are a symbol of truth and justice. You are now receiving fair and just treatment, a contentious issue will be well settled for you. Ask your spiritual leadership for support and release all negative emotions such as anger, blame, and allegations.

The ways of the spiritual are unfathomable, and anyway everything is going according to the divine laws. Although we cannot always immediately recognize why something is happening to us, we can hope for divine grace and justice if we remain sincere. When your soul follows the truth and is at peace, it is light as a feather. The bouquet also advises you to keep yourself mentally and physically fit and to connect with your spiritual guidance in silence and meditation. So you gain the prudence, foresight and clarity that you need now. You are co-creator in the big plan.

So create a strong picture of peace and peaceful development for the benefit of all, and let go. Learn to change your world through inner pictures in peace and harmony.

Dream interpretation

A Roadrunner in a dream wants to signal to you, not to close your eyes not to reality and upcoming problems. The head-in-the-sand-stuck method will not work the way you want it to. Instead, courageously confront life and make it realistic and without illusions.