Robin – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Robins are small birds that have a very interesting symbolic meaning behind them. They are known as the spirit animals for centuries and ancient cultures truly believed in their power and symbolic value. This only goes to show how size doesn’t necessarily mean importance. Sometimes even the smallest creatures can have a very interesting symbolic meaning and how they can leave a strong impact on our lives.

Robin is usually related to the start of a new year and it was long considered to be a symbol of rebirth and new start. Robin birds belong to the family of thrush and we have several species that inhabit almost the entire world. This small bird can be found on the European continent and in the North American continent. The name of this bird comes from its appearance and brownish-red feathers in front of its body.

Animal symbolism, especially bird symbolism, has been important for cultures around the world. Every animal had a special place in cultures around the globe and every animal had a special place in the universe of symbols.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Totem and spirit animals guide us through life and help us get to know ourselves and the world around us. Your spirit animal can be determined by looking carefully on your life and paying attention to animals that have been constantly present around you. Their presence is important because it signifies that this animal is your spirit animal and that the energy of this animal is what leads you through life.

Totem animal is determined by your birth date and every person has its own totem animal. Unlike spirit animals that guide us through life, totem animals open our eyes to our character and the way we truly are. Their energy and power can even be transferred onto us in order to help us overcome difficult moments. They were extremely important to ancient cultures and people prayed to their totem animals to send them power and resilience to overcome difficulties of life.

Spirit animal

As a spirit animal, Robin is best described by these words:

  • Illness
  • Hope
  • Satisfaction
  • Joy
  • Language
  • Pioneering
  • Luck
  • Movement
  • Musicality
  • Pleasure
  • Renewal
  • Simplicity
  • Happiness
  • Contentment
  • Clarity

People guided by this spirit animal are people who know how to re-invent themselves and start over. They are rarely depressed or hopeless and their energy levels are always high. When you need a boost of confidence or ray of hope, these are the people you need to talk to. They are great advice-givers because they always see the positive side of everything.

People guided by the Robin spirit animal are very positive and happy people. They are always looking for new ways to enjoy life and make their days more pleasurable. No matter how old they are, they never forget to cherish their childish side of character and that is what keeps them vital and strong. When others see darkness they see an opportunity for rebirth and start of something new. Their strategy is to always look on the bright side of life, because there is no such thing as sadness.

With that being said, Robin sprit animal makes you a creature of impulses and pleasure. You love enjoying yourself no matter what is the occasion. You are a hard-worker but you also love taking some time off to enjoy life.

Your life is very simple but everything is clear as day. You tend to stay away from risky deals and situations, and rather go for something clear and simple. People bring you joy, especially if they are as positive as you are. Learning is important in your life and you keep educating yourself, even after finishing school. Another talent of yours is languages, so you can handle jobs that have something to do with speaking and rhetoric very well.


As a totem animal, Robin is a representation of a bright and positive personality that is always on the search for something new. You are a strong person, because you know how to put on a smile on your face, even though things aren’t good.

You love spending time with people and in movement. When you express yourself it certainly resonates with other people, and they see you as a big speaker and a great diplomat. Careers that have something to do with speaking, media or journalism are perfect for you.

Filling your life with optimism and joy is the primary goal of your life, and your attitude towards life is always positive. No matter how hard it gets, you love putting on a smile and focus your attention on something pleasant and enjoyable. This can sometimes be taken as neglect or madness by other people, but you simply choose to hide your pain and sorrow from the eyes of others. One thing you need to learn is to express your sadness and sorrow to people you love and ask for their support, because keeping everything in you, covered with a smile, can be devastating for you.

Symbolism and Meaning

This small, brown/red chested bird is many people’s favorite bird. Traditionally, the Robin bird symbolizes joy, development and reconstruction, and it is associated with the coming of the spring. With Robin’s song people know that it is the right time to get out of their homes and enjoy the beautiful weather. It is often used as a symbol of winter and displayed on Christmas cards and decorations, and it is also portrayed in numerous folk beliefs.

Robins have a strong significance in ancient myths and traditions. One story has its roots in European mythology, in which the Robin is associated with the New Year and Christmas, and symbolizes the Divine sacrifice and the rebirth of the spirit.

In medieval Europe, a Robin is often associated with Jesus Christ. A small Robin bird flew to the Jesus’s wreath of thorns, bravely trying to pull the thorns off with his beak. But, the bird just split its chest on the thorns. Since then, it is believed that the Robin bird wears red feathers on its chest as a sign of honor.

Many Native American beliefs are linked to the Robin’s solar symbolic meaning. It is considered a symbol of dawn, because his chest is pink-red, as the symbol of the sun’s rays that illuminate the earth with hope, and because his beak is a bright yellow color. It was also believed that the sun used to set on his wings.

The Ravine, Native American tribe, connects the return of the sun and the beginning of the spring with the Robin bird. Also, the Robin was a symbol of prophetic vision, clarity, and great wisdom, due to the white ring around its eye.

There is a folk belief that the Robin bird protects against the lightning and lightning strike. This story comes from the fact that the Robin usually makes a nest underneath the roof of a house, and therefore brings families happiness and joy. Also, it was believed that it was not good to get rid of the Robin bird or to bring down his nest, because he who did it would get sick and experience uncertain fate.

There are also some other beliefs linked to the Robin bird that are quite interesting. After you see the first Robin of the year, you need to make a wish before the bird disappears, and it will come true. When you see a Robin bird in your garden or home, represents good luck.

When Robins make their nest inside the fence or in a hole, this means the colder days or rainier days are coming. If the Robin bird sings inside the church, this means someone is about to die. When you hear the Robin bird singing outside, this means the good weather is coming.

Having a Robin bird inside your house means that someone will die and if it enters your home in November, this means a disaster is about to strike.

Dreams about Robins

Robins in our dreams can have various symbolic meanings. Sometimes they bring us good news and other times we can expect nothing but negativity.

Seeing a Robin – If you saw a Robin bird in your dream, this means you are about to have a life changing experience. This bird usually announces a beginning of something new and exciting that is going to change your perspective of the world. Sometimes the changes that are coming won’t be easy, but you will push through them and make significant improvement.

Hearing a Robin – This dream is a symbol of good news and favorable times that are coming your way. This dream is considered to be very positive and you can concentrate your attention on various areas of your life, because all of them will be successful.

Dead Robin – Seeing a dead Robin in a dream represents bad news and negativity. This dream is warning you about negative things that are going to happen to you and you need to gather strength to persevere through them.

Killing a Robin – If you had a dream about killing a Robin, then you need to be careful about your actions. This dream is warning you about your actions that might cause harm to other people. Perhaps you are being too aggressive in your actions and this is not going to be good for you or the people with whom you are working with or have any other kind of relationship.

Several Robins – When you saw several Robins in your dream, this means you have a lot of people in your life who love you and you feel blessed. They are your rocks and you feel like nothing can harm you when you are near them.


Robin’s symbolism is very interesting and very deeply buried in the minds of various cultures. People believed in Robin’s symbolism and lived by the rules that were created based on the ancient stories and myths. Robin symbolism is still relevant today and people still believe in its power. It is remarkable to see how a small bird like this had a huge impact on human culture and how it managed to form such a strong symbolic meaning.

Stories about these small, beautiful birds are still passed on from one generation to another and still interesting to people.