Seeing Water In Dream Is Good or Bad?

Dreams are a good representation of our subconscious mind and everything we secretly desire to see in real life. Our dreams are sometimes there to help us understand where we are making a mistake and to help us do better next time.

Sometimes we even forget about certain things, but we can’t escape from our minds and our souls. Dreams are always there to make us see things we at times don’t want to see and live through again.

Certain elements like fire and water can have a strong symbolical meaning and can express our darkest, deepest emotions. Water especially has the tendency to make us feel a certain way, because it is one of the nature’s strongest elements. Water is both sinister and peaceful.

Seeing it in our dream makes us wonder what lies beneath water and what kind of fears will come up to the surface if we disturb the calmness of water. Dreams about water can have both positive and negative meanings. Sometimes they are there to warn us about things that could happen in the near future, and other times they are just reflections of how we feel right now and how happy we are in our own skin.

In today’s text we will try to explain some of the most common dreams about water and what they actually represent to us. What kind of secrets and fears they are hiding and how we can interpret these dreams in the best possible way, so that we can apply its message in our life.

Dreams about water – Interpretation

Drowning in water – IF you had a dream about drowning in water, this means you are feeling overwhelmed by problems. These problems might not be unsolvable but you can’t seem to swim up to the surface and face these problems head on. Perhaps you need to apply a different approach and try something else in order to make these problems disappear. You might even be creating these problems for yourself without any reason, and you need to stop thinking about them as they are something unsolvable.

Being in shallow water – If you had a dream about being in shallow water in your boat, this dream represents your current state of mind. You feel like there is no way out of this situation and that you are currently stuck in this position. Instead of moving forward you keep scraping the bottom of the sea which enables you to move forward.

Water inside the boat – When you had a dream about your boat being filled with water, this means you are going to get some sort of financial improvement in life. This improvement might come from various sources and you will be able to solve all your financial struggles once and for all.

Moving in water – Moving in water in your dream is a symbol of your romantic life progressing and moving forward. This dream is telling you that you are finally moving somewhere in life and that things are starting to change. You can even use this dream to make a difference in your life, if you were filled with doubt and didn’t trust yourself to do something amazing.

Pouring someone with water – If you had a dream about pouring water on someone, then this means you are going to be a part of an embarrassing situation. Something is about to happen to you that are going to mark you for life and cause you great embarrassment. This is something that can’t be avoided, but if you position yourself right this embarrassment could fade out quickly.

Bathing in the water – If you were bathing in the water in your dream, this means you will be able to resist a bad influence in your life. This bad influence will come from someone who is close to you and someone who is going to try to diminish your success. This dream can also symbolize your overall characteristic, and your ability to say no to things that you feel aren’t right for you.

Carrying water somewhere – If you had a dream about carrying water to someone or somewhere, this means you are going to be able to overcome problems in your life. This dream is announcing a soon improvement in your life, in personal and work area. You will be equally successful in every attempt to make a progress and things will be looking good for you.

Swimming in cold water – If you had a dream about swimming in freezing water, this means you might get into dangerous situations in the upcoming period. This dream is warning you because you have been acting irrational and careless in the previous period, which might result in being a part of a dangerous situation.

Watering your plants – Watering the plants in the dream is a symbol of your social nature and extroverted nature. You love being around people and this dream represents this characteristic. This dream can also symbolize your desire to be more outgoing and to include yourself in more social activities because you might be feeling a little bit lonely.

Being in dark water – when you had a dream about being inside dark water, this dream is a symbol of bad news. Someone is going to let you know something about a person who is dear to you, which will cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Bad news can be related to your personal life or to your work, but either way the news won’t be positive.

Diving under water – If you had a dream about diving under water, this means you are feeling uncertain about something. Perhaps you made an important decision recently but now you are overthinking your actions and you are not very certain that you have made the right decision.

Snakes in the water – When you had a dream about snakes in the water, this means you have a lot of enemies in life. People who might seem close to you and who are your supposed friends might be trying to hurt you or cause harm. Their actions are directed to hurting you and causing even more damage, which is why you would like to distance yourself from them. Make sure you keep as much things as possible to yourself and don’t let these people use the information against you.

Water coming from the ceiling – If you had a dream about water coming from the ceiling, then you is going to have someone interfere with your life. Someone is going to try to hurt you or do harm and you need to keep things private if you don’t want this person to make serious damage to your work or personal life. It is better to distance yourself from this person and exclude it from your life.

Dead fish in the water – When you had a dream about dead fish in the water, this means you are going to be disappointed and betrayed by someone. This person will be someone close to you who is going to use the situation you are n right now to cause you additional harm. Make sure you open up your eyes and notice his person’s actions before it is too late.

Coffin inside the water – When you had a dream about a coffin floating on water, this means you are going to have some positivity coming your way. This dream might seem dark, but it represents something completely different. You can expect a lot of good things happening to you in the upcoming period and a lot of new positive changes.

Fear of water – Having a dream about being afraid of water is a symbol of regret. There is something you have done in your life that you feel it was a mistake and you would gladly go back in time and do things completely different. Since you can’t do that, it is best to look forward to the new day and to forget about the past.