Sparrow – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Sparrows are small birds from the Passeridae family. There are several different species of sparrows around the world and all of them have the characteristic small growth.

Since they inhabit almost every part of our planet, sparrow symbolism is widely spread and well-known. People often underestimate this petit bird and don’t take its meaning too seriously.

However, these small birds have a lot to offer and their behavior is more interesting than we think.

Their size is not the reflection of their importance in the symbolic world and it is a great reminder that we don’t have to be big to achieve great things. All we have to do is to have faith in us and our capabilities.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Spirit animals and totems played a very important role in the past. People relied on the characteristics of a certain animal in order to evaluate someone’s behavior and character.

Even today, people are interested in the influence that nature has over us. There is much more to this belief than we think and our spirit animals show us more about ourselves than we love to think. They guide us through life and teach us how to deal with loss and success. Totems are our animalistic protectors that can help us overcome difficult moments in life and teach us how to persevere just like animals do in nature.

As a totem or spirit animal, the sparrow is best described with the words:

  • Simplicity,
  • Creativity,
  • Joy,
  • Friendliness,
  • Protection,
  • Inclusion
  • Productivity

These words give us a rough idea about the personality of a person born under the influence of this spirit animal or totem. People protected by a sparrow totem are joyful people who love spending time with others. Sharing ideas and thoughts with other people makes them truthfully happy and fulfilled. Their intentions are always kind and they always say what is in their heart. If you have this person in your life, keep it close to you because you will always have an honest and truthful friend.

People protected by the sparrow spirit animal are also great communicators and they love spending time surrounded by people. Unlike some other people, they feel energized after social gatherings and ready to take on any kind of challenge. It is safe to say that, if your spirit animal is a sparrow, you are the light of the party and everybody wants to be around you. You enlighten every room with your fun energy and positive attitude. Their kindness in combination with intelligence is the ultimate formula to success.

Sparrows are perfect reminders that size doesn’t necessarily guarantee success. You are probably a hard worker who knows how important the small tasks are. You always look at the bigger picture and you don’t mind enduring through difficult moments if the reward is going to be great.

Sparrow spirit animals are also symbols of productivity and creativity. It is possible that you enjoy spending your time doing something creative, like drawing or even thinking about new and creative ways to solve a problem at work. There is no limit to your creative mind and you will excel at jobs that have something to do with communication, team-work and innovation.

We can safely say that the main trait of this small bird is its ability to bring joy to others. Their goal in life is to be as positive as possible and to make others feel the same way. There is nothing malicious and bad about them that could cause you to feel negative. Living their lives with a positive attitude is something we should all learn from them, since everything seems much easier when you have faith in yourself and the world.

Sparrow people handle problems with ease and they always keep a cool head in difficult situations. They would never allow problems to get them off balance and to destroy everything they have been working for. If your spirit animal is a sparrow, then you can consider yourself very lucky. Never underestimate this petite bird and let its energy guide you through life. You are at your strongest when you are surrounded by people who love and respect you. Stay close to your community and always drive your strength from your teammates.

Symbolism and Meaning

A sparrow might be a petite bird but its symbolism is surely not unimportant. As a symbol in Britain, sparrow represented friendship and harmony. Every household was happy to have a sparrow nest under their roof, because this small bird made their days much more beautiful and happier with their songs. Besides offering a beautiful song to the household, the sparrow was believed to have an important influence on the family relationships. Therefore, the sparrows were always welcomed and protected by people.

In Middle Ages, sparrow was a symbol associated with a lower class of people and those who didn’t own too much. Even though the higher classes disregarded sparrows, the lower classes adored them and enjoyed their presence. A Sparrow was the protector and savior of the lower classes that were under the power of the Lord. Sparrows were heir spirit animals and protectors against the bad and the unholy in this world. Many folk stories and poems speak about the important symbolic meaning of a sparrow in the Middle Ages. Sparrows would fight against dangerous animals that threatened the peasants.

Greek goddess Aphrodite was surrounded by her pet sparrows, and in this ancient culture, sparrows played a completely different role. Unlike other, larger birds, they were considered as kind and gentle birds that offered people friendship and support. Their role wasn’t to be great and powerful, their role was to be kind and supportive of people’s actions.

In Christianity, it is believed that the sparrow was the only birds present when Jesus was crucified. Because of this fact, sparrows are associated with triumph and overcoming sadness. Their bodies might not be the strongest and the most powerful ones, but they are surely able to persevere through some hardships.

Sparrows are universal symbols of joy and community. Just like in real life, you can rarely see someone guided by this spirit animal without company. They truthfully enjoy spending time with other people and that is their energy charger. Besides being joyful they are also very hard working people with a clear goal in front of them.

There is so much we can learn from these petite birds to make our lives seem much better. We would be happier and more fulfilled, if we would learn to live our lives as sparrows do. They teach us to be strong no matter how small we are and to never let others judge us based on first impressions.

Dreams about sparrows

Sparrow dreams can appear often, especially if we take into consideration the fact that they can be easily seen all around us. Each and every dream can only be interpreted if we take all of the elements and situations we dreamed about into consideration. Only this way, we can get a clear image about the meaning of a dream and how it can be applied on our life.

Dreams about sparrows are symbols of pride and innocence. They can also be symbols of freedom and your desire to spread your wings and fly off to a better future. Sometimes, sparrows can even symbolize happiness of feelings of joy you are currently experiencing in your life.

A baby sparrow in a dream is a symbol of newborn soon arriving to your close family. Whether you will be pregnant or someone else close to you, you can be sure that this dream is announcing an addition to the family.

When you caught a sparrow in your dream, this means you can’t seem to let go of someone in your life. This person is too precious for you and you feel like your world is about to fall apart if this person leaves. Dreams like this can also symbolize a warning sign that you are holding someone too close to you and you need to learn how to let go sometimes. Everybody deserves their freedom and you will feel much better about that person if you let her explore the world on her own.

Dream about a wounded sparrow is a symbol of sadness and grief. You can expect something tragic to happen to you in the upcoming period that will turn your world around. Don’t be scared of the future and face every challenge with your head up high. This is the only way to persevere through hard moments and to get out of them as a winner.

When you had a dream about a flock of sparrows then you need to have a more open mind to new ideas and opportunities. You might be missing out on a lot in your life, because you are too scared to see the broader picture.

Every dream is special in its own way, and these are just a few examples of how dreams about sparrows can affect your life. To understand your dreams better, open up your soul and your mind to the divine forces. Your dreams can have important messages to pass on to you and to understand them you need to have a little bit of faith in the spiritual forces.


Sparrows are universal symbols of joy, partnership, community and productivity. These small birds might look unimportant but their strength lies in other things.

They are not the strongest, smartest and the most powerful birds, but they are perfect reminders that we are equally important as others no matter how small we are. Our achievements are measured in the number of friends and good things you have done in your life. Sparrow also symbolizes hope and kindness that we need to have in order to persevere through hard moments in our lives.

Spirit animals are our guiding forces and if we let ourselves be guided by their powerful energies, nothing can stand on our way to glory. If we would all live by the rules of our ancestors our lives would be much simpler and happier. Nurturing the nature and learning from it should be our goal in life, so let yourself be lifted by your spirit animal and make your life a life to be remembered.