Swan – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Swans are gorgeous, elegant creatures that play an important role in symbolism. It is quite obvious why we are so obsessed with swan’s beauty. They are gentle but still quite strong birds that can send a strong message in a symbolic way. Swans only inhabit small fractions of our planet but that was enough for them to forever become an important part of our lives. If you ever wondered about can swans fly, the answer is yes. They usually migrate during winter time to the warmer regions.

Swan symbolism is widely used in art and literature. People often relate swan symbolism to beauty, transformation and grace. They can surely be called the royalty among birds and animals in general. Their simplicity captures our attention and makes us want to be as graceful as they are. Many famous musicians and artists used swan symbolism to send an important message out to the world and to make us pay more attention to their work.

Swan symbolism, and bird symbolism in general, was highly valued in ancient times. Our ancestors noticed the beauty and value of these animals from early on. Dating centuries back to present day, swan symbolism seems to be growing stronger and even more popular. This only shows the magnitude of swan symbolism to humankind and our mad love for them.

Swan – spirit animal and totem

If you never explored the magnificent world of animal symbolism, this might be your time. Animal symbolism might seem like a load of rubbish to some people, but if you look beyond bland comparison between people and animals you will see a much deeper and meaningful connection.

Our totems and spirit animals tell us more about our subconscious mind and desires. The fact is, we are born from nature just like animals and even though we are much more developed in some ways, we are all striving towards one thing and that is survival. Totem animal can be determined by your birth date and every person has its own totem animal. They teach us how to use our positive characteristics and how to keep the negative ones under controls.

Spirit animal is determined by your subconscious thoughts. There is certainly an animal that was always by your side and somehow you felt the energy of this animal more than others. Seeing this animals wakes up certain emotions in you and makes you suddenly humble.

Spirit animal

As spirit animal, swan is best described by these words:

  • love
  • grace
  • elegance
  • purity
  • beauty
  • dreams
  • balance
  • transformation
  • partnership
  • union

People guided by the swan spirit animal are in love with the world. They are hopeless romantics who enjoy having someone by their side to love. Having a partner next to them makes them happier, more productive and stronger. When they are in love, swan people are prepared to almost anything to satisfy their partner and sweep him of his feet. No matter how long they are in a relationship they are prepared to sacrifice themselves for true love and stick with their partner through thick and thin.

These people are also elegant and graceful. Some might think this is only the description for their appearance, but these are also character descriptions. Their manners are mild, they are kind and graceful in life and they are a true pleasure to be around. Strangers are mesmerized by their behavior and many fall in love with them the first time they meet them. There is something about their aura that attracts people and makes everyone love them. Having them in your life means having a true friend and companion for life.

Swans also symbolize transformation. Just like in the story about Ugly Duckling, people guided by the swan spirit animal are masters of transformation. They love re-inventing themselves and accepting change. Even though change is hard for others, swan people love being challenged by new adventures and situations. They grow and adapt to them and never look back at their old lives.

Swan symbolized balance as well. They enjoy having just the right amount of everything in life and excess is not something they want. Because of this, they are able to make a true heaven of their lives and enjoy each moment to the fullest. They might not be the beat and the most important people, but they will find true happiness in their own little world.


Totem animals show us our positive and negative characteristics. Like I mentioned earlier, totem animal is determined by your birth date. This means each person has its own totem animal that has the ability to lift us up and remind us about our hidden powers.

Swan totem animal makes you a pleasure to be around and to have in life. You simply know how to make others feel comfortable and how to find the right words to lift them up. Being such a graceful and kind person makes you a great co-worker as well, but you won’t sacrifice your opinion just to please others. You will certainly tell it like it is no matter how this makes you look. People often try to cross you but they soon regret doing that.

Transforming both physically and emotionally is never a challenge for you. While others vine about having changes in their lives, you find them challenging and interesting. Seeing yourself adapt to various life situations makes you proud of your achievements and progress.

As a negative characteristic, some might mention your overly attached behavior at times. You love truly and to the bone, and this is why it might seem to others as if you are obsessed and overly attached to a person. Being this emotional makes you often a victim of people you love, especially if they betray you or hurt you in any way.

Another bad characteristic is your preoccupation with other people’s opinions. Sometimes they mean more to you than your own opinion, which makes you very insecure at times. These characteristics can, of course, be seen as both good and bad depending on how you look at relationships and life in general.

Swan – symbolism and meaning

Swans are one of the most often used symbols in art and literature. There is something about them that makes it impossible to ignore. They are gentle and so elegant, that they make people want to have that kind of behavior in life. Seeing a swan floating carelessly on the surface of water, wakes up calmness and peace inside our hearts. It is no wonder ancient cultures made up entire stories and myths devoted to beautiful swans.

Swans enriched people’s minds for centuries and made our culture richer. Many myths and ancient stories tell us about the beauty of swans and the important things they can teach us about life. According to an old legend about the creation of the world, swan used to be a symbol of water and air which were the key elements necessary to the creation of the world. By being the symbol of what is necessary for the creation of life, swans became the symbols of life itself.

Ancient Egyptians believed that swans take the souls of the dead to the other world. They were in one form vessels that transported our souls to the other side. Romans believed that swans are linked to the goddess of love Venus. In ancient Greece, swan was associated with Apollo, god of sun and he was often portrayed in images riding a swan. The highest deity in ancient Rome, god Zeus, took the form of a swan in order to get closer to Ledia, according to an ancient myth.

In Celtic culture, swan was a symbol of song and dance. They were symbols of love, happiness, positive energy, purity and music as well. Some even believed that swans had the healing power, gifted to them by the Sun. According to old myths, swans could transform into sacred beings which is the reason why they usually took forma of swans when they came down to Earth.

In German mythology, swan was linked to ancient warrior princesses Valkyrie. They had the ability to transform into a swan and whoever gets the white feather of a Valkyrie warrior had the ability to control her.

In Slavic culture, swan symbolized the soul of a dead person and seeing one meant that this person is trying to communicate with you or make one last contact. However, black swans weren’t considered as noble as the white ones. People saw dark swan as a symbol of darkness and they believed that demons can transform themselves into swans. In Far East, swan was a symbol of nobility, grace and courage. Swan images can be seen in temples across China and Japan.

In popular culture. Swans have kept their important symbolic role. They are still symbols of strength and grace, combined in one gentle creature. Movies, novels and art are full of swan symbolism that continues to capture people’s attention.

Dreams about swans

Seeing a swan – If you saw a swan in your dream, this means you are craving love and affection. Period that is ahead of you might grant your wishes when it comes to finding the one. Female swan is a symbol of love that is about to happen to you and male swan symbolizes masculine energy that is ruling your life.

Black swan – Black swan explanation or meaning is related to death and misfortune. This dream can be taken as a warning sign. White swan, on the other hand, is a symbol of luck and good fortune.

Young swan – Seeing a baby swan represents your desire to find inner peace and stability. This dream can also represent your desire to become a parent.

Dead swan – Dead swan symbolizes bad luck and misfortune. Stay away from risky business deals because they won’t bring you anything positive.

Swan attacking you – If a swan tried to attack you in your dream, this means you have someone close to you who is acting suspicious. This person is showing signs of jealousy or discomfort when you are together, and this is reflecting in your dream.


Swan symbolism is widely recognized and favorited by many. Reason for this is its strong symbolic meaning and powerful message that can be clearly understood by a lot of people. Swans symbolize purity, union, love and grace. They are sending us a message to always be graceful in life and to never show weakness.

They are living signs how people can be both kind and strong at the same time. Learning from nature in their best forms is what we need to do and if we did more of that our lives would be more meaningful.