The Empress Tarot Card Meaning

The cards are supposed to have originated in ancient Egypt and have come over the Moors and southern Spain to the north. They played with them, but they also laid the future with them. The first written evidence of this practice dates back to 1781. The maps were developed further and got different looks from different artists.

In the 19th century, the French poet, deacon and occult Éliphas Lévi shaped the cards in much the same way as we know them today, adding elements of the Jewish Kabbalah and alchemy to the original cards. Almost at the same time Oswald Wirth developed a collection of cards, which today is referred to as the “Great Arcana”.

Levi and Wirth and several others who worked with Tarot were members of the secret society Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. A very famous member was Aleister Crowley, who influenced the shape and composition of the cards lasting.

From these templates, the Waite Rider Tarot was created in 1910, which has become the most popular Tarot decks in the course of the 20th century, although it is e.g. even the traditional Aleister-Crowley-Tarot exists. Arthur Edward Waite, an American Spiritologist and member of the Order of the Golden Dawn, gave the instructions and inspiration, and the draftsman Pamela Smith allegedly performed these instructions as she drew the cards. They finally appeared in the publisher “Rider Company” and got their name, which was composed of the publisher and the inspirer.

Who were the two who developed these famous cards?

Although Arthur Edward Waite was born in New York, he grew up in London and attended school there. Only late in life he returned to the USA for a short time, but died in 1942 in London. Probably at his birth in 1857 no one had thought that he would ever become such a great name in the world of spirituality. His father was in the navy, the mother a housewife.

However, Arthur experienced two deaths that were very close to him. When he was a child, his father died. The mother therefore moved back to London with him and his sister. His sister died in 1874, and from that time on, he began to engage with the supernatural. He studied parapsychology with astonishing seriousness because, in his eyes, it was an extremely serious science, and he also came across the writings of Éliphas Lévi, who had studied in great detail the traditional maps and Kabbalah.

He also became a member of the legendary “Hermetic Order often he Golden Dawn” and even rose there to Gradus Philosophus. That was the highest rank one could occupy in this secret order. Later he resigned from the Order and founded his own secret organization. When he later developed his own and named after him cards, he leaned heavily on the Sola Busca Tarot, a Tarot deck from the 15th century, the number one card game and fully illustrated. Waite was married twice. His private life did not seem to have been very happy. In addition, he even quarreled with the members of his organization founded by him and therefore founded other groups. From what income he actually lived, is in retrospect not very clear.

Pamela Colman Smith has developed the now well-known Rider Waide Deck on his instructions. She grew up in Jamaica, but was often sick and rarely attended school. Later, she began to paint, apparently because she did not have a high school diploma.

However, she had the special gift of being able to see music in colors. Later she went to London and was introduced to the circles of the secret society “Hermetic Order often he Golden Dawn”. There she finally met Waite. At the same time, she became known through exhibitions and the illustration of books.

To date, it is unclear how great Waite’s advisory influence was on her drawings and representations. The tarot set was rarely mentioned in letters. The original art for her world-famous tarot deck has disappeared. She died impoverished and lonely in Cornwall in 1951.

Empress Tarot Card

The Empress is characterized by the number 3. The 3 is reminiscent in its form of the attribute for femininity par excellence and to our first food source when we enter this world, the mother’s breast, because 1 + 2 = 3 (mother, father -> child).

This quality of emotions is conveyed by the tarot card The Empress in the first place. Mother’s feelings are bar of any intellect. The Empress stands for the pure side of nature, for development, motherliness and kindness.

General meaning:

On the Tarot Card The Empress we see a richly dressed woman sitting on a kind of throne or divan amidst a blooming landscape. Which means that the Empress, in her correspondence to Aphrodite, Ishtar and Erzulie, symbolizes the pure bare life on the basis of feeling (mother nature). It wears the universe around the neck and upside down as a necklace (9 pearls chain for the 9 planets of our solar system and 12 stars crowns symbolizing the 12 signs of the zodiac). Which means that the ruler not only stands for the great and wonderful nature and its laws, but also for their principles.

A Tarot card fortune teller, or a Tarot card fortuneteller, which brings in a Tarotberatung The Empress on the tableau knows that in the matter is something to worry about, as unconditionally as only a loving mother can. Thus the ruler astrologically has a relation to all signs of the zodiac.

In love:

In love things the Empress has many meanings. She stands for the loving wife, for the committed and passionate lover, she stands for pregnancy, for family and for the mother in the true sense. Contrary to many erroneous assumptions, the Empress does not say that all is well in terms of peace, joy, pancakes, the ruler reminds to full commitment, so that everything comes in flow (or remains), because when Tarot cards with Tarot cards goes It is primarily about necessities and here it is passionate commitment.

In love, it is important to take and give in equal parts, which is indispensable for a balance in nature, something comes out of balance, then there are problems. Not infrequently, the Empress on the mental desire level emerges, either in the sense of getting pregnant, anything to pack somehow – without this something or someone comes too short or as a desire for an equal partnership on all levels. Since the ruler is a development map, it should also be interpreted as such.

At work:

The Empress means to go pregnant with a project, or to have to take care of a project urgently. With the right commitment, the questioner will sooner or later enter a rich and thriving landscape.

Furthermore, the well-trained Kartenlegerin, or fortune tellers, the tarot card The Empress in the quality of creativity, mutability and development.

In everyday life:

The interpretation of the tarot card The Empress is in relation to the day card always to be regarded as positive, because the Empress is a messenger for that finally something goes forward. As situation card one could also call the ruler a map of the coincidence.

Dark side:

Wild growth, all consuming passion, infertility, drought on all levels, flagellation and deprivation, the evil stepmother.

The triggering life situation: This is an extraordinarily creative phase in which you carry your visions and ideas into the world with great self-confidence, liveliness and confidence.

The current situation requires the ability to creatively combine seemingly contradictory aspirations to find new, surprising solutions to old problems. This can be of great benefit to you especially in the professional field. In your relationships, the map indicates changes and the dawn of an earthbound period of life. This can mean marriage, intense involvement with a child’s desire, pregnancy or the birth of a child, but also a time in which you settle down, make you a home or especially enjoy your body and sensual pleasure.

The Root of the Problem: The downside of the third card is stifling care. Out of sheer concern for losing control of what is happening, you hold on to something that wants to grow on its own. You must be able to release the children you have born and the visions you have formed into the world at some point – even at the risk that they will develop differently than you had hoped , Too much care cramps and ultimately stifles what you wanted to invigorate. True vitality needs death, letting go in order to unfold. The downside of the Empress may also mean an unfulfilled desire for children, suppressed creativity or the unfulfilled, strong yearning for a home.

Inner Attitude: Especially for women, this card is a very auspicious omen, as it allows you to access to your innermost sources of power in particular. Your relationship with Mother Earth, your body and the elemental cycles of becoming, growing and passing is strong. In your relationships, the map indicates changes and the dawn of an earthbound period of life. This can mean marriage, intense involvement with a child’s desire, pregnancy or the birth of a child, but also a time in which you settle down, make you a home or especially enjoy your body and sensual pleasure.

You are able to live completely in the here and now and connect yourself with the earthly conditions as they are, in the innermost and feel good. By engaging fully with the present, acting and connecting the receptive forces within you and accepting the ever-changing gifts of the moment, something completely new can emerge in your life. This is an extraordinarily creative phase, a good time to make your life creative in everyday life.

The gift: The Empress stands for the gift of a creative life. Your situation contains the germ for the realization of meaningful visions. You just have to open your eyes and see what’s there to use and transform it. Now you have a special opportunity to connect the susceptible and the acting sides of your soul and thus create something completely new. Another potential of this card is its deep attachment to the earth and your body.

Important notes: Now is the time to use the healing and nourishing power of Mother Earth. Nutrition is to be understood here quite concretely. Natural foods, medicinal and wild herbs and a conscious, careful handling of your food are now very important. Your body needs loving care, sufficient exercise, fresh air and a healthy change of activity and rest periods. But all forms of creative action – modeling, painting and designing – are now food for your soul.

Healing power: The Empress as a healing card advises you to use methods of naturopathy, creative therapy and body psychotherapy. Your message is to create something new in your life. The bond with nature and with the sources of your creativity is now especially beneficial to you. But that means more than just walking outdoors. The Empress teaches you that you can only be healed to the extent that you contribute to the salvation of the community and the earth.