The Star Tarot Card Meaning

In these modern times, many skills, including astrology, do not serve their purpose as it should, but rather as a form of entertainment and carefree activities, filling in the pages and sections of numerous daily newspapers and magazines. Nothing is better on social networks and the internet community in general. This reduces their true value.

Nevertheless, Tarot successfully opts for becoming a part of global entertainment. Most people in the tarot see something very mystical, but also something that causes them discomfort and even fear.

Two things can accompany those in favor. The first is the poor representation of tarot in the media, either printed or electronic. Tarot, simply, can not be used as a kind of entertainment, at least not in a way that would be interesting to the broad masses. Where it is mentioned, it is usually in the context of something mysterious or “dark”. That’s why astrology is “pitomy” and far closer to people than him.

The other thing may seem mundane, but not less important. It’s the picture that is being launched by the film industry. Tarot appears more often on the screen than astrology, in films of various genres. You will see its importance in horror films, historical spectacles, adventurous and fantastic films, in drama, even in comedies. But in most of these films, it can be seen that the tarot uses magicians, magicians, witches, occultists, some dark characters, psychics and the like. All this together creates a picture of the tarot as something that should not be played and which is beyond the reach of the common man.

Tarot is the divination skill of foresight using cards. The name is related to the Hebrew Torah, the book of the law that God revealed to Moses in the passage (on the map of the High Priest, we can see a woman’s hand holding Torah in her hands). It is also interpreted as a rotation, a circle referring to completeness, perfection and infinity, quite similar to the zodiac circle.

However, in addition to divination, Tarot also has an advisory role or role as a guide, as the development of the events on which the maps point out does not have to be fateful. They can point out what can happen if the person to whom it is read continues to act in the direction that started. Of course, there are things that are fateful and can not be changed, but many situations depend on ourselves, how we will set up, which way we will pull.

About that, astrology teaches us – there are unchangeable (fateful) things, however, there are things that can be influenced, which can be changed and from which the maximum benefit for us can be drawn. The problem is that we react in accordance with our temperament and character, we go with the line of less resistance, and so usually fulfill the promised, whether positive or negative.

Tarot is not an ordinary card we’re used to playing an anime, a point, a poker or a tab. Spil has 78 cards of non-standard dimensions. They can be two or three times larger than ordinary cards. In recent years, so-called mini-decks have been made and they can be put into their pockets.

Tarot embodies the symbolic representation of universal ideas, in which all the complexity and consistency of the human spirit are hidden, and thus they contain a secret learning in every consciousness, whose truths only few realize, since an ordinary man refuses to recognize them.

There are no symbols on tarot cards on ordinary cards, but very complex displays of human figures, objects and situations. The symbolism of these displays is realized at a deeper level by long-term linking with maps, contemplation and meditation.

The aforementioned 78 tarot charts are grouped into two sections: 56 small arcane maps (small secrets, the word arcanum – absolute secret) and 22 large arcane maps. The maps of the great arcane are very mystical, archetypal and their symbolism is not easy to figure out and explain. Some Occultists use only this part of the divine decoration or magical rituals, because it is considered that all the secrets of this world and all human experience are summarized precisely in these 22 maps. All the maps of the great arcane have their names and numbers from 1 to 21, except the map of Luda that carries zero and symbolically represents the beginning of the journey and the realization of universal truth and wisdom.

Large Arcana Cards Deck

Cards of a small arcana are easier to interpret because the symbols on them mostly show situations and persons. They are divided into 4 groups representing 4 elements: sticks (fire), swords (air), cups (water) and pentacles or discs (earth). In each group there are 14 cards, ten numbered numbers from 1 to 10, pars, knight, queen and king.

Here we can find similarities with ordinary cards that are also numbered from numbers 1 to 10, there are the king and the queen, and the gendarme (in the tarot). According to some sources, small arcane maps have previously been used for card and dice.

Meaning of the Star Tarot Card

On the tarot card “The Star” you see a beautiful naked woman kneeling on the shore of a lake. What is she doing there? She spills water from two jugs; with one hand back into the water and with the other hand to the earth, the fresh green meadow on the shore, which they provide for their growth.

The water vessels, and the fact that the kneeling woman stands with one foot in the cool water while the other rests on the ground, is reminiscent of the Tarot trump number XIV, “Temperance.” But on Trump XVII the water of life and inspiration is not carefully poured back and forth, so that no droplet is lost; here it is generously distributed and given to nature wholeheartedly so that it can renew itself. The emotional wealth of the woman is almost inexhaustible, she is a fountain of youth for everything and anyone who comes into contact with her.

Golden like the water donor’s hair, a large octagonal star shines above her in the blue sky. Together with the seven smaller white stars, this again yields the number eight, the number of the infinity of the universe and of higher knowledge.

As the Star of Bethlehem announced the birth of the Savior and brought new hope to the faith, this star may announce the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, when from an esoteric point of view tolerance, freedom, equality, and willing sharing will shape people’s togetherness.

The tree of the future is already growing in the background. The bird on it is an Ibis, the symbolic animal of the ancient Egyptian god Thoth. Ibises were probably worshiped in Egypt because they appear every year at the time of the important Nile floods.

As a day ticket: If the tarot picture “The Star” stands for you

For today you have drawn yourself a real luck card! A very fulfilling day is breaking. Whatever you do, it is under a good star. Small enlightenments open up new perspectives for you. You are on the way to happiness and success. In the job, in love, or in family life, it is equally worthwhile to invest strength and work so hard – everyone will thank you, and you probably will not feel exhausted.

As Love-Red: If the tarot card “The Star” stands for your partner or your relationship

Both of you can look forward to the common future, carefree and with confidence. Give and take are in the most harmonious balance with you, sharing your dreams, your ideas, your sensuality and all the wealth of your feelings. So you are for each other an almost inexhaustible source of inspiration, confidence and joie de vivre. Keep it up!

In the foreground of the tarot card The star is a bubbling source of water. A pitcher, filled to the top with water, stands on the shore. The water stands for the creativity and creativity in man and the possibility to draw from the full. The deep horizon line gives a generous view of a starry sky, which symbolizes far-sightedness, and also offers a projection screen for our dreams and wishes.

Importance of the Tarot Card

The tarot card symbolizes mental clarity, confidence and foresight. It stands for the close connection to our source of power, from which we can draw the necessary energy and creativity. The star makes us aware of our dreams and desires and donates feelings of contentment and cheerfulness.

With the newfound energy, we set about realizing ideas and using the creative flow for our projects. Our imagination is literally bubbling over, we have a strong sense of harmony and aesthetics, and perhaps we discover yet hidden artistic talents in us.

The star challenges us to look to the future with confidence and confidence. For now started ventures and projects are indeed under a “good star” and will pay off in the long term rewarding. Happiness is within reach and the future bodes well.

The shadow side of the map becomes noticeable when we have problems connecting to our creative source and wanting to ignore our inner voice with all our might. We remain so on the surface and miss a good opportunity to broaden our horizons.

Meaning for love

After the storm caused turbulence and upheaval, the star brings new positive energies and cheerfulness into the relationship life. Current partnerships are literally “under a good star,” and the signs point to a long-term shared happiness. We feel a strong unity, together we can build something up. And even singles can hope for more in new acquaintances or existing flirts.

Meaning for work

An ideal mix: we feel the urge to use our creative powers creatively and have the vision to plan for the long term. New projects and business ideas hold great potential and promise success.

The Tarot Card The star is the favorite of many Tarot cardholders, because it means life and hope after a hard time. The 17, which marks the tarot card The Star, is a pronounced lucky number in many cultures. The 1 symbolizes the first step, with the 7 as a travel number has a very accommodating effect. The 8 as a cross sum of 17 speaks of fairness and good prospects in all legal matters. According to the symbolism of the tarot card The star also translates it with the waters of life. The star is a protection card.

General meaning:

A card reader, or a depositor, who has to interpret the star as a future prospect for tarot card keeping, knows that the one to whom the star is in the lair will travel under a good star, no matter where. The star speaks of favorable developments, of happy turns to the point of sufficiency, it means healing in the holistic sense. People who meet the questioner in connection with the star are well with this, because they are wise and often have a high spirituality.

In love:

As great as the meaning of the star is, in partnership issues the star is often just a deceptive hope. Mutual trust needs to grow, so there can be no talk of starting a partnership. If the Tarot fortune teller, or the Tarot fortune teller looks at the star within a long-lasting partnership, then it depends on which of the two partners in which way in connection with the star, because as a wish card, the star would then rather a tragedy.

In recent Tarot interpretations, a card reader, or a depositor, who uses the Tarot cards for fortune telling cards, knows that relationships marked with the star are given a very good chance of being fated, no more and no less.

At work:

Anyone who is in consultation with a hunter, or a depositor, in which The Star plays a role, can look forward to a successful venture, phase or completion. Anyone who is professionally reoriented, will find himself in the sign of the star soon in a job that offers very positive future prospects. It is quite possible that this new professional step will go hand in hand with extensive training, as this tarot card has an analogy to the proverbial – reach for the stars.

In everyday life:

If a giver or a sitter can present the star as a day pass, then it has a very good message for the counselor. This day promises pleasant experiences, relaxation and holistic well-being. Encounters are under a good star. The star as situation map gives a good feeling in everything and everyone, quarrels settle and possible illnesses get a push towards healing.