What Side Is Your Heart On + Interesting Facts About Heart

It can never be denied that our heart is the most important organ. However, many of us do not know some truths about heart. For instance, the position of the heart in our chest is not completely clear to us. It is always essential for you to make out the side on which your heart is present so that it becomes very simple to know whether the aching, which you are experiencing, is related to heart. When the pain arises from the adjacent parts of the heart, there is possibility of heart attack. That is why you need to be aware of the actual site, where your heart is located.  The following details on the position of your heart may give a clear idea, and it will surely be beneficial to you in many cases.

Do you believe that the position of the heart is in left part of chest? Obviously, many people are found to think so; however, the true scientific fact is that the heart lies somewhere between left and right lung.

In other words, the heart exists in the mid portion of the chest, and it is a bit tilted towards left. Positioned in middle and front of chest, the size of heart is not more than that of your compressed fist. A barrier divides the right and left part of heart; each of the sides possesses a little chamber, known as an atrium.

Do you have pain on right part of chest? 

If you can find out the accurate location of heart, you may easily decide on whether you are seriously ill. While the pain starts on the chest’s right side, it is generally not related to the heart ache.

One of the means to relate your soreness on the right portion of chest is by linking the ache with the external sac adjacent to heart. It happens in exceptional cases; however, the pain may be because of the irritation of the external lungs lining.

Signs of heart pain and heart’s position

Chest pain is a very common problem that is often related to the condition of your heart.

However, besides knowing about the position of heart, you must also be conscious of some warning symptoms of heart ache. Some conditions, when your heart may ache are:

Heart attack

This condition appears, while there is a reduced flow of blood through blood vessels, and it is referred to as a myocardial infarction. It causes an impact on the cells of heart muscle and results in damage permanently. The aching that you feel with heart attack seems quite parallel to angina; however, it may be more intense for myocardial infarction.

Remember that all strokes or heart attacks may not start with severe pain of chest. Almost 1/3 part of heart patients, who had already experienced heart attacks, did not feel chest ache. It denotes that heart attack symptoms may differ from one person to another.

Some patients may feel a few syndromes, whereas others feel unbearable pain while heart attack starts its effect. Research proves that heart attacks may begin bit by bit with endurable, mild pain, while people, who have higher blood sugar, cannot find a symptom in any way. Women will experience warning signs, such as, vomiting, nausea, abnormal tiredness, back pain, and shoulder pain.

Coronary artery problem

This is another condition, which is generally caused because of an obstruction in your blood vessels. Such blockage lowers blood and oxygen flow to your heart’s muscle. Besides, it also leads to pain, termed as angina. Although this is a heart disorder, it does not bring about a permanent harm to the heart. But, it may increase the possibility of stroke. When you are suffering from coronary artery issues, you may also feel ache in the shoulder, jaw, back and arm. This pain is comparable to a squeezing feeling. Exercise, excitement and mental pressure may worsen your ache.

There are some more facts about heart that may make you excited.

Heart – Its’ a pump

Our heart may be compared to super pump.  All body parts require oxygen for survival, and heart can pump blood (full of oxygen) to each organ at every moment.

Women’s and men’s hearts – Are not same

The heart of both females and males seems to be same apparently; however, there are a few differences. The weight of men’s heart is almost 10 ounces, while that of women is just eight ounces.

Heart – not red in color

Do you love Valentine’s Day gift with red colored heart sign? Actually, your own heart is darker red in color. Moreover, due to the accumulation of fat on heart’s surface, there is also yellow color.

Common Cold – damaging to the heart

It is known to all of us that congested arteries or permeable heart valves may harm our heart; however, many people do not recognize that viruses, causing common cold may deteriorate the heart, and such condition is referred to as the viral cardiomyopathy.

Bigger heart – May not be preferable

Though with the term, big heart, we mean an excellent quality, this is not healthy for you.  Having an extra large heart may be risky.  It is seen that strong heart is less than 1 pound in weight.

Stress may break heart

Emotions or strain may cause a body to discharge some hormones, and under few circumstances, these hormones may paralyze huge part of the heart. It is also known as a broken heart disorder. It mainly impact post-menopausal woman.

Moreover, the strains, which activate such event, are loss of wealth, the demise of a dear one and many more.

The above remarkable facts on heart may surely increase your knowledge and make you more conscious.