White Poop in Toddler: Causes and Treatment

If you are a responsible mother, you make it a habit to monitor everything about your kids especially if they are still young. Even when you already have toddlers, your responsibility does not stop there and you are still responsible for the welfare and well-being of your kids.

There is one thing that is commonly missed by mothers when they are monitoring the status of their children and that is to look at their poop or stool. The common reason for this is that they (mothers) don’t want to deal with something that is deemed dirty. But this is something that is needed to be done to see whether or not your kids are in good health. You might not know about this but your toddler’s poop might just be the needed indicator to see if he or she is healthy or not.

White Poop and Abnormal Colours in Stool: Signs to be alarmed

When you try to analyze this, abnormal colours such as white in poop of a child is something that should alarm parents. That only goes to indicate that something might be wrong inside the body of your child and if you don’t act anytime soon, your kid might be in for a whole heap of travel. Who knows what would happen to him or her if this matter is left unattended, right?

Normally, one would think that this is just a simple case of diarrhea, but not at all times such cases are as simple as this. It might be a sign that your child is having other health problems.

It is then important for you to know about the causes of the presence of white poop in the stool of your kids. You can take a look at some of these possible reasons.

The Causes of White Poop in Toddlers

  1. Bile Duct Cysts

When the bile duct has cysts, it prevents the coloration and pigmentation of the stool before it is released through the anus. Therefore, if your child has white poop, that means that the pigmentation of his or her stool is abnormal and that should be enough indication that a cyst might be present on the bile duct.

  1. Viral Hepatitis

Another condition that can be accounted responsible for having discoloured poop among your children is viral hepatitis. This condition suggests a problem in the liver of a person and if that is the case, it might be just a matter of time before the bigger effects surface. Immediate attention is required. What you need to know more about this is that in such condition, the liver fails to produce bile for digestion and that result to having white or pale stool.

  1. Extreme Cases of Diarrhea

This might be a very common condition, but no one can deny the fact that it is one of the most dangerous conditions to go through. In fact, many people would prefer to have other form of illness instead of diarrhea. For children, white poop can indicate that they have diarrhea and when that happens, they are at risk of being dehydrated. This condition is a deadly one and if proper action is not taken right away, it might lead to the early death of a child.

Treatments and Tips to Avoid Having White Poop

It is then important that as a parent, you make sure that nothing is abnormal in any aspect of the health of your child. Even things such as poop or stool should be monitored if you want to make sure that your kid has no health problems. Here are some of the ways to avoid dealing with this situation.

  1. Maintain Healthy Diet for Them

The foods that your children eat will dictate their health. Food is the source of energy and nutrients for your kids and if you are not careful in giving them something to eat, you might lead them to having illnesses. That is something you need to avoid. As they say it, mother knows best and therefore you should be the best mother for your children by making sure they stay healthy.

  1. Teach Them Good Habits

These habits should pertain to hygienic practices such as properly washing their hands before and after eating and being clean at all times. That alone can be of very big help to ensure that they healthy at all times.

  1. Have Regular Check Ups

Make it a habit to subject your children for regular checkups to see if there is something wrong or abnormal with them. Also, make it a habit to call the attention of a doctor whenever your child complains of feeling strange in his or body. That might be the sign that something is indeed wrong. You have to act fast in order to keep matters from worsening. It’s always better to act as soon as possible than to do all you can a little too late now.