Angel Number 348 – Meaning and Symbolism

In these modern days, when the civilization is at its peak, when we are overflow with technology and information, it is important to emphasize that it is necessary to turn to our forgotten spiritual side.

You can read some books, complete some course, or you can speak with someone who will provide you with the answers you seek, like numerologist, Angel therapist – a person who must perfectly know the secret of the meanings of the Angel numbers. Or as an easy and effective alternative, you can read articles like this one, where we try to explain to you the numerous hidden signs and symbols that contain material nature and are manifested through numerals.

Although in many segments Angel numerology is much more profound and sacred science than some others, it is still an instant technique of rapidly defining human destiny, no doubt about it.

What we do in articles like this one, is that we try to incorporate maximum intelligence in mastering the materials in the numbers to successfully connect various difficultly visible patterns that are present in the outside world, as well as in the archetype world, and their extreme displays are in numbers.

Angel number 348 – what does it mean?

Angel number 348 can have two opposite sides in their personality; they are the people who are endowed and damned at the same time. They want and have the deep inner desire to achieve a lot in their lives, both on the personal and every other plan. They have all those amazing opportunities that are needed for great achievements, like intellect, curiosity, endurance, etc.

They can be great and entertaining people to be friends with; for example, Angel number 348 shows a great understanding of the weaknesses of their neighbors and people who are in their close environment. They truly need to put all aspects in their life into the balance, because they truly believe that only when then they have true happiness.

But, in the life of the people who are number 348 there is a couple of problematic aspects – first, they can be lazy, so they limit themselves.

Also, it is said that number 8 can bring some unfortunate event in the life of the person who is under its impact, and it can be true in this case – but they can make the most difficult things and situations more tolerable. They can win fate, which is not the case with other numbers -they can be reborn and can start over fresh, but wise.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Secret symbolism in the case of the number 348 can be described through one sentence – let us not be overly intellectual so that we cannot completely abandon our hearts.

For this numerical combination, it is important for us to understand that tender balance between the heart and soul, and intellect.

The numerical sequence goes like this – it starts from the vibration of the sacred, happy and Divine number 3, then it grows into something more human and earthly, and that is number 4, and finally it develops or is re-birth in the form of constant energy of the number 8.

This path can be good if in the end this immense energy is properly balanced and directed in the direction of Virtue and construction of the better world.

There is also the possibility that this energy is not directed in the right direction and that it takes time because it changes its form until it reaches the desired state.

So symbolically, numerical sequence is in fact connected with changing the cycles and is, in fact, the number of change.

Number 348 and Love

In love relationships, Angel number 348 are surprisingly brave, consistent and impulsive – people see them as desirable partners, but also those who are unpredictable.

They go for what they want with energy and passion, although it’s beyond the boundaries that they can cross. They are hard to control, which can lead to problems in a relationship, they can cheat and lie and do all those crazy things that are completely unnecessary.

Of course, if they love their partners enough, they will cease to flirt so much, and they will try to dedicate themselves to that love connection. They might even give a marriage a chance (or two).

Their ideal partners are those who can deal with the controversial personality of the people who are number 348; in those relations, they can begin to act responsibly enough to believe that there is one true love for everyone.

Interesting Facts about number 348

This number can be looked through the total sum number, in this case, it is number 15 – the number that has the vibration that will put into the consideration the development of the human destiny, to help, both man and individual, aspire to progress and lasting happiness.

It provides that strength, and when it is connected with the Angelic information, and then it is the guidance of the restoration and rebirth of power. It should be taken into the life with high attention.

What to do when you see number 348?

This Angel number, when appears in the Human world, it symbolizes the power, courage, and power of human will. When it appears, it warns you of the fact that you must rid yourself of your hypersensitivity and cease to be a servant with your fears, doubts, and feelings.

Now you are in a period when you have the strength to bite off negative emotions that impoverish your ability to govern your own life in a dignified and spiritual way. It represents a degree of awareness in which you will master your abilities and powers.

In the next period of your life, if you focus on the Angel advice, you will progress in many different directions, and if you are thinking about starting something new, a new chapter in your life, the times is right, believe it.

Angels are saying in this message that now is a time of wide possibilities and the moment when your high competence will show itself. Now is the time for shooting high.