Zebra – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Zebras are large mammals that live on the African continent. These magnificent creatures are well-known for their unique appearance. Zebras are covered with black and white stripes that make them stand out from the desert grounds of Africa. Just like they are different in their own surroundings because of their appearance, zebras stand out with their behavior as well. They are definitely unique creatures that mesmerized humans from the first moment they saw them.

Zebras were only known to the native tribes in Africa for centuries, but with the development of travel and commerce, these horse-like animals were presented to the rest of the world. Since that moment, zebras became a world-known symbol of uniqueness and strong-willed character. Even though most of the zebra symbolism comes from the African culture, love for this unique animal has spread to the rest of the world.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Totems are animal spiritual guides that lead us through life. We are bound by a certain totem since birth and their energies help us get to know our character better. When a certain animal is your spirit animal, this means you have a lot in common with this particular being.

Energies of certain animals get along with our own energies and give us a better understanding of our own personality. Animals are led by pure intentions and their motivation is their instinct to survive. Human emotions are much deeper than that, but our basic urges and characteristics can be shown through and animal and its behavior.

If zebra is your spirit animal, then you are best described by these words:

  • Individuality,
  • Protection,
  • Success,
  • Energy,
  • Community,
  • Uniqueness,
  • Light and dark,
  • Challenges,
  • Clarity,
  • Agility,
  • Communal living

All of these words describe a unique character of a person that has a zebra spirit animal or totem. You are definitely an individual character with a lot to offer to the world. There is something, almost, mystical about you that make you the people’s favorite. If zebra is your spirit animal, then you are easily noticed in a crowd of people. You love dressing up differently and having your own personal style. Everything about you id different and you like to keep it that way. Some might even describe you as the type of person who likes to have an opposite opinion no matter what.

People who have a zebra spirit animal are intelligent and knowledgeable. They enjoy spending their time doing something productive and creative. Education is very important for them and they are going to work hard to achieve their goals. Zebra spirit animal symbolizes success and agility. You are a person who likes to try their best to make something happen.

You are prepared for anything and nothing can prevent you from reaching your goal. Some might even think you are too cruel and ready to do anything, but you are simply driven and you know what you want in life.

Just like stripes on zebras are dark and light, there is a good and bad side to your character. There are no people who don’t experience the bad side of your character since you are mostly honest about your thoughts. There is a certain path you have in your life and you follow it until you reach it. Your uniqueness helps you to stand out from the crowd and always be in the center of attention.

Besides being driven in life, your energy levels are high and you are always ready to take on a new challenge. There are few things in life that can make you feel down or depressed, but you get out of this mood very quickly. People look up to you and see you as their motivation. The way you handle things is extraordinary and you are a true example that you don’t have to sacrifice your unique character to make something big.

When it comes to relationships, you like spending your time with people who are unique in their own way. You dislike everything that is strict and guided by rules, therefore, rules in relationships do not apply for you.

However, you still known the fine line between disrespect and not following the rules, so every person who is in a relationship with you is going to have the best time of their life.

Zebras love being a part of a community. They always travel in herds and you will rarely see them alone. This is why they are seeking someone their own kind, who is going to understand them no matter what. Same goes for family, since zebras love spending time with their family members. Their individuality is best expressed among people they love and care about, since they will never judge them for who they are.

Zebra spirit animal symbolizes partnership as well. Your main goal in life is to find that perfect “other half” that is going to fill in all of the gaps in your life. When this perfect person comes along, you will know and it is going to be easy to spot someone similar to your own character.

As a negative characteristic, there is your desire to be opposite of everybody else. You rarely say that you agree with someone, since this is not in your blood. There is deep desire in you that makes you want to stand out and always be unique no matter what everyone else thinks.

Overall, zebra spirit animals are interesting characters with a lot to offer to the world. They are fun and they know how to make every party light up. If you can handle their constant seek for attention, then you will be able to see these people at their best.

Symbolism and Meaning

As a symbol in culture and human history, zebra was often used in African art. Since zebras inhabit only this desert continent, the rest of the world didn’t have a chance to create their own unique vision of this mesmerizing animal. A least not until recently. Zebra art is very present in African culture. Since this horse-like animal stood up from the rest of the animals in the desert with black and white stripes, native tribes instantly saw it as a unique character.

Besides being different on the outside, zebras have a very strong and free personality. It is very hard to make a zebra do something you want it to do. The native tribes weren’t able to domesticate these animals, even though their friendship with humans would have been extremely helpful on the desert grounds.

The native African tribes saw zebras as different, unique and wild. Their energy was completely different than in other animals and they simply always looked at zebras in a different way. According to an ancient tale by the San tribe, zebras used to be completely white, but they earned their stripes after a fight with a baboon over a water hole. A zebra painting by the fourth emperor of Mughal, became a very popular piece of art. African tribes used to paint zebra stripes on their faces in order to invite the zebra spirits in themselves. Since these peculiar animals were brave and unique, they were always a source of inspiration for the people.

In popular culture, zebras often appear as characters in novels, TV shows and movies. The most recent one is the character in an animated movie Madagascar, but there are others such as Zecora from Friendship is Magic, Racing Stripes and many others. Zebra stripes became a popular design in fashion and furniture. This trend was at its peak in the ‘00s and it can still be found on the shelves of many boutiques and shops.

Zebra is definitely a symbol of a bold character and unique personality. Zebras stand out from the crowd and they are not afraid to be themselves no matter what. The ancient people noticed its individuality and discovered that zebras are not only interesting because of their outside appearance but also for their character. Zebras symbolize strength and defending your own ideals no matter what the rest of the world thinks.

Dreams about zebras

Dreams need to be looked at as a whole. You have to take all of the symbols in consideration before completing an image, and this is important for the dreams about zebras as well. Dreams about them can be both good and bad. The way you felt and acted in a dream is also important, so try to remember as much as you can about the dream itself.

If you had a dream about a zebra, then you might be expressing your desire to throw away all of the boundaries. You feel like you are limited by other people’s opinions and you want to try and do something different. This dream is reminding you to express your own unique character without being afraid of the world.

If a zebra was running in your dream, then you need to start working on an important project as soon as possible. This dream is telling you to pick up the pace and move quickly if you want to see your plan come to life. Things could change quickly, and not in your advantage.

If zebra in your dream was you, this dream is telling you that you are always standing out from the crowd. There is something special about you and other people definitely notice this. You tend to express this individuality too much, so that other people become irritated and displeased with your behavior. Even though it is important to stay unique, try to find a healthy balance between individuality and the blending in.

If you were attacked by a zebra in your life, then this dream is reminding you to focus yourself on something important. There is an area in your life that got completely neglected and you have to go back to it if you want to reach success.


Zebra symbolism was mostly created by the native tribes in Africa. They saw this peculiar animal as a symbol of unique energy and high energy. They never managed to domestic their wild nature, but they surely admired them no matter what.

Until this day, zebra remains to be an interesting animal with a lot to offer. Her individuality is well-known around the world and it will continue to amaze us.