10 of Cups Tarot Card – Meaning, Love, Reversed

In a series of texts I will pay attention to each map in the context of love. What each of them means, what they are suggesting, what secrets are hidden in their symbolism, are the questions that I will give answers. Love as one of the most powerful forces in the universe deserves, in my humble opinion, considerable attention. In tarot it is interesting that each map can represent love or one of its parts.

The 10 of cups in its appearance resembles the previous map within the tarot of the Light of the Soul I use here as the reference frame. Ten of cups stand upright and they all end up filled with liquid. Unlike the ninth coffin here is less of a line present. The key word is saturation. In the second tarot on this map, a real idyll is ruled. The husband and wife stand up on the hill as they watch their little property at the foot. Their children are playing and are not burdened. This map often appears as a symbol of total emotional fulfillment.

Here’s the government idyll. The card in the context of love speaks of those relationships that truly fill us with happiness. We are aware of this and we are looking for nothing more than what we have. This is a very harmonious marriage in which not only is there a lot of love but partners are mutually supportive. It can be said that this card contains a strong spiritual dimension. It seems as if a more state or a higher level of love and harmony has been achieved.

The seventh cup emphasizes the importance of the family. The harmony here is pronounced. There are no overwhelming differences of character among the members, no one carries the stigma of black sheep, a lot of energy in everyday life spends on the understanding of all members. Problems are solved peacefully, with lots of tactics. Always make sure that someone is feeling.

This tenth says that love affair in some way is complete. A married idyll has been achieved, the love relationship works great, the interpersonal relationships within the members of the wider and the wider family and are more than satisfying. Since the satiety of the key word could be said that love life here is so good that it does not matter much. No big negativity is tied to this map, but as if everything is abnormally perfect. In the tarot The Light of the Soul Mars in the Sign of Fish represents a link to astrology. This means that it is insisting on getting the idyll here even if other people have been injured on that road. People who were born with Mars in the Ponds are doing very strange actions. It’s always hard to figure out what these people want to achieve.

They are in the best position to justify the greatest misery in the way that it was the victim who had to endure to find out a higher truth. There is a higher truth a little who will ever hear. In other words, these people play God. Only provided that the surrounding maps show that the decimal point can take a deviant shape. Family members, for example, must be happy, ie they must persuade themselves and their surroundings to live a perfect life. The subtle force here may be present. Woe to the one who does not claim to be happy.

When a card appears in the opening, it indicates the happiness period in the family. Marriage will be functional. In the event that a person has just divorced, he or she will not fight with a former partner, nor will the divorce leave serious consequences for the children. This is the love that blooms.

General Meaning

Realized love and pleasure, common life, children, long-term security, fulfillment of desire, success, reward and celebration, emotional clarity, home, family, harmony, emotional fulfillment, affection.

Positive aspects of tarot card

Dom, family, sense of security, ultimate choice, long term plans, pledge for the future, anticipation, respect for traditional family relationships, friendships that have grown into fraternal relationships.

Negative aspects of tarot card

For the loss of a friendship or a love affair are both sides, the love affair has turned into a limited relationship of sisterhood, irritability, quarrels that can not be attributed to cause, frustration, exaggeration.

Message and Interpretation of Tarot Card

Tarot map of the tenth cup represents long-term happiness and emotional wealth. It symbolizes deep fulfillment and stability in all emotional relationships. Peace, calmness and long-term satisfaction are the main features of this tarot card.

The previous tarot card, the 10 of cups, represented spiritual love and euphoria, while the energy of this map began to manifest and settle in all aspects of our emotional life and the conscious part of our being. The Tarot chart of the ten cups refers to the practical part of life, solid and perceived feelings, which brings us security. It also refers to the end of various travel cycles that are in the phase of energy excellence.

We should not be in vain for this time that we are now naked, we should use it well, happiness should not be taken for granted. The Tarot card symbolizes marriage, bond, friendship, or any other kind of partnership in which long lasting happiness is waiting for us.

Life really gives us the opportunity to finally enjoy it so that inventing some problems is unnecessary, we just have to give up the blessed and deserved feelings of love.

The Tarot ten of cups describes true and honest love, the way of satisfaction with one’s own achievements. This is not only a favorable map but an influential map as it empowers other positive tarot cards, but also reduces the impact of the negative.

The ten of cups is one of the most positive and lucky cards. It symbolizes hope, joy, prosperity, and new life. He advises you to have faith in a good future because your life will become simpler and happier. It’s time to make the changes you want, because there is a period in which everything will go from hand to hand. Do not be shy in your wishes and goals. This period will mark harmony in family relationships.

Meaning for Job

This is the time for progress and acceptance of all offered opportunities. The big and excellent job is behind you, but do not let it get you down – everyone is replaceable.

Meaning for Love

It’s a great time for socializing, you’ll meet someone in a totally unexpected place. If you’re in touch, your relationship with your partner will be better and more honest.

Meaning for Finance

Do not be afraid to invest and risk, it’s time to invest. The situation will be much better than your expectations.

Spiritual meaning

You are very calm and serene, it is time to share this spirit with others. You will positively influence the social environment.

Card facing upside down

This card is symbolized by incompleteness, low self-confidence and self-acceptance, mistrust, and egocentrism. The period in which you are too focused on what you do not have, on what you lack instead of shifting focus to good things in life, achievements, friends, and relationships. Concentration on disadvantages builds an unstable attitude towards oneself and the environment. Lack of faith makes you anxious and frightened. This card advises you to indulge in events that lead you, have more faith in yourself, and good fortune.

The tarot card of the ten of cups or chalice symbolizes happiness, joy, satisfaction, and progress. The business plan is going to go over and over, your ability and the work of the superior. You get the praise itself, but the tenth cup or chalice advises you that it is not time for relaxation, but more work and effort. Bosses will be inclined to you as long as you give results, if stagnating you can easily become replaceable. Your financial options go uphill. You will enjoy with your partner in love affair, your relationship will become deeper and more sincere. Non-related people will be happy and happy to meet their family and social lives. The tenet is a sign of good health.

Reversed position

Reversed or upside down card indicates a lack of confidence, marital and family problems. Because of low self confidence, do not establish good communication with the environment. Those who can encourage you to believe in yourself and who point out how much you value is your family whose opinion is neglected. The tarot card of the ten cup or chalice advises you to dedicate your family and appreciate what you have.

The 10 of the cup represents a harmony and style in love relationships and family. This is a map of progress and satisfaction.

In the reverse position the 10 of cups can talk about not appreciating what you have. It is very important that you do not take things for granted; Also, it is important to make it clear to loved ones how much they mean to you. This is especially true for children if you have them.

It is also possible that you are not satisfied with some relationship, which can further lead to disagreement and poor communication. This applies to both the family and relationships with colleagues at work.

In an emotional sense, this map represents sadness or loss. If you are married, it is possible that communication with your spouse or children is not at the level that you want, or your children have been acting very rebelliously lately. In some cases, the reverse 10 cups may also represent sediments or major family problems.

  • quarrels or debates
  • marital problems
  • bad communication
  • sadness or loss
  • problems in the family

Upright position

In an upright position, 10 of cups refer to happiness and joy. This particularly applies to love relationships. This is a completely positive map. Often points to satisfaction with both love and spiritual issues. This is a gift and gift card and tells you to share your happiness with others. Sometimes it represents family gatherings and happy events. If the question is love, this card is a sign of marriage, pregnancy or birth. Travel is also associated with this map. Maybe now is the right time to take the road you’ve always wanted.

In the opening, this card is not strictly related to harmonious relationships with others, but is generally a success and achievement. You are satisfied with every domain of your life. When this card appears in the opening, you can expect progress in each field.

In financial matters, this card also marks progress and fulfillment. At work, relationships with colleagues are improving or you will be involved in a team project. There is also a raise or some bonus for a well-done job. In some cases, this card represents an improvement and a compliment because you have highlighted teamwork.

  • happiness
  • pleasure in love relationships
  • progress
  • good finances
  • marriage
  • birth of a child