10 of Wands Tarot Card – Meaning, Love, Reversed

Manifestation of will, pressure, self-determination, diplomacy, murder, sacrifice, generosity, order, justice, taking responsibility, revenge, limitation, burden of increased responsibility, stress are the general representations of this card.

Positive aspects of the tarot card

Gathering of like-minded people, joint projects, developed social, political or business relationships are the positive aspects.

Negative aspects of the tarot card

Wrong ways of using potentials, obsession with one’s own goal, failure of a joint project, violence, oppression, abuse of position, conflict of interest, underestimation of others’ values, gossip, ruthless struggle for power, stress, and psychological dissolution are the negative aspects.

Message and interpretation of tarot cards

The 10 numbered tarot card of wands talks about obstacles, resistance and burden. The energy of the 9 of Wands is new is decisive and persistent, it forces us to do a lot of work. The task that has worked for us can appear in any form, or it can be a problem that disturbs what we do.

This tarot card represents a period of life in which we are burdened with problems, obligations and responsibilities on all sides. We have become preoccupied with everything and we can not find some time to rest. This can be an indication of how too much we are stretching and giving ourselves more than we can or that the situation or task has become too complex to carry out, we should go to our apartment and take a nap.

Despite the fact that we may enjoy what we are doing right now, the pressure from the side and the deadlines destroys our enthusiasm. Likewise, this tarot card can suggest us that life will soon become quite demanding and that we need to prepare for a lot of work.

Furthermore, it is possible that some people overload their responsibilities and problems on our backs, we need to explain to them that we do not have to carry this burden on our backs.

This is about pulsating psychic energy, but with its enormous potential it is destructive because its center is full of desires and demands that know how to have a selfish end (such that leads to dissolution)

In tarot systems, a 10 of wands often have a strong negative impact on the tarot cards in its immediate vicinity. Only combined with positive tarot cards it can mitigate or neutralize the negative meaning of this destructive 10 of Wands. We need a lot of effort to overcome the challenges of a large amount of work, it would be good to ask others for help.

In the picture we see a man wearing a bunch of heavy sticks. It looks as though he was overloaded with their weight, but as if he knew he would soon be there where he had intended. This ticket seems to show someone who has just finished his harvest and running to take the fruits of his work to a local market.

10 of Wanda Tarot represent the end of the cycle, so with the 10 of Wands you arrive at the end of the cycle after a period of struggle. You finally got to the reward after a lot of hard work and effort. You have completed what you started, realized an idea, or achieved the goal, and now you are facing the consequences of it.

However, 10 of wands suggest that, although you have achieved the goal, it brings great responsibilities and obligations. Though you have come to an end, you become aware that at the present time you have to deal with the responsibilities you have imposed on yourself to ensure that success. The problem is that these responsibilities can become too heavy, and you are trying to get rid of it. As if you are the owner of an excellent business, but you are unwilling to share the responsibility of managing someone else, which ends with working for 70-80 hours a week. The inspiration and creativity that was associated with the primary goal disappears like a soap balloon and all of a sudden turns into a huge load. That’s why it’s very important to get rid of some of the responsibilities so you can continue to enjoy life.

The 10 of wands serve as a reminder of how heavy we are and how much we bear responsibility. We take on ourselves too much, trying to do everything that needs to be done. Therefore, this card requires you to stop and re-examine your current lifestyle. Assess what activities or tasks are really urgent and important, especially in relation to the broader and longer-term goals you have. You may need to differentiate your time or set priorities to determine how to use the most convenient time and what you do not have to do on your own. Your goals must include leisure time and relaxation when you need it.

This card may also indicate pressure from some external circumstances. Think about doing too much, and whether you are overreacting. You probably carry “too many plates” in your hands and you can not handle them, that is, you have loaded yourself on the neck too much. In an effort to reach a goal, you literally transferred yourself to responsibilities and work. You must stop working so hard. If you can not, then try to somehow save energy. When you’re too busy, it’s all an effort.

Standing Up the 10 of Wands means that you have overburdened yourself. Reversed means you carry this burden although you have been able to throw it away a long time ago. If you feel pressured by the current circumstances, look at the situation from another angle. Can you share with some current tasks and responsibilities? Do you worry about problems that do not actually concern you or can not solve it? Do not play a hero and take on yourself more than you can bear.

If you are going through a difficult period, the inverted 10 of of Wands indicates that it will soon end and you will be dissolved.

It is possible to actively discard those things that do not help you in your life and to release unnecessary responsibilities. You can go through some kind of cleaning process, even if you were throwing old clothes and selling old furniture in order to fix your life. At this point, it is best to reorganize and make a list of priorities.

Sometimes the inverted 10 of Wanda means avoiding responsibility and transferring it to others. For this card is a very suitable saying: “You made the soup, now eat it.”

Meaning for Love

This card in the tarot of Light of the Soul is presented with burning wands. The scene is pretty disturbing. In another tarot, the man carries ten wands unkindly. It is only a matter of time when they will drop them. He thinks he can handle the burden. The key word is oppression. Saturn in Sagittarius represents a link to astrology.

The 10 of wands is a very demanding card, especially in matters of love. Here man overcomes his own strength. She has good intentions, but everything ends up with a catastrophe. What would be said, the path to hell is plated with good intentions. 10 of wands people have great potential in themselves. Here a person can take over enormous responsibility, but to withstand the pressure must know what he can and cannot do.

So, in love, a man here is about marriage, about common ambitions, plans broadly and heavily. If it is free, it is planned in the next couple of months to find the prince on a white horse that will hardly wait to stand in front of the altar. Besides that, it will be ridiculously convenient. And most importantly, they will want to have a baby pack. This all sounds pretty unrealistic, right? This is the essence of this card.

The link with astrology is very interesting. Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius does not feel the best. There is a lot of planning here, but morality is not taken into account at all. Here the goal justifies the funds. No lazy mutilation spilled on the surface as a keyword. If you need to deceive someone, I’ll be sorry. What I care about is what the burden is about. That’s not my problem, that’s not my responsibility, this card whispers. How many times did you think this? So now I will take what belongs to me regardless of the consequences.

When the 10 of wands appear in the opening it is very important for a person to stand and think about the next step. The most common card shows that a person will be oppressed by a partner so that he or she will know how to live or whether he or she will be working for a partner and other people in general. If someone is looking for a new one surely that someone will not soon meet because the questioner has set too high a criterion.

Besides, too skeps present. And the past is very easy to blame here. We are so struggling with the opposite sex that we no longer believe in love but rely on a kind nature of love. We keep up the plan and the program, and love is totally non-existent. So you should think about it. You have to accept your limitations.

Ten of wands symbolize fatigue, exhaustion and burden. When this card appears almost always tells you that you are exhausted and warns you that the load you have loaded on your back is not just your obligation. It is also a decade of success charts, but it is necessary to ask what is actually the price of success and glory. Keep in mind that your focus on success does not harm your love affair.

Meaning for Job

The situation at work is quite overwhelming, but it’s not all about you. It’s true that big projects are going on and you have more work than usual, but you took too much of it on your back. Share responsibility with colleagues, the success of the project itself, and your personal will not be disturbed.

Meaning for Love

Ten of wands usually signify a difficult period of time. It is likely that your partner is experiencing difficult moments on a personal level. Parthenon depression and absence of spirit has nothing to do with you. Take care of your beloved person, be sincere support in difficult moments

Meaning for Finance

When in the context of finance appears the doubt sign is that you are financially “weakened”. Feelings of frustration and helplessness will not help you solve this problem. Awaken your creative resources and the solution will soon appear. Do not even allow to ignore the problem and be guided by the thought “I hope the best, I’m ready for the worst”.

Meaning for Health

The stress and worries that you have been sneering so hard have been seriously hurting you. Do not ignore this warning because many things can be done for your health at this moment. Replace the missed dream, start using vitamins and other dietary supplements. You must treat yourself to several massage treatments if you do not have the money to borrow it.

Spiritual meaning

You have to learn how to stop when you have enough. You are overwhelmed and the only thing you have to do now is to rest and recover your lost body’s lost energy.

Card facing upside down

Describing the Ten is symbolizing relief, stress release, and rest. The Card tells you that the period of increased effort and care behind you is that you can breathe and enjoy the fruits of your own effort. Treat yourself to the family and yourself. Do not be shy when it comes to satisfying your own needs.