12 Easy Tips on How to Get Rid of Onion or Garlic Breath

Onions and garlic are indeed one of the most important ingredients in many dishes in different countries. They provide a lot of difference when it comes to the final taste of the foods that we eat. Aside from providing that flavour we always crave for, onions, along with garlic provide a lot of health benefits as well. When used properly they can aid in dealing with many illnesses, including the dreaded cancer. According to many researches, these two are potent sources of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Selenium and Manganese.

Many studies also show that eating onions and garlic help to stimulate a human’s immune system and they can also kill microorganisms such as bacteria and fungus. With all of these benefits it is quite common to assume that people will readily eat these. Unfortunately, there are some that avoid eating onions and most especially garlic (Read also about garlic powder). What’s the reason for this? It’s the fact that these contribute in higher chances of a person having bad or undesirable breath.

But even knowing this, you should not readily abandon the use of such ingredients on your dishes. If it’s having bad breath that’s stopping you from doing so, you’ll find the following simple and easy tips useful in getting rid of that smelly breath you always complain about after eating onions and garlic.

12 Easy Tips to Freshen Your Breath after Eating Dishes with Onion and Garlic

  1. Eat Minty Foods for a Fresher Breath

After eating dishes with onion and garlic, you should indulge yourself in consuming foods that are minty such as fresh parsley and mint leaves. You can also drink mint tea and any other similar drink. There are several experiments conducted that proves that minty foods do help in erasing the tracks of the foods you eat that are loaded with onion and garlic.

  1. Make The Smell Go Away with More Veggies

eat more vegetablesIf you don’t want to deal with eating minty foods, you can try to eat plenty of vegetables. That can help you make the undesirable smell of your breath go away. Vegetables do give us different kind of breath in terms of smell and that’s one concept you can take advantage to deal with this kind of problem. With that being said, you have to be sure that you order vegetable-based dishes when you are in a restaurant or a diner.

  1. “Gargling” and Eating Mustard

If there is another thing that has been proven to kill the smell of onions and garlic in your breath, it would be mustard. Now you might think this is silly and laugh at the idea of using it but it’s a viable option for you. Are you curious to know how? Get a spoon and fill it up with mustard and put it on your mouth for 30 minutes and swish it after. When you finish doing this, you take another spoon of mustard and put it on your mouth and swallow it. That’s a practice that has been known to work wonders to solve this problem.

  1. Drink Plenty of Green Tea

If it has been your habit to eat dishes with onion and garlic, you should make green tea as your regular drink. That way you will avoid the chances of having smelly breath because of these cooking spices. You can drink green tea before bed, after eating or after drinking water the moment you finish your meal. Also you can drink green tea with milk. If it is not available for you to order, you can visit the nearest convenience store before you go home and buy drinks that are green tea-based. You are sure to eliminate the bad smell of your breath on the long run.

  1. Try to Bring with You Candies and Chewing Gum with Mint Flavour

This can be very helpful especially if you are in a hurry to catch a meeting after eating. Therefore it is advisable for you to make it a habit to bring with you some candies or chewing gum with mint flavour. That way, even if you don’t have the time to brush your teeth or to gargle with some strong mouthwash, you can still save yourself from embarrassment of having bad breath caused by onions and garlic.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

drink more waterWater may not have been mentioned to help you out of this little problem, but it is also something that can help you get rid of onion or garlic breath. You can drink plenty of it to make the smell go away. Water is known to be good in washing away some of the undesirable odours in our body and bad breath is not an exception.

  1. Limit Intake of Dishes Loaded with Onion and Garlic

When we say loaded, we mean those dishes that are cooked with too many of these spices. Keep in mind that the more you consume, the more the chances are that you will have bad breath. That’s something that would be embarrassing on your part knowing that you could have avoided this when all you had to do is to limit yourself in eating foods that are cooked with them.

  1. Do Not Let Onions and Garlic Stay on Your Mouth for Too Long

Many people have habits of keeping foods in their mouth for a long period of time before swallowing them. That’s a habit you will have to avoid when it comes to dishes that have onions and garlic. Remember that the longer they stay in your mouth, the bigger the chances that their smell will stick with your mouth and that would lead to having onion or garlic breath. If you can, swallow these foods after chewing them just for a bit.

  1. Practice Having Good Hygiene

There are many people that forget that good hygienic practices are the key to appearing and smelling good. Therefore, if you want to have good smelling breath, you have to make sure that you keep your mouth clean at all times. Keep in mind that when you regularly brush your teeth and clean your mouth the proper way, no food can make you have a smelly breath.

  1. Know Some Cooking Tricks with Onions and Garlic

When you are dealing with garlic, it has been said that cutting off its end part will reduce the chances of having bad breath when you eat it. Although there are no studies to support this claim, there are many people in different parts of the world that have adopted this kind of practice and according to them it has worked wonders for them in getting rid of bad odour coming from your mouth.

  1. Just Act Naturally when Dealing with This Problem

Some people tend to sell themselves when they are in a situation where they have bad breath brought about by dishes that are cooked with onions and garlic because they act in a very curious and obvious way. You have to be realistic. All foods that we eat contribute to the way our breath smell.

  1. Have a Check Up if the Problem Persists

You have to remember that if you have done all possible remedies and you still end up having bad breath, you might need to undergo check up for it might be an indication that you have a disease or an illness. This process is known as prophylaxis and it can do something good for your health.