3 of Wands Tarot Card – Meaning, Love, Reversed

Development of will, vision and creativity, new beginnings and horizons, expansion and research, vitality, sincerity, honor, hope, fulfilled promises, self-confidence, self-control, good luck, trust, internal balance are the main words describing this card.

Positive aspects of the tarot card

Creative energy that is manifested in a concrete act, entrepreneurialism, optimism, work that is done with joy and ease, benevolence, vitality, good health are the positive aspects.

Negative aspects of the tarot card

Ignorance, disappointment, short-term delay are the negative aspects of the card.

Message and interpretation of tarot card

This tarot card is a card of visions and new beginnings. It’s like the beginning of the spring, the intense energy of the previous chart has now crystallized and transformed into a luminous vitality. Here fire energy develops from the fire of passion carried by the 2 of the Wands, in the structured inner harmony.

With the emergence of this card in tarot reading, we are told the message that we are now connected with the cosmic flow of things and phenomena, and that new horizons are given to us. Now is the time to start making plans, prepare for the journey, and finally go into the unknown. Maybe some new event, opportunity or project is in sight.

The Tarot card 3 of Wands represents the beginning of a new cycle, the fresh glow and energy began to flow around us and fill us with enthusiasm and vitality. We are forced to finally use our skills for something innovative.

Just as the Sun illuminates and heats the earth, so are we now illuminated and gifted with the joy that encourages the awakening of our inner spirit. Time is perfect to accept and start all that we have postponed before, now we have the opportunity for progress and success.

All of our energy sources are now aligned – 3 Wands is a powerful positive tarot card. Otherwise, in tarot systems, if it is surrounded by cards that affect it with regressive, negative energy, it only temporarily loses a positive aspect.

She is strenuous in realizing her honest intentions, the little Ark of the 3 of the Wands is capable of defending her primary interests in many difficult environments. In any case, whatever the situation is, it is developing and it is necessary to act on the opportunities that are offered to us in order to achieve our goals.

Meaning for Love

The 3 of Wands in the Light of the Soul is presented with 3 of Wands that form a beautiful reddish-orange image of flames. Behind them there is a glittering white ball symbolizing the sun. In another tarot rope the three is presented to a young man holding a stick in one hand while the other two stand alone. He is thoughtfully watching the sea. It is very focused on the future. The key is virtue, and it connects it to the astrological Sun in the mark of Aunt.

The 3 of the Wands does not abound with gentle tones that could be linked to the theme of love. But this card should not be underestimated. The light of the soul attaches her virtue as a key word. Orientation also very well describes the essence of this card. That would literally mean that a man should be focused on marriage, love affair, or any other relationship if he wants to succeed. This trio as well as everyone else brings a story to something. For example, married, but despite this fact, there is still room for improvement. Or it came into an emotionally fulfilling relationship, but the time has come for a moment when it will have to be raised to a higher level. This is a card of cooperation so compromises can seem like that.

A 3 Wands is a very handy card when it comes to connecting comfortably with useful. Here a partner can play an important role as a source of support for achieving certain goals. Even though it is linked to the fighting horde, it must be borne in mind that it is about the Sun, not some other planet. The sun is very strong in the Aries. The person who carries it gives multiple talents such as the power of organization, extremely fast adaptation and the aforementioned orientation to achieve the goal.

When a 3 of Wands come out in the opening position primarily on a position that describes the future means that a person will enjoy the existing relationship or marriage. It is quite possible that you will decide to partner with a new job or expand existing ones. If the questioner himself is, if he is interested in finding someone for himself then the answer is positive, but with one important note. This is a card of action. So the person will meet at least one interesting person, but the condition is to move from the couch.

In case the quarrel quarrels with the partner, the card indicates a calming situation and that very quickly.

A 3 of Wands generally indicates an initial completion of a specific task or project. The project you worked on just did not work. At the very least, you have established a solid foundation and are on the right path to achieve your goals in the near future. In any case, there is a lot more to do. Now is the time to move on.

Upright Position Meaning

In an upright position, the 3 of the Wands is an encouragement to work with others. This is the period in which you will probably come into situations to work on the team and share your ideas with colleagues. It’s important to let them help you, because it will help you a lot in completing the project. The fact that you have started the whole project yourself on a stable basis is a source of respect for your colleagues.

In business matters, you can expect great progress. It is possible that some financial investments will be unexpectedly paid off. You are new opportunities. Old investments are starting to come back. Expect a period of expansion and progress. In some cases, this card may constitute an invitation to a significant event or a new business offer. You may get some good news about the project you work for, or for the job. It is also possible that you will soon go on a business trip, or you want to expand your business somewhere else.

In love, this card usually represents a new phase in the relationship. You have created a solid foundation and now you are ready, in a sense, to dedicate your partner to a higher level. It is important that you are completely open to one another and communicate as freely as possible, because there may be a situation that would require a certain kind of “teamwork”. If you are alone, think about the emotional level you are in; but you’re probably, in an emotional sense, ready to meet your soul mate.

In a spiritual sense, the 3 of Wands can mark a new phase of emotional and spiritual development. This card is, inter alia, related to meditation and contemplation.

  • forming solid foundations
  • teamwork and cooperation
  • sharing ideas and communication
  • business trip
  • completion of the first phase of a project
  • initial success

Reversed Position Meaning

In reverse, the meaning of this card includes problems related to unrealistic expectations or delays and delays in projects. In some cases, the reverse 3 Wands may be a sign of disagreement or conflict with others. There may be some sort of conflict of interest. Poor relations with others can slow down the progress of the project.

Reversed 3 Wands can also talk about having unrealistic expectations. The project you worked on did not bring the results you expected. You can easily deal with delays and obstacles. You did not do everything you could to complete the task successfully.

In some cases, the reverse 3 of the Wands can indicate the waiting period. What you are doing is still not ready to “let go”. It’s only important not to lose faith. You have much more to do and try to be practical. You may need to work more on interpersonal relationships to get help from others. Do not let your anxiety and fears adversely affect your ability to “take action” successfully. You may need to take a step back and reconsider your goals.

  • disagreements and conflicts in relationships
  • dumping and congestion
  • unrealistic expectations
  • more work is needed
  • it needs to be more practical

This card symbolizes cooperation, caution, progress and expansion, reward and preparation. If 3 of Wands appears to you, it indicates a good development of the financial situation. After all the difficulties that you encounter, you will finally achieve very great success.

Meaning for Work

Whenever this card appears in the context of a job, it always points to an extremely successful period, marked by great recognition, promotion, expansion of work. Be proud of the solutions that you offer and your performance that you show at the workplace. Be proud of yourself and do not be afraid to show it the same. If you are in the job search phase, the 3 of the Wands indicates a job that you will be quite happy with.

Meaning for Love

The situation on the love plan will be very good and romantic if you are in a relationship where your partner experiences you equally. If this is not the case, it’s very likely that you will break the connection and move on. The person you recently met has very strong emotions towards you. If you are not concerned, consider whether you have dedicated your career to such an extent that it interferes with your social life, and therefore the ability to get to know someone.

Meaning for Finance

Be careful and do not overestimate your own financial situation. Put some money on the side, but share some of what you need.

Meaning for Health

A 3 of Wands in the context of health is an indication that you are in excellent shape. If you are struggling with a health problem, turn to natural pWanducts and the natural way of treatment.

Spiritual Meaning

Do not stray from new information and changes. At the stage you are lacking in spiritual maturity, so be aware that your spiritual views and direction of development are changing.

Card turned upside down

The card turned upside down symbolizes conflict, delay, and unrealistic expectations. The card 3 of Wands points to the fact that the goals you set are not realistic or possible. Enter a little modesty and objectively evaluate your options. Consider if you made mistakes on the business plan because they could result in conflicts with colleagues and superiors.

If you enter a conflict, do everything in your power to make the relationship repugnable, because it is important for your future. Try to tackle the anxieties that make you angry.